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  1. Please read post #20 (the one that is right before your post.)
  2. On the Windows client, it works as expected. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s137/sh/79ecb803-c9a4-42ed-8f39-04b9bdcb04df/e6c9bd0231791de8a8bc45926d39e4fa I would definitely say the web client not finding the exact phrase a BUG. And if the Mac version is not finding the exact phrase, that's a BUG, too and I would also say this is something that should be a high priority for EN to fix.
  3. Yes, it works fine (translate --> the way it is supposed to) on Windows but not the web client. Can't speak to the Mac client. Definitely a bug or feature regression.
  4. Are you using quotes? I don't know what you mean when you say " both "on" and "the" are removed from the string". This should return all notes that contain all three words (if you're not using quotes). If you're using quotes, it should return only notes that contain that exact phrase of all three words. This should only return notes that contain the exact phrase "day tree".
  5. Premium offers many things over free accounts. I don't know why hiding or (semi-customize, whatever that means) would be something that would generally be expected.
  6. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63046-no-support-for-20-days-anyone-have-problems-like-this/
  7. Pass. For "true" to do/task list management, I use a, well, true task list/to do list manager. When I use checkboxes in Evernote, it's for things like an "intermediate" series of tasks. IE, I'm working on a project that may take only a few hours (say, less than four). But I will be multi tasking & the list is to simply keep track of what's been done & what the next step is. Or for other things that are not tasks, such as sending out invitations to a party. I make a list of invitees & then tick the box when that person has been sent an invitation.
  8. Comparing blog software (which is really what you're referring to rather than a blog itself) to Evernote is apples & oranges, since the main purpose of blog software is very similar to a text editor/word processor (presentation). Good luck with whatever app you find that better suits your needs.
  9. That's my point. If you read the posts, you will see "the evangelists" have stated repeatedly that EN is not a text editor & therefore may not have some features a text editor should have. It's also not a to do/task list manager, a password manager or a spreadsheet. Does it allow you to do some of those things? Yes. But if you want a full featured text editor, spreadsheet, password manager, etc, etc, etc, you should use one. Evernote's main focus is (and always has been, as far as I can see), collecting, organizing & retrieving information.
  10. I would suggest you rename it to something, then rename it back to what you want it to be. Sometimes, if you accidentally hit a key, it may look ok, but the underlying data is not the same as it looks. I see this often, when someone enters a tab key or something.
  11. An account contains notes. Each note resides in one notebook. Notebooks can be grouped by stacks. Stacks cannot contain notes. Each notebook is arranged alphabetically under the account (if not in a stack) or the stack. You may need to exit out, if you've just created it, as Jeff pointed out. If that doesn't fix it, then there is an additional space or something that is causing it to *appear* that it's not alphabetical, but it is. EDIT: Sniped by Jeff!
  12. It may be for presentation mode... Notebooks are organized under the stack in alphabetical order.
  13. Lordy, Lordy, Jeff. Now you've gone & done it. There will be posts about those nasty evangelists defending Evernote b/c it's already perfect.
  14. I don't think they have to unshare. Once the owner of the notebook removes sharing, it just happens. But yes, the new notebook will need to be re-shared. Again..that's just fallout from the way you set this up. If you had created an account specifically for work & didn't have your personal notes in it, then it would simply be a matter of giving someone else the login credentials.
  15. I don't understand what you mean about importing will "mess up the other team members who use the notebook." If you mean the new employee will need to reshare, yes. (shrug) That's kind of the pitfall of how you implemented something. But it's really NBD & life goes on, eh? It's really pretty simple. If over half of your notes need to be left with the company, then export the personal notes to enex. Change the credentials on the old account & set up your new account & import the enex file. Then delete those notes from the first/old account, empty trash & sync. Then han
  16. It's helpful to mention what client you're using, when asking for help. The Windows desktop client allows you to copy notes. I think the Mac client does as well. Edit: sniped by Jeff ;-)
  17. If it's true, I'm sure they appreciate you keeping it quiet.
  18. Ok, please point out where EN has called Linux users children. If you're going to make the claim, you need to be able to support it. As far as EN making a Linux client, it's been repeatedly stated & AFAIK, nothing has changed.
  19. You make generalizations like "the EN evangelists on the different threads who subtly, and not so subtly, berate the rest of us for not adopting the organizational structure that is given to us from above" I'm pretty sure no one has berated anyone. However, we do say if that's a deal breaker for you, then sure, you need to find another app. I don't know why anyone would take offense to that, since it's honest. I also don't get why "One poster even said that she learned by experimenting on the program daily and keeps learning something new and hinted the rest of us just need to buckle down
  20. This is a users board. EN staff post occasionally. And EN does not publish their roadmap or ETAs.
  21. This is a user's board. Evangelists do not work for Evernote. Honestly, I don't give a rat's behind if they update weekly, twice weekly or once a month. I control when I update. If I don't feel like it (for whatever reason) and don't need anything that was fixed/added in the update, I skip it & go on my merry way. NBD. If this is so irritating to anyone, I dread to think how they'd react when something truly crucial happens. Another POV is when other users want a fix or feature they've been asking for ASAP. Who's to say they should wait for a couple/several months because someone
  22. Yup. Exists on the Windows client. I would not want a silent update. I want to know when something updates, not just Evernote. Sorry you think "Just saying it is easy and not a problem isn't really helping here. There are lots of people annoyed at this behavior." But as they say, you can't please all the people, all the time. That's life.
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