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  1. Please please please can you resolve the issue that you have introduced in this version regarding checklists. As pointed out in a previous reply, unchecking/checking a checklist item resets the position of the note right to the top. It makes the entire app unusable for me.
  2. I love Evernote, but one of my biggest gripes is with adding new notes. I've mapped a shortcut key for "New Note", but notice that sometimes it can take several seconds (sometimes up to 5 seconds) to display a standalone new note window. Moreover, occasionally it will open minimised. This behaviour isn't limited to one machine, it happens on my work PC, home laptop and PC. It's a shame because I often want to create notes quickly on the fly, and several seconds to open a new note window might not sound like much, but when you're working quickly it's a deal breaker.
  3. I use Evernote checklists on a daily basis, for a series of recurring tasks. On the Evernote Windows client I can "Uncheck" all todo items to clear-down the checklist to use again. However, there is no equivalent feature in the Android app. I've noticed this feature has been requested quite often but never implemented. It would seem to me to be a good candidate to add as a new feature? Thanks.
  4. In the latest version of the Android app, the "Quick Audio note" feature has been removed. You can't create a new audio note and once you click 'done' it automatically closes Evernote. Has this feature been completely removed??
  5. This has already been mentioned once. I second the request. It would be a very useful formatting feature. Would also be useful for formatting spacing on bullets. Graham
  6. I second this... Sometimes I open Evernote to grab some information when someone is sitting next to me. By default, Evernote opens on "All Notebooks", which includes any new notes I've written in personal notebooks. It would be nice if personal notebooks could be hidden/password protected or some such, in order to separate personal notes from more general notes and info. Admittedly, I could toggle the list view, but just like it's a pain to remember to logout of Evernote every time you close your machine, it's a pain to remember to toggle the list view...
  7. I often pop open Evernote to write a small note to myself when I have a thought I want to capture. Recently I discovered that you could use CTRL-ALT-N to create a new note in Evernote from outside the application (if you enable it). However, I still find this a bit clunky, since it switches focus to the main Evernote application. It would be nicer if CTRL-ALT-N opened the new note in a window of its own without bringing the entire application into focus. The smoother and more lightweight this can be made, the easier it will be to capture notes on the fly.
  8. Logging out of Evernote on the Iphone is buggy. The first time I clicked logout I went back to the IPhone homepage. I then went back into Evernote to ensure it had logged out, but it hadn't! So I clicked logout again and and repeated. This time Evernote had logged out, but the login screen still had my password in the password field! Blanking the password and going back to the Iphone homepage didn't remove the password either. The only way to remove the password was to enter in a false password and attempt a login. This would mean that when you select Evernote from the Iphone homepage there is a password in the password field, but at least it isn't MY password. This is buggy, and Evernote Windows suffered from logout/login issues several versions ago.
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