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  1. I just wish that Evernote would actively engage the user community with a discussion on this topic. A two-way discussion with the appropriate Engineering Manager could go a long way toward resolving the issue. We've never even received a clear statement about whether they might restore this functionality in a future version. (Note that manual sync IS implemented on the current IOS client). It would help if they would provide specifics on how sync is implemented in the V1.0 Windows client and how that differs from previous versions. I'd also like to hear why they have chosen not to implement a sync button so far. I'd like them to listen to user reports of sync misses/delays and to have them tell users specifically how to test and document problems so that they can be resolved. I'd like for them to provide specifics on known/verified sync problems that they are actively working on so that we can differentiate them from problems that haven't been previously reported. Sync isn't a specific feature that just impacts just part of the user community. It is fundamental to the design of this product and its implementation is critical to ALL users. If Evernote wants to be successful going forward they need to work directly with the user community to both resolve issues and restore confidence. We're here, Evernote Engineering. Please join us in the discussion! Gary Hicks
  2. Am I the only one who finds the lack of comment/explanation from Evernote Engineering on this topic to be frustrating? This topic has been raised and documented repeatedly by many users, both during the Preview program and the Beta program. To the best of my knowledge Evernote Engineering has never provided any explanation or comment other than this statement: Where did the sync button go? Evernote has a completely new sync architecture and now syncs automatically across all of your devices. We don't know whether this is a feature that will be implemented in the future or whether it has been deliberately dropped from the product plan. Given that the presence of a Sync button is a feature of the previous existing product and that multi-device synchronization is fundamentally critical to the Evernote concept, I find it amazing that the issue has been completely ignored. It is also interesting to note that Evernote for IOS does contain an explicit "Sync" function. We're listening, Evernote Engineering. Please talk to us!!! We either need an assurance that this feature will be added or we need a more fundamental explanation of how Sync is implemented so that we understand why a Sync button is either impossible or unnecessary. Until that happens, many in your user base will be frustrated. Gary Hicks
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