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  1. Well...seems like the Evernote team have got it PARTLY right. We can search for folders again but... the search needs to be CASE SENSITIVE now! That is totally absurd...it was never that way originally. Plus...still no keystrokes. hanging in there...
  2. The changes in the recent Evernote clipper have essentially destroyed my daily productivity flow. For me, this is a diaster. Please restore missing elements immediately.
  3. I "live" on my Evernote clipper. I upgraded Evernote yesterday and today... when a notebook is suggested and it's not the right notebook, I have always been able to start typing the name of the notebook and that brings the right one up. But today, it won't let me do this and instead I am required to scroll to find the right notebook?? Really? Scroll through over a hundred notebooks??? Tell me this ain't true! Plus there seems to no longer be an options section where I can add custom keystrokes. Somebody please...tell me I am mistaken about these two things! Evernote PLEASE
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