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  1. I'm patiently waiting for this. Searching through the previous posts, its a long time coming. Just wondering when we can expect it. And while I'm here: Android Client please!! Great work! I love EN and recommend it whenever I can. Thanks, Mike
  2. +1 The one thing I will miss about my iPhone is the evernote app. Please consider android.
  3. I'm really enjoying evernote. I use it quite a bit. I came across a particular feature I would like to suggest..a way to have notes expire. I love that my notes are available everywhere I am. So a lot of times I put make a note with information I might need later or information I only need at a particular moment. Things like flight information. After the date of the flight, I don't need that note. But unless you take the time to search through for notes that you may not need anymore, that note just sits there. And while it doesn't "cost" anything for it to be there, its clutter that I'd rather not have. I imagine down the road after several years of using evernote, that the database will be unnecessarily large, filled with old notes. Yes I could tag notes with "flight information" and then go through and delete old flights every once in a while, but the idea is not to have to think about it again. And not all notes will fit into a nicely searchable tag that groups them together. So my suggestion is to add an option to make a note expire on a certain date. Evernote could prompt you that the note has expired and to confirm deletion. This could be made part of the prompt you get warning you about the bandwidth usage when there are notes in the trash. Thanks, Mike
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