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  1. Ya know, I want to take a moment and say thank you. You seem to be everywhere on the forums helping people out. Wally
  2. Someone mentioned on the Forums that there was an extraction of GPS info in a photo to geo code the note itself. I picasa'd & google earth'd a .jpg so that GPS information was embedded. I assume it does this correctly. Windows properties indicate GPS information is there. I tried adding the image as directly as possible. Right clicked on image and said "open with" evernote. Evernote opened and added a note with the image. No location for this note in atlas. I assume I can't select a group of "boxes" notes and drop them in atlas. Any ideas? IFTTT? only with the android app can a image be geocoded? The basis of this is too have a location of my storage boxes....in the garage, in the barn, basement.... I have taken pictures of the innards of the boxes and use a labler. voice in the text of contents and subject line it "Box 34" for example. If I could add a picture of the barn gps'd or group geocode in picasa then add ....oh it's complicated. But you get the drift.... http://www.evernote.com/shard/s5/sh/7149b94e-5bdd-4a36-9537-8a76daded4a9/1e5bb4ebe5e3538e82ee585588cc5481
  3. v2belleville's geo tip doesnt seem to work anymore. Google API updated, I think. This link has a handy app that is perfect for getting that GPS location. Then just copy and paste it in evernote. http://mygeoposition.com/
  4. Perfect. started with a picture, not a note. did a pink evernote post-it, added photos of medical bills. viola! instantly tagged and notebooked. Thanks evernote. speeds up a lot when doing paperwork. Ideally a color tagging evernote system where i could color dot all the months paperwork and it be all notebooked automatically. But this works! Samsung Note 2
  5. I had to cancel paid.... even for the last 100..50..20..notes,,have them offline. I use it for everyday notes...a lot of comparision shopping...in the depths of lowes or homedepot no signal...i cant pull up any notes...ugh I riding around on the bus writing and fixing my notes....no signal..no notes. Bizarrely I spend more time on my Droid then my laptop now... I see you worry about data rates....them have it only on wifi and optin for data... no barcode scanning...video.. you are gonna lose me for awhile....springpad is amazing,,ill miss ya!
  6. first of all, thanks for making it for android!!! to have an audio/photo widget on my homescreen would be sooooo useful
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