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  1. So, I've run into what may - or may not - be a bug that began in 6.10 beta 2: throughout countless notes that I've written by hand - ampersands are converted into their html markup version. So, text that was written in a note as: salt '' cmd.run 'cd /usr/local/src && tar -xzf monit-5.20.0.tar.gz && cd monit-5.20.0 && (etc) when copied and then pasted becomes: salt '' cmd.run 'cd /usr/local/src && tar -xzf monit-5.15.tar.gz && cd monit-5.15 && This seems to happen if any text styling was applied to the t
  2. If they tied it to the optional passcode usage, it would pretty well satisfy that I think.
  3. Right. But it is also something that the application vendor can modify, if desired - so any text in that app screen can be obfuscated when displayed in the recent apps list. It would be a desireable feature from my perspective.
  4. Nexus 6, Android 6.0.1, Evernote 7.8.2. I use a Passcode to provide a minimal level of security for all my notes. However, when I go to the 'recent apps' screen, Evernote will happily display a mini copy of whatever note was open when I last used it. This opens a vulnerability for my information. No, 99% of the time it's not going to reveal necessarily private info that would be bad if it were shared, but if I've bothered to set up a passcode in evernote so that any random person who might gain access to my phone will have at least that blocking their access, then it defeats the point of
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