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  1. Posted under my other account.  But rest assured, it is ME!


    (Another thing JMiU can appreciate!)


    Carry on!




    To BNF, I thought they removed you from this forum, but your are still here, disappointing.

    Nope, they never removed. me. Sorry to disappoint.

    what you said

    Yeah. Ok. Whatever. Right. You win. Not really. I'm just not interested in continuing this dickering with you. But hey, it's just like old times...

    One last parting word...


    (JMiU can appreciate that.)


  2. It is not clear what your measure for "a little late" is, but a 4 hour gap between the OP's post & his answer does not seem unreasonable in terms of timing.

    Be that as it may, JM did pick up the essential point from the OP's post, which is "from" and not "to" his account. So the OP did have a point in his answer to you regarding your proper reading of his message. And there is nothing unclear about his message. 




    A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing.





    Sorry, you are late to the game as well. Perhaps you & JMiU could get a group rate on tutorials on how to read a thread. Clearly you missed this post (emphasis mine for those who find it difficult to follow a thread):


    Oh, sorry, my bad.



    But thanks to you, too for playing!  Better luck next time. 


    WRT OP's post being unclear...again, if you thoroughly read the post, you would see that *I* was not the one saying OP's post was unclear... 



  3. AFAIK, the Evernote user does not receive any response when they attempt to send email to their Free account.

    I've seen many complaints from Free account users, but none (as far as I can remember) said they got a rejection notice from Evernote.  In fact, not received notice was a major issue.


    AndreasM also clearly stated in the second line of her post that the email was *from* her EN account, *not* to the account.  AFAIK, sending email from your EN account is still supported in the Free account plan.


    Here is an example, how stupid a service can be.


    Recently I sent and email from my evernote account to myself, email address on aol.com.

    I have never received that email, however few days later I received an email from evernote service stating the email (from my evernote) is not deliverable.

    A little late to the game, JMiU. But thanks for playing.

  4. http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/14/evernotes-freshly-minted-coo-linda-kozlowski-is-leaving-the-company/

    "But more recently, the company seems to be in disarray. It has been slammed for having a lack of product focus — rolling out and closing a variety of vertical apps and services, putting resources into a physical goods market when the core product is an app."

    "The problem with a lot of Unicorn startups like Evernote, asana and slack is that they spends $$ millions on marketing and not on inovation."

    The Evernote of the past couple of years seems to be totally different from the Evernote of 2008-~2013.  Certainly distancing themselves from their customers is a very noticeable difference.  About three months ago, my last premium account expired & I have renewed none of them & don't plan to.  I used to use Evernote at least once every hour I was on the computer, iPad, iPhone, etc. and often more than that.  These days, I never open the app & use only the web version maybe three times a month to look up an old note. 


    Prior to 2008, Evernote used to be a Windows only, payware, non-cloud app.  People loved it but not enough people loved it enough to support the company.  They were ready to close their doors when they took a different direction...  Being a multi-platform cloud app.  I'm guessing it's deja vu all over again in that millions of people loved it, but not enough people loved it to pay for it & sustain the company...  IDK, but certainly they have taken a different direction & are no longer concerned about being a 100 year company (b/c the issue of large databases not scaling well - to the point where the app becomes totally unusable, b/c the same search across different platforms yields different results, b/c record counts differ across different platforms, etc) and appear to be focusing on more of a business use.  I truly miss what Evernote used to be to me & what it would have continued to be for me, had they addressed some of the issues I've mentioned here & in other threads.  I used to be the poster child for using Evernote.  But no more.  I've yet to find an alternative that works well.  But at least the apps I'm forced to now use work, even if it's a cobbled together thing.  Whereas Evernote became 100% unusable to me on my idevices and my PC. 

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  5. You better read the details of my post and then respond.

    Oh, sorry, my bad.


    Nobody asked you to respond here anyway.

    No one needs to ask me. I just do it. You're very welcome.

    Yeah, as CSHilling says...check the email address you typed in. Sounds like that's the problem - typed in wrong. User error. How silly would THAT be!

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  6. Here is an example, how stupid a service can be.


    Recently I sent and email from my evernote account to myself, email address on aol.com.

    I have never received that email, however few days later I received an email from evernote service stating the email (from my evernote) is not deliverable. The most stupid thing ever is:

    that the email addresses on both emails are the same, meaning the email from my evernote to myself is not deliverable, but the email from evernote service to myself is deliverable.

    For some reason I cannot attached the screenshot of the email, but it looks so, so stupid, embarrassing for evernote!!!!. Give me a break!!!!!



    Ummm....if you have a free account, it's not stupid at all, since you can no longer email to free accounts. It's undeliverable not b/c of the email address, but because it's not a part of your service. 

  7. So every time my grandson says "why do cars make so much noise" and I tell him there's an internal combustion engine or a diesel inside burning lots of fossil fuel to make poison gas, I'm apologising for the car makers?

    So JMiU still feels the need to make unnecessary NOISE and stick it to those he doesn't like. (Sigh). Some things never change.

  8. https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/09/29/a-note-from-chris-oneill/


    While I'm sorry for those who have lost their jobs, this is the first positive thing I've seen from Evernote in a couple of years now.  However, I don't want to be overly optimistic... but if he follows through on this, it may be that Evernote will be returning to it's core product and one that I would consider paying for once again.  Hopefully, the scalability issue will be addressed.  I suspect that one is not an easy task & will take a year or so. 


    Keeping my fingers crossed...

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  9. Not sure what the response means, let me try and clarify my situation.

         I have notes in a note book called Recipes from OneNote (that I had imported in from my OneNote account), and then another notebook in Evernote named Recipes.  Under the Recipes notebook I have with Notes entitled Fish, Pasta, etc.  I just realized now, as I am trying to describe this to you, that in the web version of Evernote my Notebook Recipes from OneNote is not showing up?  Now I am really confused.

        Anyway on my desktop version I had these 2 notebooks, and I was trying to move notes from the Recipes from OneNote notebook to the corresponding notes in the Recipes Notebook, and it was saying that I was using up my monthly allotment.  I see now that maybe I moved stuff into my desktop, but for some reason it did not sync.    Sorry, but perhaps this is too confusing. I think the file I tried to import from OneNote was too big for the online Evernote, but it is still in my desktop version.

    I understood your request from the first post. I don't know how to say it any more clearly. Any changes to synced notes needs to be synced to the Evernote servers (cloud). Since Evernote's usage is based upon UPLOAD (not the amount stored in the clouds say like Dropbox), then any changes to synced notes needs to go against your upload amount. If you've used it all up, you will need to wait until your upload refreshes (or upgrade your account to a larger upload amount).

  10.  , but it appears it's not a priority for them

    Regardless of your opinion on Gaz's replies, right there is your answer. It's Evernote's product and if they choose to not implement any stronger/better encryption, it's certainly their choice, If it's a deal breaker for anyone, then it's the user's choice to use an app that better suits their needs.

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  11. Hello,  I had imported my OneNote recipe file and created notebooks for fish, pasta, etc.  Then I wanted to move items from the OneNote notebook I had imported, and in doing that, realized I had used up my monthly allotment.  I am confused, if things are already in Evernote, can I not move them from notebook to notebook without an issue.

    Changes to synced notes would need to be synced to the servers. How else would those changes be replicated to any other computers/devices you use?

  12. It is integrated. The request is to pool resources and/or market them together, making each more valuable. That way people that are clueless (like you) can comprehend their collective power making both products more profitable.

    Hey! Even better! So put your money where your mouth is and do it your own darn self, if you think it's such a great idea! There are all these people posting in this thread that I'm sure will back you up financially.

    Make it happen!!!

    Git'er done!

  13. Excuse me, Mr Bankrobber, but:

    - when I began using Evernote yes, I could access it offline with my basic and free account, make adjustments to my documents and, when I connected my wi-fi only iPad to a wi-fi network, it would sync and I would be able to access the changed documents on my iMac and my iPhone. It was a great feature that made me choose Evernote instead of other similar apps. AND it was FREE! Now it must be paid. Unfair part I...

    - maybe you don't know also, but Evernote used to have a checkbox feature that allowed you to keep it logged in your account OR NOT. This way, you could access you account on any computer in the world and, just by leaving the checkbox unchecked, when you quit Evernote, it would automatically log out from that account and, to access it again, you would need the password for it. Today, you have to log out, then quit. Otherwise Evernote will keep logged to that account and anyone will have access to it! Simple as that. I believe this fits as an access security feature, doesn't? It was also free. Now, password is a paid feature. Unfair, part II...

    Maybe you're a relatively new user, one that hasn't been using Evernote from the beginning, one that doesn't use Mac OS X or iOS, so you haven't got these features for free and don't know they existed and were changed for Evernote's profit. In this forum there are many topics relating to this, specially the logged checkbox, should you doubt what I'm saying.

    My best

    Sorry, but Metrodon (bank robber?) is correct. Offline access to notes has NEVER been free except when notes were cached or individual notes were "favorited". And favorites have been gone for many years. Here's proof ( see link below) by way of someone else complaining in July. 2013 and that thread links to a similar complaint in October 2010.


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  14. Any of you measuring the cost of integrating the 2 products? Who will pay for this?


    Given that IQTell can't survive on it's own and Evernote has it's own struggles, seems to me that a load of cost would be added to satisfy a pretty small use case/number of users.


    I'm not in the decision chair, if I was, this is probably one I'd stay a million miles away from.

    Indeed. How about instead, those who think that one already struggling (and clearly troubled) company buying a defunct app is a recipe for success, buying IQTell themselves and doing the integration, using Evernote's API???

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  15. Sorry if this is old hat, but I am emailing articles via EN Upload and it isn't getting to the default INBOX. Not a service provided anymore? Or perhaps I am doing something wrong? Used to work like a charm....

    Yes, it's very old hat. Discussed a lot, already. No longer a service for free accounts. Please use the search function for more information.

  16. evernote.png


    I don't know what to say about this other than - it's a hideous interface to work with

    First, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hideous??? Seriously???

    Second, some of us prefer function over form. I prefer an app that does what I want it to do. I

    And no, this is not the 80's view. I suspect you are much too young to have experienced 80's apps...since they didn't exist except on larger, personal computers and were mostly character based.

    But thanks for playing.

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  17. Without selective download, one would have been foolish to even attempt to consistently max out the previously formerly 4 GB monthly Premium upload limit. Forget about scaling problems... you're basically duplicating everything on your PC.



    As an A/R-O/C personality...what's wrong with that???  :P   Seriously though, for backing up important files on my personal computer(s), I've run the gamut from HP Colorado Trakker tape drives, to Ditto Zip drives, Jag Drives, CDs, DVDs, external drives and clouds.  My mantra has been a girl can never be too rich or have too many backups.  So although I didn't treat Evernote as a backup target, I did often include files that are duplicated on my hard drive.  IE, scans of bills, newsletters, personal letters sent/received, etc. In my case, when I used Evernote, due to the way I utilized the powerful Evernote search engine, it was FASTER for me to find a utility bill from three years ago in Evernote (like 5 seconds or less) rather than drilling down on my hard drive to drive/scans/bills/2012/utilities/FILE.  But then I ran into the dreaded scalability issue...and migrated away from Evernote.


    But honestly, IMO, this is just one more thing that has caused me to lose (more) confidence in Evernote the company.  Surely the word 'unlimited' is very clear to most people and certainly to all for whom English is a first language.  The fact that "they" didn't anticipate this could/would be a possible reaction says to me that whoever was in charge of rolling this out was either a novice or Peter-Principled.  IMO, this qualifies as one of the dumbest missteps. 



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  18. BurgersNfries, 

    You completely miss the point of the previous poster.

    As we are both not Power users and not completely adding our lives in Evernote, it is a big step in Paying 20 USD yearly, for casual notes. 

    I also use the email link only 2-6 times a month.


    For me, last 5 years of casual notes adding would be 100 USD. 

    I find that a lot of money.


    Believe me, I find Evernote a very good solution, but this step is too big for casual use.

    I do not mind paying for software at all, in fact I do support it, as every developer needs to have support. Read the post of Alex Hastle. He has a strong point. Evernote can grow by adding services; ripping functionality which users have for years is most often not the best way.. Certanly Microsoft attitude alike..  Read it on the web, I am not the only one who is concerned about this attitude.. :-O


    No, I'm not missing the point. You have had access to something you used 2-6 times a month, for five years and feel like it's your God given right to have access to that feature, for free, until the end of time.


    ripping functionality which users have for years is most often not the best way.. Certanly Microsoft attitude alike.. Read it on the web, I am not the only one who is concerned about this attitude.. :-O

    Clearly, their past endeavors have not apparently worked to make the company sustainable. Your attitude of entitlement shows you'd rather not pay a single cent for something that is useful enough to you that you felt the need to come here & complain, even if it means the failure of Evernote as a company & therefore a loss to all the other users, including the ones who have paid. 

  19. Same here, 

    I was on a holiday, got this to, was amazed about the strange feeling I got, after using evernote for years, as a free user, but very happy to have it as a inbox for useful notes. 60 Mb was enough, but not emailing more than 5 emails... that does it.. I also used Pocket for years, will be reverting back to that. That even syncs to my Kobo Glo HD eReader, which evernote does not support. 


    Evernote, you cannot just ignore the 'normal' services you always gave us, and ask money for that. Something that was free should not be reverted back to as paid after years of use. Someway you lost the main point in services. Would  be glad to pay more as I need more space etc. But at this moment I do not. I did advice lots of people to use evernote, a great service. Well, not for now anymore, with relative use, 20$ is still a lot of money. Sorry, to hear this, I hope this will be pulled back to 30 'links' sent by email max. monthly. Like Alex says: 60MB is already a LIMIT.





    Absa-freakin-lutely unbelievable.  Actually, this attitude is so over the top, I suspect the poster is really just a troll.  But in case EB truly feels this way...


    First, I don't know why you, as a non-paying user, feel you can dictate what Evernote (or any other company) does or does not do, should or should not do. 


    Second, I'm sure the loss of a non-paying customer is not something that the folks at Evernote will lose any sleep over.




    People have become so accustomed to free software that they have developed a sense of entitlement. Why should they have to PAY for software???

    Developers do not often write software wholly because they are being philanthropic and feel inclined to gift the world with a wonderful, useful, FREE piece of software. They do it because they want an income in order to pay their rent, buy groceries and shoes for their children. Most software that has much value has some sort of limitation, unless you pay. Sometimes it's a trial version. Sometimes it's a version with ads. And sometimes, it's a free version with limited features.

    I do understand it's upsetting when a feature you have been using in one version requires you to upgrade to another version. But it happens ALL THE TIME. I have used ACDSee Photo Manager software for about 15 years. And every year or two, I have to pay for an upgrade b/c there are new features or else b/c the old version doesn't work under my new OS or...whatever.

    But it is the developer's right to revoke some free features. In fact, any good dev has an obligation to their paying customers (and employees) to do their best to stay profitable. Why? Because the paying users have found value in the software and most times will want to continue to use it and have invested their $$$ in the app by supporting it financially. And of course, the employees want to have a regular income. Most of us do not want to devote a lot of time & energy into our jobs and then not get paid.

    If the complainers will please note, no one (i repeat NO ONE) has stated you cannot or should not voice your opinion that you are upset by this decision. However, for those of you who show a sense of entitlement (draconian??? seriously???), I would simply say, if it's not worth a years worth of a paid version of Evernote to you, then it would appear that feature really wasn't that useful to you. If money is tight, there are creative ways such as asking family & friends to gift you with a subscription for birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. Or referring friends in order to get points.

    And in closing, good luck with finding an app that better suits your needs.

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  20. Hi, I have the same or a related problem - I want to relocate my Evernote database onto my network storage, I have a mapped drive to the correct place but mapped drives don't show in the options when you use Tools/Options to change the Evernote local files location.  Anyone know a way to do this?



    Networked drives are not supported.


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