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  1. Right now when I take a picture with as a normal photo, it stays in the media folder. But I don't want this when I take the photo via EN. I'd like to have this photo only in EN, nowhere else. I take quite an amount of snapshots and don't want them to stay in the media folder, is it possible to make such a change?
  2. I used to be a heavy dropbox user and there is a very nice feature - force LAN sync - it's really handy b/c sometimes it takes a while to connect via EN servers and make a sync. I don't know how much time & effort would it take but it's great to have my devices sync'd between each other. Would this be possible in some time in the future?
  3. I have more or less same issue and don't know why :/ when I'm offline, I can't search my notes (which are on the phone actually) without network connection. This seems like a bug for me
  4. Not yet downloaded but before - I just want to ask - is offline search included? I'm a premium user with notebooks downloaded to the mobile and can't search them...
  5. I second this. It's extremely useful especially in shared notebooks
  6. I can't tell you now as I'm using now 4.0 version. Try Ctrl+Space it might work. If not then oonly from 4.0... There's of course one more possibility to clear the format off - copy text, paste to notepad, copy from notepad, paste to EN.
  7. It's easier way, there's an option to clear formatting in Evernote desktop client. You simply clip the page to EN, then clear formatting and you're ready to edit via mobile (without using gmail)
  8. Well, I think the best solution would be to let us choose if we want the image encrypted but not indexed or the opposite. I'd like to have some images totally safe and free from others seeing them but can't do it right now. It seems like a weird limitation to me :/
  9. That's a great idea! I would really love to have it this way. Maybe it's a kind of a workaround?
  10. Any changes here? Some time passed since this topic was created and image encryption seems still not working. What is the current situation now in this topic?
  11. I went through the trunk and found a few to-do apps for iPhone that work with EN and none that work with Android. Is there any possibility to have a check-boxed mobile to do list that is editable and works with EN?
  12. It depends on what you mean by editing (I know it's a stupid question but it's essential here). You've got 2 options: 1. If you want to have a change in the text, then you can have it. The cost is it's a copy of your note with a plain text (no possibility for a shopping list) so you do have the previous note from the change and the new one, with previous text cleared from the format and sth newer. 2. You can add plain text to the note which seems like an option (but also not for the shipping list). In none of these cases, this is text edition that gives 100% of the capabilities of mobile EN but it is sth. Maybe there is some mobile app with to do list that sync with EN? We'd better search it
  13. I wouldn't consider this as a major drawback or breaking the deal. If you're using free version then you get the ability to view your notes via mobile and to edit there too! As I quickly checked, if the text os not formatted by anything, edition is not a problem. If you create a rich-text, you can add sth to the note or duplicate it without rich-text - seems pretty far for me as long as there is nothing like office 2007 or 2010 with all options and cool features... (which would be hard i.e. to implement macro via mobile don't you think? ) I would love to see text formatting (and especially possibility of inserting todo boxes) but as rich text is not provided by Android I'd like to see this in future releases. There was a thread on this forum about this. Search for rich text editing. As I understood (correct me guys if I'm wrong) it's on the improvements' list
  14. While this habit is invaluable, I still would like to have those options and focus only on work not on thinking whether I did all the stuff arround right or not
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