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  1. Thanks s2sailor - I missed that bit about the Mac. So is Evernote saying it prefers its Mac users over its Windows users? I'm starting to feel like the kid no one wants around the family table. [*sniff*] And I'm a Premium user too. [*sniff* *sniff*] Of course, if this is the worst of my problems, life must be pretty good.... - Bal
  2. Add me to the list of people who doesn't get this design decision. I'd love to have someone explain the logic of it to me because for the life of me, I don't see it. Also - I don't see any way of making the so-called descriptive search work from within the Windows client. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/38949727 Please Evernote... can we please have our filters back? - Bal
  3. Three suggestions: #1 - Item and text level password protections. There are times I'd like to make an entire item pw protected. And there are times I would like to do what EN currently lets me do - select text and encrypt that. #2 - I'd like to be able to do a global reset of the password for all encrypted texts, and to keep it simple, make it so that this affects both item-level and partial-text instances of encryption. #3 - I'd like a Calendar that let's me easily select a range of dates when items were created and/or modified. I know there are operators that let me do this now. But a Calendar would be much more convenient for me and seems like a natural for Evernote.
  4. I'd like this too - especially so that I don't waste any time multiple-tagging things I already have. Especially if EN had the smarts to evaluate the actual file and note merely its metadata (file name, size, etc. - but could actually eval the content of the file). Then I would like two levels - one for a title match and then one for a file match. - Bal
  5. I see your point. Then I still have the second way I proposed, yes? Or make the clippings feature inactive when two databases are open. I personally use the clipper function far less than I would use the two databases. And it wouldn't change a thing for those who find it uncomfortable to operate in more than one open database, so it's simply an expansion in my general direction without any negative impact on anyone else. Again - assuming no unintended consequences like performance hits overall, or corruption of databases, etc. I'm certainly not advocating something at the expense of a core function. Just saying - if it could be done... Oh - and what's the going rate for referring a genie? - Bal
  6. Hi dlu, Actually a second visible window would be welcome too - though it's not the same as having a second database open. The value of a second window is pretty straightforward, and it is easily observed in the behavior of people who have two monitors running at the same time. It let's them glance and take notes without having to exert much in the way of remembering. It also enables you to at-a-glance see that something is different or the same between two iteraations of the same thing. Regarding two databases, the value is the same as the above with the added ability to go through the reference database without losing track of anything I'm doing in the in-work database. When I do this in Microsoft Word, I can have two documents open and drag content from one into the other. Presumably, I'd be able to do something similar in EN since I can currently drag from Word and drop into an EN note. Additionally, in my situation, I sometimes don't know which reference note I'm going to need next. Having the reference database open at the same time I have the in-work database open would be amazingly (not just marginally) helpful to me. For example, I could click on a tag in the reference database for IRS (shiver). Then in my in-work database I could have tagged documents for "tax audit". The relationship is pretty straightforward, I think. This is just one of many examples that could be considered. A vendor database open for writing up a quote. An articles database for writing up my next story. To me this seems very intuitive and useful. Regarding the problem you identified, I understand. One way to handle it would be to have the clipper go to the database in the active window (since there's only one active window at a time in Windows - so far as I know). Another less useful way would be to specify at the time of opening the second database which one was to receive the clippings. Again - I acknowledge total ignorance about the technical difficulties of implementing the request. I'm just saying that if you were a magic genie, this is what I'd want. Thanks for letting me clarify this. Regards, Bal
  7. I appreciate all the replies. I'll look into NixNote. It's nice to know that I'm not a total outlier. The question about the benefit appears to be one of genuine curiosity, so I'll make an effort to explain. Let me acknowledge again that I know that I'm in the minority here. Given that, I'm no longer trying to persuade anyone. I'm just explaining why I want this, for whatever it's worth to whoever reads it. I began with EN several years ago when it still had the Timeline Bar (that I sorely miss to this day, BTW - in case anyone in EN management would consider bringing it back). I upgraded that account to Premium when I saw that I was using the program a lot. Over time, the complexity of information grew. I found myself "walking my mouse" up and down the Navigation tools along the left and using the search functions. Why? Because as I was doing my active work, I needed to refer to something in another note. So I'd look for that note, find it, maybe copy some text or graphic (along with the formatting, perhaps), go back to the in-work note and paste it there for immediate reference or to modify for the current purpose. I got tired of having to label something as reference or make sure it was in the right notebook, etc. I wanted a repository that I knew was reference only and another that was for in-work material only. A second account served the purpose. The old account - being premium - could store any kind of file. The newer account was my own material, so I didn't have to concern myself with file storage, and could simply write within EN's environment for eventual finalization in something like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint - before being finalized in a PDF. I have a macro tool (Macro Toolworks) that I've customized to let me me quickly close and open specific Evernote databases. But it's still not like being able to Alt-Tab between instances. BTW - this is another reason I prefer not to use the web-based client. I'd either have to have a dedicated window devoted only to Evernote, or I'd have to accept that once I flipped over to Firefox (or Opera, etc.) I'd then have to go through the tabs. None of this is a major problem. It's not world hunger. It's not even a stubbed toe. It's a preference. Were I in charge of EN, I'd ask a few questions: 1 - Is the idea without any merit whatsoever? If yes, stop. If not, continue to #2. 2 - Is there a significant number of users who would like this. I don't know the answer to this; presumably, the folks at EN do. If there is no significant block of users, then drop it. If there are a number of users who would like it, then continue on to #3. 3 - How hard would it be to implement this (including making sure that the corruption of libraries concern mentioned by GrumpMonkey is handled)? Can it be assigned to a low-level grunt who can accomplish it in an afternoon while s/he's embroiled in a feud on Twitter? Or will it take a development team of 20 more than a year to get it done? I'm guessing somewhere in between these two points. But I think it sets some far out boundaries that would not be easily exceeded. If it is so difficult that it would divert focus away from truly important tasks, then drop it. If not, go on to #4. #4 - Are there any good reasons - even after all this - to not do it? if yes, drop it; if no, continue on to #5. #5 - Do we simply not want to do it anyway? If yes, drop it. If no, well - then maybe I could get what I'm looking for. - Bal
  8. The web client is good on a desktop, but it's only OK on a laptop - and pretty bad on a netbook. So - we've got one opinion about the adequacy of the web client - apparently under all conditions. Anyone else? I'm not taking a poll about what I want. I know what I want - and a thousand other users telling me it's junk doesn't change what I want. It does affect Evernote's business decisions, however. So if we could get more than just BurgersNFries praise of the web client, that would be appreciated. If more than just me wants the ability to run two+ sessions at the same time with the desktop client, maybe the Evernote Team will take notice. If not, then obviously, I'm an outlier and there's not much point to basing business decisions on the preferences of an outlier. - Bal
  9. I have two accounts with Evernote - one premium, the other not. I use one as a giant libary and reference reporsitory. I use the other for active work. I could really use some help here by letting me have both accounts open at the same time. It's slow and frustrating to have to go back and forth. I am forced to use a go-between Word document to copy the reference and then log out of the reference database and open the in-work database. And then log out again and log in again. Once or twice a day is no big deal, but on an ongoing basis every day - it does get to be a bit much. I guess I can use the desktop client for the active and the web based client for the second, but the web-based client is so clunky and slow compared tot he desktop client that I'd really rather have what I'm asking for. I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement this. But if it's at all doable, I'd very much appreciate it. Maybe others would too. - Bal
  10. Maybe I'm unduly paranoid, but I don't store any passwords for mission-critical sites on any computer, period. I do store hints, but these are very cryptic and probably would not even be recognized by most people as anything significant. And for some I have them written down on hard-copy and away from my computer. If' I'm stupid enough to forget, the penalty is I have to get up and go find it.
  11. I'd like to be able to double-click a note's tag and then have EN find all notes so tagged.
  12. I would like to suggest a user-set option that when a user creates an item in one of his or her notebooks, that Evernote automatically apply various tags as a default. The could then simply delete the tags that don't apply for the item. This would save my mouse from having to walk across the "tag continent" for every note - if I already know what I want.
  13. I'd settle for being able to view RTF, Open Office and even GoogleDocs files like PDFs.
  14. I do something similar - internal codes - sort of like an accounting "chart of accounts."
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