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  1. I'm a bit surprised this hasn't gotten more attention? Is there a fix, work around, or anything I'm missing? Old saved notes still display multiple types but I haven't tried changing them due to being afraid of losing them all.
  2. I often wonder how EN makes their decisions. They will frequently do these massive updates after long periods of time without any iterations or incremental changes. I suspect as was done recently with the Mac client they're constantly rewriting huge chunks of the software as opposed to little by little making it better. The weird thing is that they frequently drop major features that people rely on or love. I just don't get it. I understand a desire to refine or simplify but do we need to keep removing features that people like? Basically you reduce value for customers with these wholesale changes that reduce as opposed to refine.
  3. You used to be able to until this latest release. I have a number of old notebooks with different paper types. I consider this a pretty big step back. It was a differentiator to other apps there for a while...
  4. I'm getting JS errors spewed over the console with it enabled, on Chrome 37, Windows 7 64 bit. I can confirm when I toggle the extension off, the errors go away.
  5. I've had serious issues with Evernote's handling of copy/paste, even from things like TextMate. I'd like to compose a plain-text formatted outline or set of instructions or even source code and bring it into Evernote w/ a copy/paste and not see it totally lose the tabs (even if they're replaced by spaces) and other formatting. I've been a little encouraged by evidence on some of the comments from the Evernote team that they're looking at the copy/paste issues... I just hope it gets better interoperability. Failing that, I'd appreciate the Evernote editor be a more full-featured Text editor in general, however I guess there's compatibility issues with all the different platforms that it supports.
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