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  1. Indeed it would just make sense to allow single note internal links. +1 vote !
  2. Oops you're correct thanks. I think this is a cross platform limitation (more than bug). EN Folks : any update ? Thanks
  3. Hi Jorge, indeed we're now version 4.1.0, you should update ;-) Evernote team, like lots of us I'm using Evernote for GTD, relying on Saved search a lot. GTD is never static, it is a dynamic process and hence ... I keep updating my tag names regularly to improve it. And hence the saved searches are getting useless, I need to re-build them etc etc. If you could base the Searches on the tags ID rather their names that would be great. Thanks
  4. Still not corrected in version 4 - which makes my day by the way, great work ! Nicolas
  5. Hi, if a saved search is based on a tag, and that you rename this tag in the taglist, the tag name is not changed in the saved search ==> the saved search becomes useless and need to be manually update. Doesn't happen too often but I suppose that still could be fixed ? Thanks anyway for the grat app, A picky free user ;-)
  6. Same bug for me, however finding and deleting the empty notes doesn't solve the issue. Indeed sync is broken for me as well. I'm waiting a little before opening a ticket. Any answer to this topic by Evernote support team member would be great ! Thanks
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