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  1. Awesome reply. You should be working, or at least consulting for evernote. My main deal is that I don't like having to remember every tag that something should have. If I had a pop up list of check marked, hierarchical tags that could be set to automatically apply tags higher up the hierarchy that would be awesome. I'm a very visual person and really want some sort of visual hierarchy of tags in the clip to evernote window and the ability quickly check them off instead of typing, arrowing, tabbing, etc.
  2. I'm not going into the philosophical reasons that I want sub-notebooks, but just know that for what I'm doing and for how my brain works I would really appreciate it if they were added. Keep all the good tagging stuff too, but just give me a concrete place to stash stuff quickly. I decided to post here because I was actually trying to use Evernote today - trying to set up my note structure and become a consistent user (and likely future suscriber) - but became frustrated with my growing list of tags. I kept wishing there was a way to make a sub-notebook. I KNEW there must be a way becaus
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