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  1. That's a piss-poor reply. Even the CEO of Evernote acknowledged problems with Evernote earlier this year. My biggest gripe with Evernote was seeing a note disappear for a minute or longer whenever I opened it, presumably while it was checking the server for updates. Microsoft's OneNote seems bug free compared to my experience of Evernote. Simplenote seems a pleasure to use compared to the bug ridden Evernote and Simplenote wont even let me put images in the notes (while OneNote does). I've already mentioned how Evernote wrecks any apps they buy, like Skitch. Hopefully the people behind Everenote have taken ownership of these problems and see the need to fix Evernote. But after my bad experience with Everenote it would take an awful lot to trust it with my notes again.
  2. i disagree. their posts come out of frustration with the product. i'm interested in hearing them. i haven't experienced the op's problem, and i consider a switch to notes like going from pancakes to gruel, but i am still interested in the choices people make and their reasons. there is plenty of space in the forums I like your altitude. Recently I'm also considering shifting my main note-taking app to apple notes. But I'll also stick with EN. My EN is getting larger and larger everyday. Now I have about 2k notes. Newsletters are sent to EV by email everyday. I clip a lot of web pages. I photocopies shopping receipts. I share notebooks with my colleagues. As contents growing everyday, EV starts to seem cumbersome for me. The notebooks, tags, titles, urls, reminders, etc. This is strange to even to me because that's why I love EV in the first place! In a word, it's becoming large and serious, just like Microsoft Word or say Photoshop, having thousands of functions that I may never use. On the contrary, apple notes' simplicity appeals to me. Actually, I've been an apple user for many years and only to recently, I start to look at notes app seriously. EV's concept like notebook, tag, title, geotag can be achieved simply by a hashtag, just like in twitter. That's enough for me most of the time. EN is a great and indispensable software for me. But sometimes, I just want things to be simpler. I see I'm still subscribed to this thread. Evernote has a reputation now for being bug ridden. I've read plenty of comments on other sites saying that the people behind Evernote are only interested in making money and don't care about fixing the bugs. Plus when Evernote buys an app it gets wrecked. Skitch used to be great until Evernote got their grubby hands on it. As for me I've recently been using SimpleNote but I've started to give OneNote a go. They are both very different in their approach but they both seem to have a lot less bugs than Evernote. The really sad thing is Evernote was really great when I first started using it and I was happy to pay for the premium subscription. I don't know what happened to cause it to go down the toilet. Did it get bought out by another company?
  3. I think that's the problem in a nutshell. Evernote is a great concept but they're so focused on adding new features they don't seem to do anything about fixing the problems. Instead of buying and adding things like Penultimate and Skitch they should've been spending time on making Evernote a reliable and easy to use product. Instead Evernote seems bug ridden and, dare I say, not as easy to use as it should be. I hope the people at Evernote are still reading this thread. As for me I'm on a break from University study for about 3 weeks so I'll finish off transferring my stuff from Evernote to Apple Notes and Pages. I've already cancelled my Premium membership with Evernote. I'll still keep an eye on Evernote. I'm hoping they will come to their senses and turn this into the product it should be. Although with what I read about the next version of Apple Notes in Mountain Lion I think it might be too late. I don't know what is happening with Windows in that regard (being the Mac person I am) but I'd be very surprised if Evernote doesn't have a similar competitor there, or maybe "soon". All I know is i've been frustrated by the experience of seeing notes disappearing in Evernote on my iPhone even for up to 10 or more seconds at a time. That's just not good enough.
  4. Have you tried the offline notebook functionality that comes with the Premium subscription. This feature allows you to select notebooks to view whilst offline or have very sporadic network coverage. I do have that and it's turned on. Should I try something like uninstalling and re-installing Evernote on my iPhone? Should I try clearing the cache?
  5. I'll say this. Evernote still seems like a great product overall. If they can fix just that one bug of the notes disappearing while they look for an update I'll stick to using Evernote. I suspect other people don't experience that bug because they probably live in areas that have better phone reception than I experience. I've noticed I mainly have a problem with that bug when I'm inside buildings or in areas of bad reception so the disappearance of the note I'm looking at happens for a noticeable amount of time. If the note didn't disappear but maybe had an icon saying it was looking for an update to the note I could live with that.
  6. i disagree. their posts come out of frustration with the product. i'm interested in hearing them. i haven't experienced the op's problem, and i consider a switch to notes like going from pancakes to gruel, but i am still interested in the choices people make and their reasons. there is plenty of space in the forums I'll still keep an eye on future Evernote releases. I don't know if my problem exists because of the speed of my mobile phone network here in Australia. I just don't like the way the notes disappear while Evernote looks to update them. If Evernote keeps the cached copy of the note visible while it's looking for any update to it I'd be happy to keep using Evernote. That's the one issue that's made me look to switch to using something else (though maybe not the Apple Notes app, I'm looking at other options now). Evernote is a great concept but the Evernote team needs to look at usability issues like this.
  7. I've actually just discovered I can create new mailboxes in my iCloud account, under Notes, on my Mac and under Notes on my iPhone it shows up as a new grouping. I don't know yet if I can do that from my iPhone or iPad but I'll play with it some more. I have got Pages on iOS (as well as Simplenote) so I could check that out.
  8. Hi I've stuck it out with Evernote but I can't cope with it anymore. The way the notes (even the ones where I've clicked the star symbol) often disappear for various lengths of time just when I need them. At least the Apple Notes stay visible until they are updated. I did give Evernote a chance. It seems like a great concept especially with being able to use Skitch with it. But then again I've noticed I can paste images into Apple Notes now. Anyway thanks very much for help I've received so far.
  9. Sorry, I got my "notes" mixed up. I meant to say the plain text notes can be edited OK.
  10. I think this problem has been fixed. Was this in the latest update to Evernote? I can now edit a plain text note, this was something I could not do before. On my iPhone 3G I selected a note and selected the "pencil in the square" icon on the bottom right hand corner. I then edited the note and saved it. I synced it and the changes showed up on my Mac. I re-edited the same note on the Mac and synced it back to the iPhone and it worked OK. I then edited the same note one more time on the Mac and it synced OK with the iPhone. I did just notice that when I went to edit a previously edited note on the iPhone the edit screen showed the previous version of the note. Is that a syncing issue? I'm assuming the team at Evernote have taken notice this thread and are working on it. Thanks. I'll be using Evernote again.
  11. I have to admit this seems bizarre. On my old Palm Z22 I can edit my memos, sync them to the desktop app and be able to edit them in either the desktop app or the Palm itself. I've been trialing Evernote and I find I cannot edit text only notes on my iPhone. What happens if I'm using Evernote and I need to make changes on the iPhone as I get updated information? Will I be forced to wait until I can get access to the Evernote online service or even wait until I get back to my Mac? Will I be forced to carry a paper note pad in my pocket in the mean time? This problem needs to be fixed in the next update. As it is I've had to stop using Evernote. If there is a work around or some setting I should select to help me not experience this problem I'd like to know about it.
  12. If I delete a note by accident from my Mac (for example) but I wanted to retrieve it from my iPhone or my online Evernote account how do I do that?
  13. Hi I made a test note on my iPhone. It synced OK with the desktop. I then deleted it from the desktop. I tried resaving the test note on the iPhone but when I went to sync it again I got the message "unknown error u10". Is there a step I should follow when resyncing a note that's been deleted from the other device or Mac? Thanks
  14. Hi I'm new to Evernote. With using it on the iPhone 3G are the notes encrypted when sending and receiving them or is there some other security measure like https? Thanks
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