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  1. Actually, the same thing can be accomplished with my "Auto Drag & Tag" feature request. I'll explain. In EN's current state, if the user is in the "Tips" notebook and highlights the "Linux" tag, then the note window shows only "Tips:Linux" notes. I think that's much simpler than sub-notebooks because one can simply have a set of universal tags that apply to all notebooks and then hierarchical tags as needed. No need to replicate sub-notebooks. Now, back to my idea. The downside with the tags as opposed to sub-notebooks is in importing. Particularly, bulk importing (where is easy to lose yourself in the main notebook). So, if one were able to drag/import files directly to the tag, the problem is solved. It would work as follows: The user clicks on the relevant notebook, let's use the above example: "Tips." Then, the user would click the relevant tag, again with the above, "Linux." Now, the user simply drags the file onto the "Linux" tag and the file is imported into the Tips folder and tagged as a Linux tip. My plan is to use EN as a document management program in a law practice. As such, I would have 50 or so notebooks at any given time. Each notebook would represent an active client file. With my current setup (DEVONthink), I have specific sub-solders that are identical in each file. Those would become tags in EN. I desperately need a way to import directly into the specific notebook & tag.
  2. I'm a Mac user. I don't think you have the portable feature with Mac. Nonetheless, as you said, it wouldn't work for me anyway. I'll add a feature request: Auto Drag and Tag. For instance, if I have a notebook (Smith File) and tag highlighted (Correspondence), I can drag a PDF file(s) to that *tag* and it will automatically tag it as correspondence in the Smith notebook. It seems that now I must drag the file(s) into the notebook and then drag them to a tag.
  3. The bulk of my notebooks will be synced. I'm picturing creating a notebook for each client (currently a file folder). Then, I'll have a set list of tags that will be universal for all notebooks (i.e. Medical Bills; Medical Records; Correspondence; Contracts, etc.). I'll contact tech support on Monday to discuss how we can accomplish the initial upload. If I can't work out the synced scenario, and my notebooks remain local, can multiple users access them simultaneously? For instance, can I keep the local database (notebooks) on a server machine and access it from my client desktops?
  4. I'm using DEVONthink. I would be manually transferring and tagging the files. The files are PDF (some JPG).
  5. I'd very much like to integrate Evernote into my law practice. I have an existing document database I'd need to migrate. However, as the subject indicates, it's well over the 500MB max monthly upload limit. Does the max upload apply to the initial database creation? Is there any way to pay for additional upload space?
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