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  1. Does this setting still exist @Joe Lopez? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
  2. Ahh. this is real problem for me too. I transferred all my code libraries in to evernote and now it is useless. I'm sure it was working a while back....
  3. Is there a way of getting a pdf document out of evernote? I can't seem to drag in on to the desktop or find an option to save it back out. I'm on mac OSX with Evernote 1.31 Thanks!
  4. ah.. sorry about that... i was a little confused about what version of evernote i am using. When i click on about evernote in the desktop application it says: "Evernote 1.1.4a Beta/34229 is the newest version available." Does that mean that I am using version 1.1.4a or is that version 3?? cheers
  5. i think a search page for browsing content from all publicly published notebooks would be great. it would be really helpful for collaborative research and networking with people with similar interests.
  6. also... i just thought. maybe there is a directory of public notebooks somewhere... post the link if so.. or if there isn't yet.. maybe that would be useful in the future. thanks
  7. just wondering if anyone would be willing to share their published notebooks. I think it would help us learn new ways of using Evernote. I really have not been using it for long but i have made a start. Here is one of my notebooks i have made available: http://www.evernote.com/pub/joehamilton/Inspiration I will continue to add to it and develop a system as I go. Im interested to hear any comments or suggestions... Look forward to seeing how others are using it. cheers
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