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  1. Oh, dear! I think you're right. That must be the cause. I'm really, really disappointed to hear that I'll lose the special features of the Evernote model. Can you tell me which features that would be? In short, I LOVE that I can scan things directly into the Evernote through the cloud, without having to be connected via USB, and I don't need to scan it to my local drive first, I can just scan it, and BAM it's in my Evernote. Is THAT a feature I'd still have??? UPDATE: Disregard. Panic averted. I just googled it for myself and I think I can see the pros/cons pretty clearly. I'm gonna go ahead and upgrade the firmware. Thanks again! UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: So I found a Super Speed USB cable (like the one pictures above - the same type that came with the scanner). I connected it to my computer. It looks like before I upgrade the firmware, the first thing I am asked to do is connect the scanner to the Mac via USB cable from within the ScanSnap Home application. But this brings me back to my original problem: it WILL NOT connect. No matter what. Any ideas why? Or how I might work around this?
  2. Thank you so much for the quick and thorough response. Yes this is the exact cable I am using (the one on the left). I have two just like it, in fact. But they just will not work. Like I said, it seems that unless I use the original cable, it won't work. Im completely baffled.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm guessing this isn't the right place and I apologize! I'm new to this forum, and I have exhaustively searched for any thread related to my issue. It seems I can't just post my issue as a new topic (for good reason I'm sure.) Here's what's up -- I use the Evernote branded Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500. Every now and then -- if I upgrade my computer system OS, or change my computer setup somehow -- it will ask me to reconnect the scanner using a USB cable. The thing is -- it seems to ONLY work with the very USB cable that came with the unit. I'm sure I still have that somewhere, but right now when I'm in a hurry and just have to get some tax documents scanned, it's so frustrating that other cables which look identical (it's square-ish with a little bump on the top) but no matter how many identical cables I try, it WILL NOT connect unless I can find the original cable it came with. Does anybody know a workaround, or if I can buy some kind of replacement cable online?
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