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  1. That's complete nonsense. Google is run as a business, not a backstreet hacking club.
  2. Another voice for sub-notebooks. Tags are extremely useful, but on their own they are restrictive and unintuitive. Folders and sub-folder mimic the way the human brain works, there is no learning curve involved. Products that force the user to work in an unfamiliar fashion frequently fail. Apple's success is largely due to making computers, and phones, work in an intuitive, human way. Apple products are rarely the 'best' product on the market, but as far as usability is concerned they are unbeatable. They work for you, not against you. Evernote is an excellent product, but there isn't a day where I don't wish for sub-notebooks. I want to see at a glance where my information is. I want to be able to search just a specific sub-notebook. I want to scroll through notes without having to run a search first. Why? Because I might miss a connection otherwise. I want to the software to work for me, not against me. The answers that I've read from the developers in this thread (use tags, use tags, use tags) are ignoring what a large number of people are asking for. I suspect that the people who are asking for advanced features might well be the people who would evangelize the product if they'd consider it to be closer to perfection. Ignoring user feedback is the fastest way into irrelevance I know of. It's also pretty arrogant - we know best, don't worry about it. Well, we are the people you're relying on for your commercial success. Might it not be time to start listening? The day Evernote gets sub-folders is the day I'd go pro. in the meantime, I'll be keeping my eyes open for the inevitable arrival of the competition.
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