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  1. It seems that is still Updating the content. Even the Syncronization Percentage is stucked on 0% I can see the number of notes grow slowly. I'll wait to see if it is reaching the same number of notes that I have on my smartphone. Maybe a false alarm!
  2. I'm just trying Evernote on my new laptop with Windows 8. Evernote Touch seems to syncronize, but after he finished it reported me just about 900 notes, instead of the (more than) 2 thousands!!! I'm scared about that, cause: 1 - I'm risking that Evernote Touch update my cloud and will delete all the missing notes from my other devices too?!? (that would be the Apocalypse!!) 2 - I cannot understand why that is working in such a wrong way Hope in an answer soon... I'm keeping my other devices with no connection for not risking a deleting syncronization!
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