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  1. Hello, I was actually not aware that there was a newer version - when I check for updates from within Evernote it says my version is up-to date. But now I see there is 3.5 and even 4. So my question is can I switch from 3.1 to 4? Would it recognize the database set? Would it alter the database (in case I decide to go back to 3.1)? What are the differences really? Does v4 work for free users (I'm only using EN on my PC)? And last but not least - does v4 have a portable version? 3.1 has a portable version which I'm using from time to time when I switch my PC's? Thanks a lot! BTW: If you don't have a portable version you should definitely create one - it's simple: http://portableapps.com/
  2. I agree and that's why I politely ask you for your answer since this question has been raised more times than I care to remember - are subnotebooks going to be supported, are they a priority feature, is it being worked on? That's all we're concerned abouthere (I strongly believe I can speak on behalf of many of the members!). Thank you!
  3. OK, but please tell us - after so many requests - are you going to implement it?
  4. Literally - I just beg you to add sub-notebooks! Tags are cool, but only within notebooks. And having subnotebooks would make everything just SO MUCH clearer, cleaner and simple! PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF US - add sub-notebooks! THANK YOU!
  5. Everyone is asking for sub-categories/sub-notes so why don't you just implement this?
  6. It would be nice if I could search the URL... I couldn't find an operator that would allow me to search this attribute.
  7. Yes, you have that option since version 3.0 I believe. However it is not fully portable - it does write to the registry from what I have tested.
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