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  1.  , but it appears it's not a priority for them

    Regardless of your opinion on Gaz's replies, right there is your answer. It's Evernote's product and if they choose to not implement any stronger/better encryption, it's certainly their choice, If it's a deal breaker for anyone, then it's the user's choice to use an app that better suits their needs.

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  2. It is integrated. The request is to pool resources and/or market them together, making each more valuable. That way people that are clueless (like you) can comprehend their collective power making both products more profitable.

    Hey! Even better! So put your money where your mouth is and do it your own darn self, if you think it's such a great idea! There are all these people posting in this thread that I'm sure will back you up financially.

    Make it happen!!!

    Git'er done!

  3. Any of you measuring the cost of integrating the 2 products? Who will pay for this?


    Given that IQTell can't survive on it's own and Evernote has it's own struggles, seems to me that a load of cost would be added to satisfy a pretty small use case/number of users.


    I'm not in the decision chair, if I was, this is probably one I'd stay a million miles away from.

    Indeed. How about instead, those who think that one already struggling (and clearly troubled) company buying a defunct app is a recipe for success, buying IQTell themselves and doing the integration, using Evernote's API???

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  4. @ab1kenobee, thank you for the congratulations!

    Yes, I've become jaded wrt Evernote and realize this is just a part of life. But I'm not a negative person in general. I've been coding for the past 40 years. I've been very "computer bound" in the past 20 years due to work and doing more things on a computer (like most of us) such as bill paying, meal planning, grocery lists, photos, social networking, budgeting, etc. But I'm looking forward to being less computer bound, now that I am retired. And the time required to migrate back to Evernote (should I ever want to) is not something I envision wanting to do because I'm enjoying life beyond sitting in front of a computer. ;-)

    Thanks again!

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  5. I can't believe this has NOT already been posted in this thread!!!

    That may be an indication of how apathetic many of us have become wrt to Evernote.

    Good chance Chris is the kind of lead to breathe new life into Evernote... this could be exciting... we'll just have to wait and see!

    I'm not going to get my hopes up. I do keep haunting the board to kind of monitor what's going on at EN. I suspect for me, it is too little, too late. Because if they were to address my main point of contention (scalability on all platforms), it would take a major overhaul and at least a year or more. Since I am newly retired, I will be spending less time on my computer and less willing to migrate back to Evernote. When I started my first migration to Evernote (June 2009), I really thought that would be the last time I'd have to do this (after years migrating from various PDAs and their associated desktop apps to another).

    Onenote is not nearly as useful to me as Evernote (before EN became totally useless due to the scalability issue). But...Onenote WORKS and 60-70% useful is better than zero percent useful.

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  6. I am writing multiple ebooks and have a notebook for each one -- the problem is when I create a new note by dropping photos from iPhoto into evernote they first go into the general "notes" section.  Then when I move them into the appropriate notebook it seems to be moving a COPY of the note into the appropriate notebook but still leaving a copy in the "notes" section.  This is getting maddening because I can't tell which ones have been moved into their appropriate notebook and which ones haven't! Any ideas out there?

    Please read post #6.

  7. It would seem their previous "business model" was not all that successful, if they are needing to be more aggressive about getting paying customers.  Lots of people have threatened to move to Onenote...if the ads are so bothersome but you're not willing to pay for EN, then I say go for it.


    As someone who paid for Evernote for several years and has since moved away from it (to Onenote), I would say it's annoying as heck to see so many free users complaining about having to pay for the service b/c of ___  (fill in the blank with your grievance).  Do you honestly think any company is going to lose sleep over losing non-paying customers...???

  8. Sorry I meant locking it down. I am working and multitasking so not always using the correct words. My computer locks after a few minutes. As on my phone - I wanted to source an app locker to lock certain apps whilst leaving other things on my computer available for the family. Despite you not being able to imagine why, you have recommended an app that does just that. i suggest you google Gameprotector and read the list of reasons it gives as to why it might be useful.


    I have not misremembered a password I thought of literally 30 seconds before using it. I used the app to lock Evernote as soon as it was downloaded and then used the password I had , only moments before, set up, to unlock it again. Oddly some apps are rubbish and go wrong.


    Can you please stop calling me ridiculous and silly. The fact that my lifestyle isn't one you can "imagine" doesn't make it "silly", thus the existence of apps such as Gameprotector and the CM app locker on my phone.


    I got some genuine good advice from Gazumped, thank you very much for recommending Gameprotector.

    i suggest if you have any more insults for me you don't stick them on here to make an already stressful work afternoon more so, but go shout them to your cat or something.

    First, I did not call you silly.  I did say leaving an unattended computer running w/o locking it down...is silly, if you have concerns about someone getting into the data on it.  And it is. 


    Second, I did not say I could not imagine why an app locker was silly. My statement above clarifies this.


    Third, if you could set your emotions aside for a moment, you might be able to see that I am not insulting you.  I am offering suggestions. And since you seem to be confusing so many issues in this very short thread, it would seem to be even more probable that you are misremembering the password. 


    I don't make this stuff up.


    Once again...good luck.

  9. Mine shuts down after so many minutes as well. I'm not talking about shutting down the PC, I'm talking about password protecting one particular app. I need to have my PC open at times with no access to certain apps. I'm sorry your imagination cannot accommodate my particular lifestyle.



    I shall google Gameprotector. Thank you


    I'm not an idiot and do memorise my passwords, the app I downloaded has decided the password I memorised is incorrect.


    I hope you do not take such a hectoring tone with all the comments you moderate - I am merely looking for help.



    We are not talking about shutting down your computer. Locking it does not turn it off. It simply requires a password. This prevents any guests in your home from being able to access the apps and it's silly to not do this, if you leave a computer running.

    FWIW, it's more probable that you are misremembering the password rather than the software has decided the correct one is incorrect.

    Good luck.

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  10. Please search

    Thank you, I wanted more like an individual app locker, its impractical for me to lock down the family computer :/ I downloaded an app locker now and it's locked Evernotw and WONT LET ME BACK IN - so Im miserable :/

    I can't imagine why it's impractical to lock down your computer. Mine shuts down after so many minutes of inactivity. It takes about three seconds to sign back in & IMO, it's ridiculous to leave a computer running in your home and not have it lock after a while or not lock it when you walk away. Authorized family members can easily & quickly unlock it in a matter of seconds.

    Another option is Gameprotector. It's free. Please Google it or search the board on it. I have posted about it in the past.

    As you can see, when using a password/PIN, it's important to make sure you know & remember the password/PIN.

    Good luck.

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  11. Well, as you can see, my use of the word g-a-y got bleeped out...

    Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Are we children!? Today the F word is so common it has become useless as a swear word; few people give it a second thought when it is used. PC has gotten out of control!

    Are we children? This is the internet where anyone can be here and anyone can pose as someone they are not. I have seen some pretty nasty posts by supposed adults. I agree that PC has gotten out of control and yes, the F word is very common. That doesn't mean a board owner must allow it or allow potentially offensive words. As users of this board, we should respect that.

  12. maybe if I spell it this way: "cueer". Seriously!?  Is this some sort of "naughty word" filter, like the bleeps on TV?  It's not even a "naughty word".  Actually the English use it much more often than Americans, and don't seem to have a problem with it..

    That word is often considered a slur against the ***** community. There are other acceptable words that get "bleeped" out since the filter can't determine the context used. IE. I think these words get bleeped: c-r-a-p, s-c-r-e-w. It's certainly easy enough to edit your post to use a different word.

  13. Version 2 files are definitely NOT compatible with later versions of Evernote. If you cannot find a copy of V2 through something like Filehippo, then it would seem your only option is to upgrade from a free Evernote account, if you haven't already, and submit a support ticket. I'm not 100% sure they would be able to get you a copy, since that version has not been supported for over six years. But if you do get a copy, then you would need to also get a copy of 3.x in order to migrate from the 2.x database. And there may even be another update you'd need to do, since I think the 3.x database is not compatible with the latest versions, either.

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  14. By the way, if we're talking about cloud data lockers, Amazon is now down to 60 dollars for unlimited data.

    I have been using Amazon S3 servers via Jungledisk UI for many years now (at least 7). IDK offhand how much space I use, but I think it's safe to say I use more than most of the average Joes b/c I tend to be a "virtual hoarder" and have documents, files, photos and even home movies I've been collecting for about 25 years now. What used to cost me ~$90/month is now down to $40.

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  15. I'm going nuts here. Help please. I had an evernote premium account that has expired. I would like to renew this account using the same email address(a student email), however I am a student and I noticed on the retailmenot.com site Evernote premimium is free for students. I cannot find a specific link on the Evernote site (to sign up as a student). On top of this , there is no 800 number to call for customer service at Evernote. Does anyone an ideas?



    Evernote is free for everyone.  OTOH, Evernote premium is not free for anyone, AFAIK.  The exception of course, is if you get a voucher when you've purchased another product or something like that.  You can still access your account & notes, but it would have reverted to a free account.

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  16. I switched to OneNote in the end. Usually not a Microsoft fan (being mostly a Mac user) but they have done an exceptional job on OneNote. If you use it with OneDrive you can get up to 30GB free cloud storage too and no need to worry about taking up space and being charged (for going over) Evernote's limited space. Password protection on sections too.

    But anyway, thats's a different discussion.

    I switched from Evernote to Onenote last year. I got Office 365 (annual subscription) which includes free updates of the Office suite software and one terabyte of cloud storage. Onenote doesn't work as well for me as Evernote USED to. But Evernote does not scale well. They are aware of this and have continued to not address the problem. It got to the point where EN simply would not work on my PC, iPhone or iPad due to the large number of notes I had (66,000+) I had. So for me, the $100/year for the version of Office 365 I signed up for was worth it, since I had two EN premium accounts. But as you say, that's a different discussion.

  17. Thanks, I did misunderstand. Syncing my notebook makes sense.


    I can see the logic for making people pay for the feature when it's unique. But, when I can get it on my laptop or my Mac or my PC but not my phone or tablet, I struggle. Just because I access with a tablet, they want me to pay? I can remote access my PC and bypass all this. I'm usually on a fiber connection so I'd never noticed this before or I'd not have installed it.


    I'd always thought that the rationale for pricing structures was offering something unique, special or unusual at various levels.


    We try to offer a very rich set of functionality for Free users, which you can use for years without paying us a nickel. But we are a business with employees who like to eat food and pay rent, so we must choose some set of features and capabilities that are reserved for paying customers to encourage some people (approximately 5% of all active users) to cover the cost of writing the software and running the servers.

    Adding full offline synchronization to low-powered mobile phones takes many months of engineering to build and tune, so we've put that into the "pay" bucket instead of other options (e.g. charge everyone for the Android client).

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  18. You posted whilst I was typing, oops.  I was referring to anything less than an full restore with an EXB replacement, poor choice of words "restoring anything".  That make more sense?

    Yup.  ;)


    Or certain cases where there were very few changes to local notes & the user has a lot of links in local notebooks that they don't want to break.  That whole pesky "not one size fits all" thing again.

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  19. For a full restore, you will want to reload your synced notebooks from the cloud and then import ENEX files for all of your local notebooks.  You don't want to add your local notebooks to the web.  The web version is the gospel for synced notebooks, nothing to do with local notebooks.  You always want to import local notebooks when restoring anything.

    I disagree about always importing local notebooks when restoring. See my post above yours wrt full restore of local notebooks from an exb file.

  20. hm okay I see there's some debate on restore and using 3rd party with evernote


    I'm going to ask questions on both sides :P


    "The only true restore I have found is at Revert.io.    They do a backup of changed Notes (of your Sync'd Notes in the EN Cloud) several times a day, and offer a true restore at the Note(s), Notebook, and account levels.  I am using it now and still in the process of evaluation, but so far it looks very good.   But this does NOT backup Local Notebooks." 


    If it doesn't backup a local notebook how is it backing / linked up in the cloud? 


    "Select all Notes

    Right-click and choose "Save Attachments . . ."

    Okay I didn't realize it was that easy to do, thought it had to be done 1 at a time

    Edit: Well it saved lots of things I didn't really want like images / screenshots. Really just wanted PDF attachments, excel sheets, etc


    From cshilling:



    Relative to your question, IMO, EXB and ENEX are both valid backup/archive strategies for synced and local notebooks.  Restores can be problematic though, and EXB and ENEX backups have the some restore issues, amplified by the time since the backup/archive.  


    From a simple archiving "just in case and not likely to be used" perspective EXB is probably best, quick and simple.  

    --Okay I figured this would be sufficient 99% of the time


    For partial restores ENEX is easier since all you have to do is import the ENEX file, move the notes you want and then delete the imported notebook that was created.  EXB is harder for partial restores since you you have to drop internet connectivity, move your EXBs around, export the notes you want from the backup EXB, re-swap your EXBs, import the notes you wanted, turn the internet back on.  Not for the faint of heart for a few notes restore but definitely doable.

    --I guess I would run a partial restore if something important was permanently deleted or some tags weren't done correctly. I actually don't know what the difference between EXB, ENEX file types are


    For an unintended full restore, God forbid, it is often best to rebuild your database from the cloud and then import the ENEX backups of your local notebooks should you have any.  Unless your EXB is so recent that you aren't concerned with any new note or updates loss.

    --So just use the evernote web version and import local files / manually enter in into evernote web, then download into windows evernote client? 


    Local note links can/will get broken so a practice of minimizing local note links and keeping the link name the same as the note title can mitigate the pain.

    --Okay this is good to know, I imagine having the same name means I can just use "search titles" for notelinks if they break. 


    Personally I do both, an EXB copy and ENEX's of all notebooks, taken at the same time.  Then based upon the scale of the problem that might occur I have two paths to travel.  A path not traveled at this point.  FWIW.

    --I still don't know what ENEX vs. EXB's data does, but I'll regularly export notebooks and do a local backup. Then when everything goes bad at least the data will be there and I'll have to spend lots of time fixing it


    I'm dumping my local copies into dropbox if that matters. Probably doesn't though

    Restores are not one size fits all.  As Csihilling pointed out, it depends upon what has transpired since the last backup & what you are wanting to restore. 


    I only backup the EXB file.  I don't export to ENEX b/c if you have a good exb file, you can open it & then create the enex file, should you need/want to.  JMO.  And they are NOT required.


    To restore your local (non-sync'd) notebooks (in the event of a hard drive crash) or to move your database to a new computer (upgrading and/or computer loss/theft), the local notebooks would need to be in a recent backup of your exb file.  Simply install Evernote & restore from the good exb file:




    Then sync:




    This is similar to if you did not use the Windows client since your last backup, which was last week.  Instead, you used the web client to add/modify/delete sync'd notes using the web client.  Then today, you use the Windows client & sync.  Same exact scenario, in essence.  This does NOT break note links or go against your upload limit.  Importing from ENEX files DOES break links & goes against your upload limit.  Another reason I prefer to avoid enex files.

  21. In the interest of bringing this thread back ON-topic, and to make sure I have not missed something, I had a session with the Evernote Support Chat.

    My Question to Support Chat:

    Can I restore my account from a backup of the EN Win Database (exb file)?

    Here is the last part where I summarized the Q&A.

    You can view the entire chat here.

    Me: So, let me summarize to make sure I understand correctly.

    If I have lost Notes due to deletion, or anything else, and emptied my EN Trash, and Sync'd with the EN Cloud, then ...

    The ONLY way I can restore these lost Notes from my local backup is to restore the EXB file, and export to ENEX files. Then ...

    Then I have to restore the current EXB file, and IMPORT these Notes from the ENEX. . .

    Since the import really creates new Notes, and links I had to the original, lost Notes, will be broken

    If I move these imported Notes back into a Sync'd NB, like they were originally, then that will go against my monthly upload.

    Do I have that correct?

    Max, are you there?

    Max: Yes, just reading over those steps.

    Me: OK, take your time.

    Max: Yes, those all look corret.


    Me: Is there any better way to restore my Notes from my backup?

    Max: However, if you open your application with the backed-up database while you have internet connectivity, the sync function will overwrite it with the latest version of your database (without the deleted notes) so make sure that you do not have your internet on when doing that.

    No, not really. We place a warning in each version of Evernote when clearing the Trash that all of the notes will be permanently removed from your account.

    Me: OK, thanks for that. So, if I restore an old version of the EXB file where the Notes still exist, if I were to sync with the EN Cloud, the sync process would delete these Notes, correct?

    Max: Yes, it would overwrite that database with a version of your notes that is most up to date from our servers, meaning a version that does not have those notes in it.

    JMiU...AS IVE TOLD YOU AT LEAST TWICE IN THE PAST...ON THIS BOARD...(I would highlight that in blue like you like to do but I'm on my iPad) restore is not a one size fits all. (Feel free to search the board). Your above exchange is simply one example. I don't know why you fail to comprehend this. (Or why you are compelled to nitpick with so many people on this board - now, there's your nonsense!) There are instances where a restore absolutely does not break links and no, enex is not required. Again, I don't know why you fail to understand this. The very fact that after all the years you've been using Evernote and don't know how to restore notes is proof positive that you do not understand the process of restore & should not be advising other users about it.

    That. Is. All.


    Look them up, they are not the same. Practice is just ONE form/part of preparation.

    Good grief JM...will you PLEASE STOP WITH THE NITPICKING???? It only adds UNWANTED NOISE. Get a hobby or something.



    @Gaz: You have contributed as much as anyone to "scaring the audience".

    If you'll look back over the posts, I make a joke about reinstalling, and then suggested that the user submit a bug report.

    It was you that started this whole debate about bugs by making the rebuttal comment "I don't think this qualifies as a 'bug'", when you didn't have the factual basis or logic to make such a claim.

    You can move on by stop trying to make me look like the bad guy, and just deal with the technical issues as we agreed to earlier.

    You do a darned good job of making yourself look like the bad guy. Let's see...this week alone, you've nitpicked with csihilling:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/page-2#entry345419

    Jefito & GM:https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41178-evernote-annoyance-creating-sub-folders/page-3

    And Gaz. (And I've not even linked to the various threads - this week alone).

    Maybe you should step away from the keyboard & take a lot of deep breaths, since you seem to be a huge contributor of (to use your term), noise.


    And the madness continues...JMiU please stop arguing about and nitpicking EVERY SINGLE THING THAT someone you don't like says. MOVE ON.https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80104-manual-sorting-and-the-design-objection/?p=346772



  23. One thing to consider in your backup strategy: Restore

    Evernote does not provide a way to do a true restore. It is actually an import and creation of new Notes, which breaks all of your Note links, and impacts your monthly upload allowance.

    Absolutely not true, as you & I have discussed a few times before. There IS a way to do a restore via Mac and/or Windows clients that is a true restore & does not break links or go against your upload limit. Not going to go through this with you yet again. Please do not confuse the OP with your misinformation.

    OP, again, search on backup/restore. Or, if you have a premium account, you can submit a support ticket.

    BNF, I wish you were right, but you are not. If it can be done, then you can easily provide a link to the detailed steps to achieve a true restore. I won't believe it until you do.

    @daphoenix7207: Don't accept BNF's statement on blind faith. Do your own research and be convinced you know how to do a true restore before you select a backup strategy.

    JMiU, I have already provided info for you in the past. At least twice. Like I said, I'm not going around & around with you yet again. The fact that you don't understand how to do it doesn't mean it doesn't work or is confusing to others.

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