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  1. I too would love to be able to search within a note for unchecked todo boxes. Instead I use "[_]" and "[X]" for unchecked and checked todo boxes. This way I CAN search within a note for things that remain undone! ;)
  2. Reoccurring tasks... that's one thing I'll miss when I move from RTM to Evernote. No biggie though, I can just put these on my Calendar as repeating. Yeah, I'm beginning to realize the flexibility & power of Evernote. I always wanted more from the 'Notes' functionality on RTM, and now I get that AND MORE with Evernote. The ability to embed common media files into the notes is brilliant! Ahhh... another thought just occurred to me... Priorities. Won't have them at a Note level per se in Evernote. Again, probably no biggie... strict GTD says I shouldn't be using them anyway!! ;-) I could always rig something with tags if I really needed to smack on a Priority to a Note. Thanks for the feedback on this thread. Much appreciated. John
  3. Hi all... I'm a new user of Evernote and have been using RTM (RememberTheMilk) to implement my GTD (Getting Things Done) system. I'm seriously thinking of switching to useing Evernote for my GTD system. The only thing I'll really loose fuctionality wise is the email/SMS reminders that RTM sends me. Other than that I'm liking Evernote for my GTD implementation. Had anybody else out there switched from RTM to Evernote? I'd love to hear about your experience. Thanks, John
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