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  1. I run Evernote on my iPhone, iPad2, MacBookPro and Web. During a routine use of the Desktop I got an error message saying that the application was corrupt. My evernote seems alive and well on all other platforms. How do I restore/re-install my Mac DeskTop version. I'm concerned that if I re-install a copy on the MacBookPro any syncing will go in the wrong direction and replace my good data with a blank sheet from a new MacBookPro installation. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Ron Bailey
  2. I am having a similar issue. I use gmail and Safari. I recently changed my default notebook to one named 0-inbox. New notes automatically now go to the 0-Inbox notebook, HOWEVER emails addressed to my Evernote email seem to go to random Notebooks. They are not going to my current default notebook nor to me earlier default notebook. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. No, I haven't opened a support case. I suspect that what I did was sync from the iPhone settings and then, a couple of hours later, I synced from the same note on my iPad. Later in the evening I checked my iPhone and the updated note was not there. I then synced again from my iPhone and when I next looked at my iPad the note had reverted to the second iPhone sync and thereby eliminated by full notes from the iPad. I have checked the Web version and there is only one date in the history which seems to be the last time I synced from the iPhone. I have read the suggested syncing discussion but it is all a bit complex for simpler souls who just wanted to use the app. I think there ought to have been some warning that I was about to overwrite my fuller but not more recent version on the iPad.
  4. "Every sync/change to a note is logged. You can clearly see it in the activity log listed by GUID, so we're usually able to trace things down for you, even find lost content." That sound good, if it works. I began a note on my iPhone and about 2 hours later I added an extensive note on my iPad. I wanted to be sure it was safe so I synced at the settings screen. However the second, most important note is nowhere to be seen. All I have is the heading I created in my iPhone version. This was one of my main reasons for going Premium so I am pretty disappointed with it so far. This is the first time I have needed the facility to retrace my note history and Evernote has failed. Can you really trace my lost notes?
  5. It seems that in earlier versions of Evernote the search parameters entered into the search box were displayed under the customised toolbar. If was a great way of checking if the search was actually doing what i wanted it to do. I have checked all the available views and toolbar options and do not seem able to get the search views parameters in 3.1.2 It is such a vital check that I cannot believe it has beed dropped in the later versions. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks Ron Bailey
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