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  1. New to the planet? Many, many, many companies are like that. I know you're severely peeved. But seriously, what difference on this holiday weekend, does it make if you make contact on Sunday or Monday? Tues is the first business day, here in the USA, so take a deep breath. Also, yes, the form has worked for me every time I've tested it when others have complained, in the past, about it not working. I didn't try it this time. But I see an EN employee has addressed this concern.
  2. I tested a couple of tags that don't have an underscore & they seemed to work. So it appears it may only be iffy when the tag name contains an underscore.
  3. IME, it's iffy: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=26061&p=110461&hilit=iffy#p110461
  4. I disagree about the the EN search being "primitive." However, keep in mind that EN (the service, not the previous incarnation which was a Windows only, payware app) is only almost three years old & multiplatform. And most of the users use it without paying a penny for it. As the cliché goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day." There are many requests for many features & those features have to be compatible across all the platforms it affects. IE, currently note linking & stacks are only rolled out on a few platforms. I would guess as they grow & get more paying customers, tha
  5. I do use Evernote every single day for the past few years. On two desktops, two netbooks & my iphone. I'm pretty computer savvy, since I've been programming/using them since I was 19 & am now 54. I'm also a software junkie & have spent thousands (literally) of my own dollars on software over the years. And...I'd have to say, excluding OS oriented apps like DOS/Windows (any version)/anti virus, that Evernote is my most used app ever. Ever. I find that it's much easier (as a user) to learn the ins & outs of software & simply go with it rather than expect the developer
  6. I don't know, but I would suggest you adapt to enclosing exact phrases in quotes (it really is NBD), since that's the way EN works now.
  7. Oh. My. God. You really don't get it... Yikes. I can only hope that Evernote's software/features/design team has more of clue. G FWIW, there are many, many, many people who have a particular feature that they think is absolutely essential. Any software that doesn't have it must have been designed/written my morons. Etc. Quite often, there are at least as many others who think that feature is nice but not essential & would never use it and still others who think it's not essential but nice & may use it if it were implemented. Whether or not EN elects to include these feature
  8. As metrodon pointed out, no, you cannot flag/tag a note for read only.
  9. You could simply access your account at work by using the web client. You cannot selectively download certain notebooks on the Mac/Windows clients.
  10. Yes, premium users have access to note history. However, IIRC, Heather said the note history is taken about every hour. So if you created/modified the note and it was deleted before the snapshot was taken, note history will not help you. If the missing text is from several hours (or more) earlier, then you should be fine
  11. Have you tried Nevernote? It's a Linux client for EN developed by forum member baumgarr. The feedback I've seen here on the board is favorable. I don't use Linux, so can't speak directly about it.
  12. You're really reaching here. Oh, well, if that's what floats your boat. Neither you or dloebs or me or anyone else who does not work for EN can know what's easy to implement. Period.
  13. Indeed. I have no intimate knowledge of EN code. And unless you work for Evernote, neither do you. However, I am not making bold statements about how easy something should be to implement. Please don't modify my statements to suit your own purpose. It's very bad form. My claim wasn't about who has certain programming skills. And as far as knowing who has an intimate knowledge of the EN code, no search engine required. It's pretty darned easy. If you don't work for Evernote, you don't have intimate knowledge of their code.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me when people who have no intimate knowledge about a particular piece of software profess to know what's easy to implement.
  15. Cool! Yes, congratulations to baumgarr! (That's pretty cool getting mentioned by Lifehacker!) And for WM users, Don Reba (a member of this forum) has written his own UI that seems to be pretty popular, too. It's called People's Note.
  16. ??? The only people who can address that are those who work at EN. But as has been pointed out a few times, now, this doesn't seem to be anything EN is interested in adding. But if they were, it would be a good long while, so it's best to learn to use the tools already in EN.
  17. Please search on GTD - some people have been able to tweak EN to work with the GTD philosophy. They probably can. I don't know. But they probably won't.
  18. That makes no sense at all. If I select a tag of "computer", I want only those notes that are tagged "computer."
  19. I like the way it functions now (clicking a child tag does not auto apply parent tags) & here's why.
  20. AFAIK, auto tagging was left behind in EverNote 2.x There has not been auto tagging in Evernote 3.1 or 3.5 & therefore, probably not in EN4.
  21. Not sure what you're wanting then. If you're using EN & want to use it on a linux box, that app is supposed to be very good. I don't do linux, so can't speak to it myself. Not sure why you're "afraid" of something like that. There are tons of apps out there that sync with various cloud services. (shrug) I use Dropbox but don't see it as competition for EN. (Similarly, I use OneNote & don't see it as competition for EN.) I use Toodledoo & have two iPhone apps that sync with Toodledo (neither is the "official" Toodledo iPhone app.) One is better when entering several tasks
  22. It hardly takes a psychic to "predict" something that's already happened. viewtopic.php?f=43&t=13900
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