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  1. I apologize if this has been suggested: My idea is a form of notebook sharing. Person 1 and Person 2 both have Evernote accounts and are using them normally. Person 1 is a recipe guru with a large, well developed notebook on recipes. I would like a feature that allows Person 1 to share his recipe notebook publicly (I know this is implemented), and then have Person 2 be able to add Person 1's recipe notebook into Person 2's Evernote as a workbook. Person 2 could not edit or add notes to it, it would be maintained and synced from Person 1's account. Person 2 would be able to simply view and search the notebook. In another way...let the person building the specific notebook continue to build it, but other people could enjoy / search / use it as if it were theirs. I realize that a collaboration on a single notebook (which has been suggested) would be similar, but it would not accomplish the same idea. I'm thinking that a blogger who is an expert in a specific topic could build a notebook that other people could benefit from on a large scale without having everyone able to collaborate (and possibly degrade) the base notebook. I hope this makes sense. It just hit me today that this could be extremely useful. Let me know if you have questions or want clarifications. I realize this would be a big thing to implement, I'm just hoping to plant the seed in someone's mind! Josh
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