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  1. Thanks for the proposals guys. Yet I think my journey with evernote has been completed. Took me quite a bit of time to even start EN 10.17 this morning. The shortcuts doesnt work on that. Will migrate to this other software "Recollectr" - which is a very lightweight client, global shortcuts work immediate (new note), and some smart features as automatic closing of quotation marks or parenthesis when you write.
  2. After trying out 5-10 alternatives (incl. big challengers as Notion and OneNote) I think I finally found what I was looking for! Has anyone tried out recollectr? At least it has a global shortcut working 😄 https://recollectr.io/#
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if its possible to restore the global shortcuts in the new desktop EN client for W10? More specifcally, the "new note" function (Ctrl+Alt+N) was essentially 99% for EN value me, so I can quickly take quick notes when in a call or whatnot - tag and store for later. Such a detour to open the client, click the right button in top left corner etc. Might have to look for alternatives unfortunately.. Was good whilst it lasted, i cant believe its gone.
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