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  1. That's what it appeared like to me when I was looking in Finder. However I'm still getting use to the Mac way of doing things, so I wasn't sure if I was looking in the right place. thanks for the quick replies!
  2. Question: Can Mac and Windows share same EN database? Background: I've got Windows 7 and OS X Mountain Lion installed on my laptop (hackintosh). I'm mainly a PC guy, but I'm trying to use OS X more for development and getting use to cross-platform stuff. It's worked out great as I can still access my Windows drives (windows partition and secondary harddrive) from the Mac side so a lot of stuff is shared like my Google Docs, Dropbox, and Copy folders. This means every time I log in to Windows or Mac I don't have to wait for some big sync operation. I would like to do this for EN as well mainly so that I can access my local notebooks in either my windows environment or mac side. I know that there are some issues with changing the location of the database for EN on the Mac, but before I even tried that, I wanted to know if it was possible. thanks.
  3. Yes, this is exactly what "add another user" does, which is completely different from what you posted in post #9. The fact that you are duplicating someone else's account has nothing to do with the "add another user" feature. yeah. I was assuming he understood the translation of "Add Another User", it wasn't till his response that I realized we were on different tracks though. The point I was saying was that it copies over the entire database (except ofline notebooks) of the user onto the computer you are 'adding the user' to and that there's no real connection between user accounts.
  4. "Add Another User" translates to "Add A Completely different Evernote Accout so I can access both accounts from this machine" . It's not adding multiple users to one big evernote account. For me, I have clients who I do bookkeeping for. They give me access to their Evernote notebook. I then go to Evernote and "Add Another User' using their account information. At this point I have complete access to their notebook. I then upload their scanned receipts and other stuff to their EN account. does that make sense?
  5. @Onyx - seems to be. Since a couple updates ago, I haven't had any problem with it not remembering the other users I use. Whenever I go onto Evernote on any of my machines, it's as the list of users in the File menu. As to your other questions: 1. No. you use the same username, it's an exact copy of any online notebooks they have in their account, no options. 2. No. It's an exact copy 3. Yes. It's an exact copy 4. not valid as there are not multiple accounts. If you have users sharing their account with you and they do not want you to see other stuff (or the other way around) the only option (that I know of) would be to make an offline notebook. You may want to check into Evernote Business if you need all those features. I just use the standard version
  6. I know it's been brought up in the past but I want to request the ability to be able to store our database on our local network. I have several notebooks that are local due to the nature of some of the information in them. Though I don't want these notebooks synced to the server I would like myself and my wife to be able to access them from multiple computers in our home. I don't know how EN for business works, but I'm sure something like this would be great in a small biz environment as well.
  7. any update on this? I'm trying out Office 365 and the 2013 Preview. Evernote crashes outlook
  8. is no one else that uses multiple user accounts experincing this?
  9. thanks for the reply. Maybe I didn't word it right though. That's the opposite of what I want to do. I want everyone to stay signed in when I exit and reopen so that I don't have to relog in to every account when I start EN back up.
  10. I love that EN added the ability to add multiple users. I manage the accounting for several of my clients and we've always used EN to scan and save reciepts. They send everything to me, I enter into their accounting system, and scan and save their reciepts in their evernote notebooks. I thought the new EN feature would be great, however after I close EN it only remembers the account that I was logged into when I closed EN the last time. Is this a bug? Is there a way to keep all my accounts signed in so I can just switch between them? thanks.
  11. can Evernote currently import from a .pst file? If so that would be a great workaround. I figured if Evernote can provide an add-in like they currently have, maybe they can add to it for it to provide a like feature. i understand that it wouldn't be in the physical Archive options menu. For now I've been going back to add older emails to evernote, but i have several years of emails (and yes I actually do reference them quite frequently) that it would take forever to go through and individually clip.
  12. i hope I don't get scolded for being greedy.. but i have a second #1 request more to do with outlook. I'd like to be able to archive my email into Evernote. I like the auto archive of Outlook because it keeps my active Exchange account from being super bloated. however when I archive, those emails are now only located on the machine that they were archived on. I'd love to be able have evernote to automatically archive my emails into Evernote. Then I can keep my Exchange from being bloated and have access to those old emails on all machines. and to add to that, it would be able to choose which notebooks each folder got archived to. Just like now you can choose individual archive options for each folder in outlook. It would be nice to tell evernote to archive all emails from my "ABC" folder into my "ABC" notebook with tag 'email' and all from my "LMNOP" folder to my "LMNOP" notebook with tag 'email'. the more i type this out, the more excited I get if this could become a reality. thanks.
  13. when emailing notes, send through outlook instead of evernote like we used to do in 2.0. I really have disliked having to type in contacts names, especially when sending a note to a list of people. maybe even having a preference that would let us choose between sending through evernote or another email client.
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