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  1. First of all, thanks Dave for participating so actively in the discussion. It's understandable that the Evernote team would be please with the publicity plan given the good response and of course you are right that the typical update does not get the same response. The issue here for users is that the publicity implied a whole new way to use Evernote and the results do not really fulfill that. It's a new way to access existing features and add-ons but correct me if I'm wrong but there is nothing i can do with Evernote today that i couldn't do last week. It is a nice feature though, just not what it was billed as. It would have been better to hint at the announcement in the publicity "a whole new relationship with our partners" or "a whole new way to users to access new content" or whatever flowery marketing language you would come up with. If so, i think that today you have happy users commenting on a nice new feature rather than disappointed. That said I'm sure it will be good for Evernote - nice integration, more users from the publicity and more companies looking to integrate with ever note as well.
  2. I've been working with Penultimate (while waiting for EN to come out with ipad ink noting (please)) and they have a "wrist protection" feature that ignores your hand resting on the screen. It assumes that you are right handed and beginning your note at the top left and working down from there but it works really well. They do need to change a couple of things - allowing for a smaller diameter ink line and the placement of icons at the bottom of the screen as they do get hit by my hand. For a stylus, heard the usual ones were soft and spongy so I found one that has a hard flat clear plastic tip. It takes a little getting used to but you can see what your writing, hold it as a normal angle and doesn't feel like I'm pressing abnormally hard when writing. It's from "Dagi" and can be found on ebay with demos on you tube.
  3. I've had the same problem. Pdf notes also seem to load slower, but ti's harder to tell. The ink note problem is the big one, though. When will the nest service update be issued? If I could step backward to the last version I would but I don't know that that's possible with the iphone
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