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  1. Making progress. I am now able to get attachments into google drive folder.(http://www.coolpctips.com/2012/05/simple-hack-to-instantly-send-your-gmail-attachments-to-google-drive/) Now how do I sync the folder to an Evernote notebook? I have tried Wappwolf but I am concerned giving Wappwolf access to my google drive ad evernote files. I look forward to your replies. Thank you... ...Bruce
  2. Yes if I forward the attachment will be there. Was hoping to just get the attachment but I guess it may not be possible.
  3. Hi, Wondering if there is a way to get attachments in emails in gmail to be uploaded into EN automatically. I have found way to transfer the complete email but what about only the attachments? Thanks and I look forward to your reply.
  4. Thanks JBenson. I will proceed with this strategy. At least I know now I am on the right track.
  5. The reason i am pursuing this is because I just received a ScanSnap. I want to go to a paperless office. So I was thinking a new account would allow me to keep it separate from my other account. But seeing as this is not an option I wanted to consolidate my current notebooks under one parent notebook. That way I can collapse it to clean up interface. And then I would create another parent for which I would begin another 'stack' for my paperless office. Am I on the right track here? Just need some confirmation or if you have a better solution I would appreciative to hear it.
  6. Initially I wanted to Create a New Evernote account. I already have one that I purchased Premium Services for. If I create a new account is there a way to have the two accounts covered by the one premium service or that is not allowed? If so then what I would like to do is take all my current notebooks and make them sub-notebooks to a newly created parent notebook. Is this possible and if so how. Once I have done this I will create a new notebook for Work purposes. I do not want to combine the two. if i do this then it will fall uner the account that has the premium applied against it. As mentioned my initial thought was to create new account. I just did not want to buy another premium subscription for the new account. Thanks and I look forward to your reply. ...Bruce
  7. When I save web page how come it is not in the same format as the web page? It almost seems as if Evernote is not executing the HTML tags and thus not showing the page in same format. I am using Evernote 3.0 in Mac OS X Lion. Thanks and I look forward to your reply.
  8. Hi, How do you tell Evernote to store a clipping into a specific folder? I am using the clipping feature embedded in my Firefox. Thanks and I look forward to your reply. ...Bruce
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