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  1. I finally said "OK" then went into my notifications and turn them off entirely for evernote. Seems like a small thing but so annoying to have to work around the system.
  2. Hello, New Evernote for iOS looks pretty cool. Wish it had a dark option so I didn't need sunglasses to look at the app at night. Also, I keep getting asked if I want to allow push notifications. There is no "NO" just a "Not Now" so everytime I relaunch Evernote I get asked again. How to I make it never send me push notifications and never ask me again? Why not just a simple "NO"? I dont understand the need for Evernote to force itself on my day to day. Troy
  3. I have to agree. The checkbox is in a terrible place. Options of this nature should never be hidden or made obscure. When you select the option to make a annotation, you should be asked if you want the summary included. Otherwise why include something that will double you file size on save?
  4. I wanted to add my dislike vote of the new interface. I feel that a company that cares about its users would at least give the simple option to change a few interface options. They offer 3 styles on the iPhone why not on the desktop at least? I'm a professional photographer and having a properly light room and calibrated monitor at the proper brightness is imperative. When I need to access EN the brightness is terrible on the eyes. A simple beta program and real world testing might have been a good idea here or perhaps in the future. Please listen to your loyal user base EN. Just give us the option to adjust background, text color and styles to our own personal user styles. Nothing would make EN better than being able to actually use the product comfortably. Troy
  5. I really want to see TAGS for paragraphs. I see the benefit and simplicity of a "bookmark" but not deep enough. I recently submitted a very long report. Within that report were several different ideas and topics. Most of these ideas and topics have extensive notes and support material outside the report. Currently there is no way for me to see all the data pertaining to a specific TAG without having to also drag along the entire 20 page report as well as other potentially large documents. Within in that 20page is the info I wish to use but its nearly useless unless I know exactly where to look. Just my 2 cents... Troy
  6. The bookmark symbol will only show if you do not have a previous search in the search field. If there is an X on the right you have to delete your current search first Which brings me to my question......If you do a search, then exit out. When you return the search begins from the last keyword entered. Is there option to always return to a blank search field? Returning to a past search can be slow because the search begins again. Thanks Troy
  7. Thats cool....Had no idea. LOL I see that you make a list on the desktop app and the iPhone can see and check the boxes, but I see no way to create a checklist from the phone. Thanks for the info... Troy
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