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  1. I am a little frustrated. There are a few people who come on here and they simply say that because we want subnotebooks, we aren't using tags correctly. Clearly, as the argument seems to go, we don't know what we really want, and the problem is that we just don't know how to use the software correctly. If we did,then we'd be happy with tags and there'd be no problem. You, people who like tags and don't want subnotebooks, don't need to understand. If/when we get subnotebooks as a feature, you are welcome to not use them. However, please stop telling us that we don't need this feature. Obv
  2. Blackrat (And all the others that say that tags are better than subnotebooks) Tags and subnotebooks serve two separate purposes. I have uses for them both. For example, I am a law student. I have tags. They are: Book briefs,case briefs, concepts and rules. I have notebooks. Each class gets its own notebook. If I could have subnotebooks, then I could organize them by semester. This prevents my notebook list from getting too crowded. -Justin
  3. I've looked at that, and tried it a bit. It will not work for my purposes. I understand that this is not planned for the next release, but is it even in the works?
  4. I agree that this is an almost necessary feature idea. Could the powers-at-be tell us where this ranks among feature requests and if/when it might be implemented? -Justin
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