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  1. I'm reluctant to add a "me, too" post, but in this case I would like to say, yes, subnotebooks would be great. I like to be able to see all my notebooks on the screen and not have any below the monitor. Without subnotebooks that limits the number of notebooks I can use. Having all the notebooks helps make Evernote a highly useable program.
  2. Whenever I use clip to Evernote in Firefox (ver 3.03), I can't use the back page button. In other words, after clipping something to Evernote in Firefox, either using the web clipper button or the right mouse button, I can't return to the previous page. (Alt-left arrow also doesn't work.) This happens with the three computers that I have Firefox installed on. The back button is no longer functioning. (This does not happen with Internet Explorer, however.) Is there a fix for this? Not being able to go back a page after clipping a webpage or portion of a page into Evernote is a problem. Thanks.
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