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  1. I have searched in vain, and I even chastised because I asked a question is a "MAC only" thread, and it seems this issue is STILL a problem after a decade for Windows. Now I know that Evernote was much better at the beginning when I joined eight years ago. Today, 1-1-21, Evernote is leaving a bad taste in my mouth because so many right-mouse-click feature are GONE, new methods to search and so many steps to "filter out" unwanted results is just too much work. Why do owners feel they must "improve" something that's (was) great! Here's the problem: HOW DO I ADD A WORD TO THE SPELL CHECKER ON THE PC APP VERSION? That's like Programming 101. Come on! What's the fix?
  2. Time to fire those that think Evernote needed "upgrading." They must have worked for their competitors and want Evernote destroyed. I mean thing about it! Why would ANYONE remove the right-mouse-click menu options AND change how the search works (more complicated) AND remove add to dictionary!? The CEO is blind or the culprit!
  3. What's a good alternative to Evernote? OneNote is where I started, but it looks like if Everynote continues it's downward spiral, I might return to OneNote.
  4. Thanks for nothing. You've only proved that their search SUCKS! The sole indication is the URL breadcrumb this if Macs only - who reads that!? No one.
  5. This does NOT work for PCs. Thanks for the time you put into attempt the help, but specify that this is for Macs and not PCs.
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