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  1. I'm also voting for subnotebooks. The idea with tagging is great. However, tags work across notebooks, and they're great for some searches that are made well... across notebooks If you allow tags to be nested, then why not to do the same with notebooks? I'm using windows platform and recently switched from OneNote to EverNote and this is the very feature that's essential for me. I'm using such an organizer to store all my files and notes, and I lead a busy life. I need a notebook for my voyages, for studies, and for my job. In the company I lead some projects and it's a lot easier to put every project in a separate subnotebook, and then of course I could tag it like "possible point of failures", "rewards" etc. The same is with my studies. I'd love to have each subject in its own subnotebook, each note tagged i.e. "general informaion", "exam session"... This means greater flexibility and makes the use of it more intuitive. If this would be a lot easier for all of the people (there's no single voice it's a bad idea), it would really be a great improvement to see it this way...
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