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  1. I also want to disable spell checking. My system is EN but I type mostly in Dutch. Everything has a squiggly red line. There use to be an option to turn it off?
  2. It is the same on windows version. It's a real bummer, hope this is solved soon.
  3. I also "have" to use ezPDF to do this, but ezPF does not work with google drive... So I'm using XODO if i have to edit a pdf in Drive and ezPDF if it's from within evernote. That's on android. On windows I use acrobat. (both for local files as for pdfs within evernote; but not for google drive files :-( Adobe only recently allowed dropbox integration. I hope they will add Drive integration too but I think they're trying to get people on their cloud platform. It's pathetic. Their offer is no match for Drive, DropBox or OneDrive... It's a a nuisance to have to resort to so many applications.
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