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  1. You are right that Code Block might not be justified as the top priority. It actually came out as one of the experimental features created during the company's hackweek in Jan. This was mentioned in the forum post of the 6.5 beta 1. Since we already have this feature baked in internal builds, we'd like to share with other Evernote users who also want this (off by default) and like to see how big the audience it would be.
  2. The Mac App Store version has been submitted and will be released soon. The Direct Download version can be downloaded here.
  3. I don't know how to change the font, but in case you want to change the font size, here is how: http://cl.ly/3H2R2D1O2D1A
  4. Re @kominetz and @fnl: See this earlier post regarding why we chose “⌘+” / “⌘-” for the Zoom feature and “⌘>” / “⌘<” for the font size change feature. As to the Zoom feature, it is off by default. You need to go to Preferences -> Software Update -> Enable zoom. COMMAND-+ and COMMAND-SHIFT-+ are treated as the same thing in Evernote, if you enabled the Zoom feature. Does that not work for you?
  5. There are a few ways you can create a new Code Block (after enabling the Code Block feature from Preferences): - Click the {} button from the UI formatting bar (with no text selected) - Press Cmd+Ctrl+B - Type ``` and then press Enter (if you have Auto Format feature enabled in Preferences -> Formatting) Once a new Code Block is created, the cursor should be placed within the empty Code Block. You can then use Cmd+V or context menu to paste code from your code editor into the note. Another possible way is to first paste the code into the editor as usual, and then select all text of the code, and then click the {} button or press Cmd+Ctrl+B to convert the currently selected text into a Code Block. Hope that helps.
  6. Can you please provide the exact version number of the Evernote app (from the menu Evernote -> About)?
  7. Sounds weird. I cannot reproduce it. Does anyone else see this issue? What tag name do you use? And what is the search query? Thanks,
  8. We do have some support for advanced searches, but not yet have a friendly UI. Here is the search grammar page: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php You might be interested to read the sections about the use of "created:" and "updated:" operators. Back to your specific cases: "for all notes created on Oct. 15th" - you can use this query: "created:20151015 -created:20151016" - it will return notes created on or after 10/15, but before 10/16 "for all notes created between Oct 15th and Oct 20th" - you can use this query: "created:20151015 -created:20151021" - it will return notes created on or after 10/15, but before 10/21
  9. It seems that you might have both the Direct Download version and the App Store version on your machine. You could try to delete the preferences (for both Direct Download and App Store versions), if you are ok with losing your local customizations. 1. Quit the Evernote app and the helper2. Delete your preferences using the Terminal app (Note: your customized preferences will be gone.)defaults delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernotedefaults delete ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote3. Start the Direct Download version of Evernote app, aka 6.3 beta1.Hope it helps.
  10. This sounds like a bug. Do you have the reproducible steps? Thanks, Updated: I think I have found the way to reproduce this. Will file a ticket to get it fixed.
  11. If you are using the latest 6.2 release, you can find those 40 notes with DN: by searching for "DN:". It should stop the prefix matching, and should not return notes with DNS/DNA/midnight but not the exact word DN at all. Unfortunately, we have a known issue with our search highlighting, and so it could still highlight DNA, midnight, DNS, etc. We are working on fixing this misleading issue as well.
  12. Thanks for the response, but... Why did you switch from double quotes to single quotes? It is my experience that single quotes do not work correctly in Evernote Windows. My bad. I mean without double quotes for the prefix matching by default, and using double quotes to stop prefix matching.
  13. You can put quotes around DN: to stop the default prefix matching, aka search for "DN:" (with the double quotes). It should match notes with "DN", "DN:", "dn=", but not "DNS", "dnoonnan". As to the symbols like colon, Evernote fulltext search currently does not index such symbols. Most symbols are treated as word delimiters, instead of part of the word. Example 1: if the note contains DN-ABC, you can find this note by DN, or ABC. Evernote note search does not cover infix matching (which will not only slow down the search if # of notes become big, but also return many unwanted results). That is, searching for N, BC, C will not get you the above note. Example 2: if the note contains Latitude:51.23, you can find this note by latitude, or 51.23. If we indexed symbols like ':' and treat it as part of the word, then the user will only no longer be able find this note by 51.23, because we do not support infix matching. With the above being said, there are some uses of symbols we want to reevaluate sometime. For example, the pound character in "C#" or the leading at symbol in "@Awfki". Such uses should better be considered as part of the word, rather than a word delimiter.
  14. We did care about users on Macbook Air, and use old models of Macbook Air with dual cores and even less RAM to test internally, against accounts with lots of notes, and accounts with smaller number of notes but with big attachments. Still, our testing might not be comprehensive, and we would like to know how it works out for real users including you. We do expect an initial CPU spike for some users as Marcus mentioned in the release note, but expect the usage will drop after a couple of minutes. Also, the reindexing is supposed to run at background and not blocking UI. However, our testing might not be comprehensive, and we would like to know how it works out for real users including you. Do you mind letting us know how long the app run at high CPU usage? Is this the first-time sync or your account has already downsynced everything before this upgrade? If OK, please send your activity log, and better with the process sampling result to Marcus. We would definitely want to take a look. Thanks. Btw, here is how to get a sampling for a unresponsive process on Mac: http://www.thexlab.com/faqs/activitymonitor.html#AM-Sample-Process
  15. How do we know when it is done? I have a Macbook (2015) and I have no clue when it is busy. There is no HD light and indexing isn't a particularly processor intensive activity. I have almost 8,000 notes at around 7GB in size. I didn't leave it open for a long period of time, maybe 30-45min max before I closed the lid and went to work. Should I leave it open for an hour or more tonight? We do emit a completion message in activity log, but not via UI. You don't need to wait for the completion, nor leave it open at night. The reindexing will continue when you open the lid again. Even if you quit the app, it will pick up the job when you open the app again. For most users, we hope the reindexing will go unnoticeably.
  16. We intentionally move the re-indexing to background as non-critical tasks, and slow down the process to reduce the CPU impact. Also, the reindexing will take place from newest notes to oldest notes. We hope it will not affect the users workflow.
  17. We are working hard to fix many note search issues in the upcoming release. Some of the fixes will require a note reindexing, which we will turn on automatically for the public release. Here are the instructions to force reindexing manually for now: - Hold down the Option key and then click on the help menu. At the bottom there is a troubleshooting menu item that allows you to "Recreate Full Text Search". Note, the whole reindexing might take a while to complete.
  18. @Ushio Free users are not supposed to get Context Suggestions nor popups. Do you mind providing some more details about the popup issue you are seeing? You are seeing this on the latest Evernote for Mac client, right? Did you recently switch from Premium to Free? What does the popup say? What do you see at the bottom? Does the notification popup multiple times when you are viewing the same note, or when you are viewing different notes?
  19. @evernoteuser2000 Thanks for the feedback. I tried to reproduce the issue you mentioned (ie., in-page search for "subject to"), but failed. If possible, could you PM me the note you had problem with, say the shared link to the note if not sensitive? Global search is a bit different from in-note search. We do support both EXACT and PARTLY search. Your case is a special case, due to the use of search word "to". Short answer: Exact phrase query containing common words, like "to", "a", "the", might not work properly. This is one limitation of our current search implementation. Long answer, in case you are interested: To achieve fast note search, we build search index based on the note text. However, words like "to", "a", "the", are so common that they could usually be found in almost every note. One typical way to avoid bloating the search index size is to ignore those common words (aka, stop-word in seach terminology) when building search index. Unfortunately, the side-effect is the user will not be able to search for those common words, even using as part of an exact phrase query (like what you did, to search for "subject to"). With that being said, we keep evolving the search technology we use. Hopefully, we could later have an implementation which supports searching for those common words, without sacrificing the search latency and bloating the search index size too much.
  20. I tried to reproduce this issue but failed. I assume the note you are looking for is tagged by 'example', and it contains the keyword 'apples' somewhere in the note body. Is this correct? Is "apples" a text keyword or it is somewhere in image? Can you try to search for "tag:example" only? Do you get all notes tagged by 'example'? Can you help create another note in your account with the same note title/body/tags, and search again? If the note does not contain sensitive info, it will be really helpful if you could export the note and PM to me. Here is how to export a note: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/28607737 Thanks,
  21. Hi CatOne, You are right. We intend to enable sort-by-relevance for searches only. The issue you described is actually a bug in public beta 1, which will display results in order of relevance for some filter views (such as tag selection). It will be fixed in the next beta. Sorry for the inconvenience. Also, although we hope the new sort-by-relevance feature could help users find what they want more quickly, we do understand users rely on chronological ordering at times. Here are two ways to disable sort-by-relevance: http://note.io/1jPrT5c Thanks,
  22. Can you check whether the note is in Trash (ie., Notebooks->Trash)? If so, delete the note again there, and try sync again.
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