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  1. Well, AppleScript can be applied in both basic or complex ways and, If you browse through some of the Evernote script examples in the AppleScript code library on my site, you'll see both.

    I must admit, though -- my tendency is to go all out with these things! ;)

    So, please don't let my style put you off of AppleScript... it's actually really easy to learn and I bet you could write some basic scripts on your own after just a few minutes of getting acquainted with things.

    Anyhow, I'm really glad that it worked for you!

  2. Adam,

    It's totally possible to do this via AppleScript -- either as part of an importer script or, if you prefer, to change the dates after the fact. (I've done both)

    In fact, I think this recent contribution to the Code Library might be of interest:

    An AppleScript that takes a folder full of files and creates Evernote entries while using the “date created” and “date modified” as their “created” and “updated” dates

  3. I don't have any experience with Scribe, but I just received a copy of Dragon Dictate 2.0 from Nuance which is the new version of the MacSpeech Dictate app -- and I am starting to try to figure out what is possible to do within its AppleScript dictionary.

    One idea I had considered was to do something similar to what you propose, using something like Audio Hijack Pro to pipe in the audio from a recording into the "Dragon Pad", grab the transcribed text when finished, create a new text note in Evernote, and then attach the original audio file to that note. If I end up working on that, I'll come back here and give you an update!

  4. I believe that the 2.0 Client does away with restrictions on link types embedded in notes.

    (...and you'd better believe I've got some fun AppleScript-related ideas for utilizing this!)

    What this means is that you should be able to embed a link to a file or folder in a format something like this:


    One caveat -- keep in mind that spaces will need to be URL encoded (e.g., "%20" instead of a space). One quick and easy way to get a working link is to Control-Click the icon of the file you want a link for and use the "Open With..." function in Finder to open it in Safari. Even if Safari won't open the selected filetype, you'll notice that it's address bar contains a properly encoded link. :)

    Hope this helps!

  5. As I release more scripts publicly, I'm finding that it's a fine balance between "too much" and "too little" user interaction... Often times when I put out a script, people write me to say "Can you remove the dialog box?" so that the script will work faster. Other people want the ability to customize things.

    Ultimately, the strength of AppleScript is that anyone can customize things to taste. That's part of why I am pivoting towards a more "community-based code library" on my site. In about five minutes, a user could code a dialog box and share it with other people who want the same thing.

    Let me know if you need any help getting started!

  6. Hi Christian,

    I'd love for a plain text version of a note (and/or the "recognized text" information) to be available to AppleScript and have forwarded that suggestion to the Mac team. If it's important to you, you should let them know.

    In the meantime, here is a post from MacScripter which presents a couple of options: Using Automator's "Extract PDF Text" workflow or using an app called Skim to do it via AppleScript.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Em,

    There are ways to do some of what you're talking about in AppleScript but, so far, I haven't found a good way to link an iCal event to an item in Evernote. Presumably, at some point Evernote will have a sanctioned way to paste a link to a note within other apps... there are ways to do that now, but they are "hacks". My suggestion is that, if it's an important feature to you, you should let the people at Evernote know.

    Services like Nozbe or iPhone apps like EgretList are GTD/To-Do programs that interact with Evernote -- and might be a better fit for you. Nozbe offers a free (if limited) account to check out how it works before you sign up for their paid plans, and EgretList is only a few bucks. Probably worth taking a look to see if either meet your needs.

    FInally, I'm just starting to post some scripts which link OmniFocus with Evernote... early stages of that, but thought I'd mention it.

    Good luck!

  8. Glad it works for you -- and thanks for the feedback! :D

    I have actually been preparing a post with a more detailed walk-through of setting Keyboard Shortcuts to launch AppleScripts -- hope to finish it very soon. Based on your feedback, I may also do something a little more "basic" for people who are absolute beginners to AppleScript.

  9. @worldshooter:

    I believe the post with the instructions @jqp was referring to is here:


    There has also been a discussion of iPhone Location Editing in the iPhone Forum here:


    I agree that a way to edit location data on iPhone/iPad without having to use Lat/Long would be very useful and, whether you make those comments here or in the iPhone Forum, I'm sure that the Evernote people will see them. Sounds like they're working on it.

    Just to make sure that this didn't get lost in the mix of my KML daydreams, the AppleScript that I released will:

    • [*:rr2k8sev]Allow you to type in a street address, city name, landmark name in Google Earth;
      [*:rr2k8sev]Select a note or notes in Evernote;
      [*:rr2k8sev]Press a button and have that Location Data applied to every selected note

    For example, I was able to select notes for a recent trip and change all of their location data to the city I was visiting in just a few seconds.

    It may not be location editing on the iPhone, but it is fast -- and available now.

  10. Actually, it's pretty easy to upload the KML notes to your Google Account. Once there, they are available in both the iPhone Google Earth App and the Web-based Maps (see pics below):



    But even if the KML-based aspects aren't of interest to you, the script that I published tonight will allow you to quickly assign coordinates to existing items in Evernote. Those items are then, of course, able to viewed and searched through the Evernote iPhone/iPads superior Location-Aware Client interface.

    This is something that, from the sound of it, you'll be a fan of!

  11. Jeff:

    CEO Wishlist = Automatic "Level Up"!

    JQP + Other Posters:

    Let me tell you what I've done so far -- and throw out some ideas that I had for future AppleScripts...

    Much like @worldshooter, @jqp, and probably everyone else on this thread, I travel. Being able to assign location data to my notes makes them much more useful -- and getting this functionality together was my top priority.

    So first off, I wanted to come up with a way to quickly assign location data from a street address to notes while working on my Mac. SInce Evernote currently doesn't have that capability, I came up with a way to use Google Earth and AppleScript to do so. I've placed that AppleScript in the Veritrope.com Code Library tonight so that you guys can take a look and, if it meets your needs, can start using it right away.

    Here is the direct link to that project page:


    Once there, you'll see the source code and also details of how it works. Should you have any comments or suggestions for improving the script, please make them on that page -- not here.

    What's Next?

    Google Earth is scriptable and opens up the door to any number of interactions, potentially including things like finding notes within a certain radius of a selected point or highlighting address text in an Evernote item and then using Google Earth to apply coordinates to that note in the background (either via AppleScript or a Snow Leopard Service).

    But even more than being a scriptable app -- Google Earth also utilizes a custom XML schema that is ripe for creative exploration. It's called KML and I've begun looking at ways to use it in conjunction with my Evernote data.

    Here's one "use case" idea:

    Let's just say you had a friend who was going on a trip and you wanted to share your notes about a particular place with them.

    What if you could export Evernote items into a KML file that they could view as points on a map in Google Earth -- expanding those placemarks into readable HTML-based notes with a simple click?

    Here's a quick mock-up I did of how an item could look:


    If and when Evernote improves note sharing and "linkability", you could even embed cickable URLs in there to connect it back to the original note. But the nice thing is, you can share that data with them now -- even in the unlikely event that they aren't Evernote users! :D

    And with KML, that's really just the start. It's possible to make whole "guided tours" from Evernote data if you were inclined to do so where you could "fly" through your notes like a movie, stopping to show certain things.... anyhow, you probably get the idea. (see http://code.google.com/apis/kml/documentation/ for more of what's possible)

    So what do you think? Any of this seem appealing to you, too?

  12. Will,

    This is great feedback and I've just incorporated your comments back into the source code.

    We should continue this at Veritrope.com on the script's page so that other people who are using it can chime in and participate in this. As published, it's a pretty bare-bones script for me -- no GROWL, no real error handling, etc. -- but I thought it would be fun to collaborate on this one and build it out over several iterations.

    Looking forward to more of your thoughts/observations/suggestions!

  13. Okay Will -- here's an early draft for you to kick around:


    CAUTION -- This is very early-stage code which I haven't thoroughly tested. I am posting it in its current form to get feedback from users who have asked for a script like this.

    Please proceed slowly until you have a comfort level with what the script is doing.

    Here's how this version works:

    If you have an exported HTML file from Delicious of your bookmarks, this script will allow you to select it and process its contents into individual, web-clipped notes from each link of the whole page — saving them all in a notebook called “Delicious Import".

    After locating the pertinent information within the export file, the script conducts a basic test of whether the link points to a working page. (This is done to avoid the Evernote WebClipper timing out while looking for a non-existant page.) If it page seems to be working, the script then creates a new note using Evernote’s “Create note from URL” function, while attempting to preserve the tags from Delicious and the bookmark’s original creation date.

    I'd recommend starting with a small export of only a few bookmarks to see if it works for you.... and, if you need it to do something else/different, please let me know where you think the AppleScript should go from here.

  14. I've been working on a few AppleScripts that connect Google Earth with Evernote and I've been trying to decide the best way to implement a search using location data.

    Let me ask you all this -- Would it be better for everyone if there were some sort of way to select a "search radius", or would people prefer a script that ran without asking questions but relied upon whatever value was hard-coded in there as "close"?

  15. Hi Everyone,

    Evernote released Version 1.11.0 earlier tonight -- and it contains some very substantial improvements to the AppleScript implementation!

    In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting new revisions of almost all the existing Evernote AppleScripts on my website. There will also be many *brand-new projects* coming — ones that will bring smiles to many faces!

    But let's start things off with this...

    There are already some excellent resources to learn AppleScript available, but I hope to augment those by offering an AppleScript Code Library . I've just opened it up for testing and, though there's only a few items in there now, it'll shortly be filled with lots of AppleScripts -- especially Evernote-related code!

    I'm imagining it as a "Project Oriented" place for you to share your bits of AppleScript with fellow Mac Evernoters. If you're a beginner, you'll be able to see and grab working snippets of code that you can reuse in your own AppleScript projects. And maybe most exciting of all, you will be able to add your own projects and get the suggestions of your fellow Mac Evernoters on how to make it better (or, if you're a scripting genius, I suppose you can just bask in their gratitude!)

    It’s a little rough around the edges, so I’m going to give you guys a few days to play around with it while the look and workings are still being sorted out. Please let me know what you think:


    When I think it’s in fairly stable shape, it'll get a "proper" launch.

    (More on *that* soon!).

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