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  1. I found a cumbersome work-around. Right click on the EN note (in Windows) and choose Export and Save as Type Web Page (HTML). Open the exported note in a browser that supports Convert to PDF (like IE Explorer). Then you can convert to pdf and print out the pdf with correct formatting. Of course, EN should really solve this problem, as it has been around for a long time.
  2. I can't because the clipper keeps giving the "Oops!" Error as I posted recently.
  3. Since there are no replies, I'm posting my own answer: maybe because Evernote indexes every word and Springpad doesn't?
  4. Every time I try to clip something on my iPad I get "Oops! We encountered an error!" This screen won't go away unless I clip on the Clipper on the favorites bar, then it gets replaced by "Loading...close clipper." This has been going on for a coupe of days.
  5. When clipping a full page, the Springpad clipper is MUCH faster than Evernote's. Springpad clips almost immediately then closes its window very quickly. The Evernote clipper sometimes takes 30 seconds to over a minute to clip the same page.
  6. I installed the web clipper on my ipad using the instructions (adding a bookmark, overwriting, etc.) It worked for a while but now when it tries to close after clipping a web page it goes into an endless loop.
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