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  1. So, I've run into what may - or may not - be a bug that began in 6.10 beta 2: throughout countless notes that I've written by hand - ampersands are converted into their html markup version. So, text that was written in a note as: salt '' cmd.run 'cd /usr/local/src && tar -xzf monit-5.20.0.tar.gz && cd monit-5.20.0 && (etc) when copied and then pasted becomes: salt '' cmd.run 'cd /usr/local/src && tar -xzf monit-5.15.tar.gz && cd monit-5.15 && This seems to happen if any text styling was applied to the text after the fact - put the highlighter on it, make it bold, whatever. The problem is that it never used to do this. I have hundreds of notes with text formatting employed in some circumstances and not in others. Sure, I can strip off the formatting and then copy - but if there was specific formatting (say, for a pdf document publishing internally for staff) then it mucks that up for future revisions. Now, it occurs to me that this change in behavior may have coincided with upgrading my MBP to MacOS Sierra - but I can't find any mention online of changes to how text is pulled to the clipboard (besides their 'universal clipboard' thing, which I don't employ). oh - and on the off chance my examples above get morphed by any formatting in *this* text editor, I've attached screenshots. any thoughts? (edit - I suppose this may fall under the 'paste and match style' issues above that others have reported...but I'm not entirely certain)
  2. If they tied it to the optional passcode usage, it would pretty well satisfy that I think.
  3. Right. But it is also something that the application vendor can modify, if desired - so any text in that app screen can be obfuscated when displayed in the recent apps list. It would be a desireable feature from my perspective.
  4. Nexus 6, Android 6.0.1, Evernote 7.8.2. I use a Passcode to provide a minimal level of security for all my notes. However, when I go to the 'recent apps' screen, Evernote will happily display a mini copy of whatever note was open when I last used it. This opens a vulnerability for my information. No, 99% of the time it's not going to reveal necessarily private info that would be bad if it were shared, but if I've bothered to set up a passcode in evernote so that any random person who might gain access to my phone will have at least that blocking their access, then it defeats the point of that passcode if what I've recently viewed is displayed clearly on the recent apps screen. It should obfuscate the text in the recent apps screen.
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