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  1. Given the current capabilities of Evernote's AppleScript, doing a find-and-replace within the body text of a note is a bit of a challenge... but I'm working on it. Coding trickery aside, one other way that I'm working on it is to try to "raise my hand" and ask Geech and the Gang to take AppleScript to the next level for all of us. I've just posted a thread on the topic, hoping to generate both interest and focus for future AppleScript improvements: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=12604 If I'm not able to come up with a temporary work-around, I think you're probably better off doing a manual search-and-replace or customizing the Yojimbo script itself to eliminate the inclusion of any password data. I'll send you a message here, via email, or by Twitter to discuss your particular needs in the days ahead.
  2. Having developed a few AppleScripts for Evernote at this point, I have tried to keep track of both my own issues and those of my fellow scripters who post here. I thought I'd make a new post where I'd share a few observations to perhaps identify places where the implementation needs help and also to (hopefully) generate interest and good ideas for the future! [*:1e69hvlq]Fixes. As I've recently discovered, "Get Every Note in Notebook" also returns notes that are in the Trash (a.k.a., "Inactive Notes") -- but only active notes are returned if using the "find notes" query. It would probably make sense to make the "every note" command work the same way as "find notes" but, if there is a reason not to do that, could we at least have an "active" modifier made available through AS so that we can avoid the trashed notes? [*:1e69hvlq]Selected Note / Selected Notebook. If these were detectable via AS, we could really do some fun stuff with keyboard shortcuts and use Evernote's interface to select which notes we wanted to run our scripts on. [*:1e69hvlq]More note elements "scriptable". Currently, note text (or even the raw XML) isn't visible through AppleScript. For example -- if I wanted to script a "find and replace" function, I would have to export the notes that I wanted to parse, run a script on them that does the find-and-replace of the exported files, and then I'd have to reimport the changed notes (while attempting to preserve the other data in situ). Seems like it would be easier if we could do something like: set EVText to the body text of selected note Is that dreaming the impossible dream? [*:1e69hvlq]Tags and Attachments. Tags and Attachments are currently only "GET" enabled, not "SET" enabled. As a result, I currently have to create a whole new note if I want to change a note's tag via Applescript. I know that the "many to many" relationship between tags and notes is an issue, but it would be nice to have it editable on a per-note basis, a la: set tag of (note X) to "y" Adding deeper access to attachments would be nice as well... can we get a direct, scriptable link to the attachment? [*:1e69hvlq]URI Links to Notes In Evernote. If I export a note from Evernote to another app, it would be nice to have a link back to it available, a la Apple Mail, DEVONthink, OmniFocus, or Yojimbo's URI links. [*:1e69hvlq]Author. Author property needs to be writable. [*:1e69hvlq]Append / Prepend / Note Merge. I think we should be able to do this to our notes via script as well. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  3. Too funny! I'll contact you via email in case you want to discuss options for a customized script. However, a simpler option may be to: [*:3da9dn3d]Delete all imported password items; [*:3da9dn3d]Change the Preference in Yojimbo that allows access to the encrypted data; [*:3da9dn3d]Re-export the Passwords... which should now have a message instead of the plaintext password
  4. Update: I've started developing a couple of "bulk change" scripts, including: [*:2hdose3z]"Find and Replace a Text String in a Note Title"; [*:2hdose3z]"Bulk Date Changer" Anyone interested in testing them before I publish? Suggestions for others?
  5. The Apple Mail-to-Evernote script also copies the Sender, Date/Time, and places a link into Source URL... also allows you to tag and select your Notebook on the way in. It has the added virtue of being pretty close to one step. Using the latest version of the script, your keyboard shortcut and a quick "return" at the tagging screen will send messages into your default notebook. Anyhow, it'll do until Geech codes us a Native Clipping Button!
  6. Sandieman, I wrote a *very* rudimentary script that should bring over all the files in a selected journal while retaining the Creation Date. You can download it here: http://veritrope.com/tips/macjournal-to-evernote-batch-export-applescript I'm not a MacJournal user, so you'll have to be my test case! Let me know if/when you encounter any bugs by posting on the Script's comment section at Veritrope.com.
  7. I did a quick test of the Mail script as a service, but it only worked when I selected text in the message itself. However, that was strictly a cut-and-paste attempt and people who actually have some experience with the new Services workflow might be able to make it work properly! Let me know if you find the Services approach more useful and I'll spend some time converting more of my Evernote scripts!
  8. You are welcome to try my Apple Mail to Evernote AppleScript!: http://veritrope.com/tips/mail-to-evernote
  9. Rob, That would be a good one for a "Feature Request": http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/suggest.php And while you're at it, asking them to show AppleScript a little more love in a near-term release probably wouldn't hurt!
  10. My guess is that we will see some attention being paid to automatically adding lat/long info from the Desktop sooner rather than later: http://www.geardiary.com/2009/06/16/evernote-podcast-offers-some-insight-into-what-iphone-3-0-really-means/ Until that (happy) day, how did you envision the AppleScript working? -- "Menu-driven" way to select notebook and note to edit? -- Lat/Long/Alt. info that persists within a session? Am I missing anything?
  11. Bernard, I am almost done with a script to do "bulk tagging", but have hit a snag relating to the current AppleScript implementation (see http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=10982 for more details). As soon as it's resolved, I'll post a link to the script!
  12. Hi Bernard, So which of these is more like what you want to do: [*:2z2u3bg1]Select from a list of notes already inside Evernote, and [*:2z2u3bg1]Apply the same Tag to all of these notes (a.k.a., "Bulk Tagging") Or..... : [*:2z2u3bg1]Tag files on the way in to Evernote
  13. Can you describe how you would want the Bulk Renaming to work? (e.g., Are you trying to add a "prefix" to an existing note, numbering, etc.)
  14. Is there some reason that you want to do this via AppleScript as opposed to from within Evernote itself? If you just want to do bulk additions of tags, the easiest way would be to highlight the selected notes within Evernote and then drag them onto the tag name in the sidebar that you want to add. If you want to use AppleScript to add the tags as part of a larger script, just let me know what you're trying to achieve and I could try to give you some suggestions.
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