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  1. I finally said "OK" then went into my notifications and turn them off entirely for evernote. Seems like a small thing but so annoying to have to work around the system.
  2. Hello, New Evernote for iOS looks pretty cool. Wish it had a dark option so I didn't need sunglasses to look at the app at night. Also, I keep getting asked if I want to allow push notifications. There is no "NO" just a "Not Now" so everytime I relaunch Evernote I get asked again. How to I make it never send me push notifications and never ask me again? Why not just a simple "NO"? I dont understand the need for Evernote to force itself on my day to day. Troy
  3. I have to agree. The checkbox is in a terrible place. Options of this nature should never be hidden or made obscure. When you select the option to make a annotation, you should be asked if you want the summary included. Otherwise why include something that will double you file size on save?
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