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  1. I'm a bit surprised this hasn't gotten more attention? Is there a fix, work around, or anything I'm missing? Old saved notes still display multiple types but I haven't tried changing them due to being afraid of losing them all.
  2. I often wonder how EN makes their decisions. They will frequently do these massive updates after long periods of time without any iterations or incremental changes. I suspect as was done recently with the Mac client they're constantly rewriting huge chunks of the software as opposed to little by little making it better. The weird thing is that they frequently drop major features that people rely on or love. I just don't get it. I understand a desire to refine or simplify but do we need to keep removing features that people like? Basically you reduce value for customers with these wholesale changes that reduce as opposed to refine.
  3. You used to be able to until this latest release. I have a number of old notebooks with different paper types. I consider this a pretty big step back. It was a differentiator to other apps there for a while...
  4. I'm getting JS errors spewed over the console with it enabled, on Chrome 37, Windows 7 64 bit. I can confirm when I toggle the extension off, the errors go away.
  5. Yeah, same thing happened to me. 5.0.3 pretty much was a "brick" on 10.6.8, which kind of was a drag, to say the least. I had emailed support and they had rolled me back to 5.0.2 after trying a number of reinstalls of 5.0.3. My re-install of 5.0.2 is currently re-syncing and has gotten significantly farther than any re-install of 5.0.3 did, so my confidence is high... FWIW. I never tried the temp debug build and I probably won't unless they really delay the 5.0.4 release. HOWEVER: BLANK ACTIVITY LOG Anyone experiencing the "Blank" Activity Log issue should know that the log is NOT actually blank, it just doesn't display in the UI. If you SAVE the file from the UI, and open in TextEdit or whatever other text editor you have, you will see the log and can provide that to Evernote. The app just is so broken it won't display it ... Granted, a day late and a dollar short ... but there you have it...
  6. I'm on Snow Leopard and seeing similar behavior starting with 5.0.2 and still in 5.0.3. I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently, but if I find an exact step to do it, I'll post again... Bottom line, main window keeps shifting to the background behind other windows, or even behind other apps.
  7. Yeah, I notice this too. Very frustrating. The shortcut only works really for a single tag ...
  8. I really like the type to find Notebooks features in the Mac v5 list, edit, and Notebooks views. Just to be clear on what I'm referencing ... List Views Show all notes Other views showing a list of notes, like the Card views Here pressing Command+J pops up a dialog you can type into and the list real time searches to find notebooks by the typed string. Edit View Any of the right or bottom docked note edit / viewers Here pressing Control+Command+J pops up a similar dialog to type to filter the list of Notebooks. This is used to "move" a note to another Notebook. Notebooks View Full list of notebooks Here, just start typing and the list filters. Real nice. Ok ... the issue ... why do these searches not include or at least display when you type, the names of the stacks? I've got a number of stacks which help me organize my Notebooks and I'll type something like "Professional" expecting to get my list of Notes or Notebooks under that stack. But instead I just get no results as though the stack doesn't exist. In some cases, such as the Editor view for moving notes, of course it makes no sense to be able to "select" the stacks that (don't currently) come back. So there it makes some sense unless you just couldn't select them. In the other two cases however, to me it would make sense for users to be able to select a stack since Evernote supports showing all notes inside of a stack, regardless of Notebook. In fact, it seems so counter intuitive to me now that I'm consistently thrown off and have had trouble remembering ... I guess maybe my issue is that I work top down in a hierarchy? And sometimes, I remember what Stack something is in but not the name of my Notebook, because sometimes Notebooks come and go, but my Stacks are "context" (or other) like categories for being organized. To be honest, I don't even care about drilling into a Stack, though I'm happy the feature is there. At the least I'd like the pop-up dialogs and the filter in the note to include the typed characters against the stack, so that I could then down-arrow and select the Notebook I want. Either show it and you can't select it, or show it and make it selectable, or don't even show it, but at least allow the logic on what you typed to have been included. Please? I guess it opens up some questions re: what is hidden and shown, such as, "do you show the child notebooks" in the same dialog, even if the search text didn't match? There's gotta be a compromise ... Then I would be happy drilling into my Stack, I suppose. But more ideal would be the parent/child relationship being displayed in the pop-up dialogs as well. Maybe I'm alone in this
  9. Hey Joel, according to the menus I'm looking at, command+[ and command+] are back and forwards, respectively. Does this not work for you?
  10. Ok, well, I don't think it's worth it much to question what's been done, since it has been done. Clearly, the EN staff reads these posts, so they'll hear the complaints — but honestly I'm not going to say that the changes are all bad (IMHO). It's just different. For whatever reason ... Granted there are things I miss and that need getting used to. And things that leave me scratching my head wondering what the motivation was. And ... things I'd really like to see addressed (no back buttons? and your previous note doesn't even appear under Recent Notes, unless you made an edit?) It just strikes me that they were after a new type of workflow or something. I'll be curious to see what the next Windows client looks like, since I know they've been hoping for more feature parity between platforms (that said, I still don't see that between the Mac and iOS v5, but ... time will tell I'd guess). That said, there are some better options than what is listed here: One: Any of the shortcuts you drag to the shortcut bar on the top left immediately gets a command+[1-9] keystroke assigned to it. Really nice, actually. Two: From just about any view you can type command+option+2 and get the full Notebooks List. From there you can immediately start typing to filter the list. So even if you didn't have a lot of long winded names for your notebooks, you can get to them fairly quickly. Three: Or, you can do the command+J from any view and start typing. Example: command+J, "in", enter = Inbox (4 keystrokes) command+J, "pr", enter = Projects (if you had a "Projects"; again, 4 keystrokes). It's a different workflow, that's all. Not that dramatically worse, as described above ... HOWEVER ... there's some things about the filtering process that frustrates me. It's totally inconsistent from the different views. I still can't figure out what kind of "substring" search is going on, both for the command+J, start typing for notebook, and command+shift+J, to start typing on the tags. Weird Behavior Example 01 (Notebook Filters): I can do something like "command+j", type "in" and get two notebooks from the all notes view that start with "in" ... But, if I type "command+option+2", and type "in", I get NINE, yes NINE notebooks that happen to contain "in" somewhere in their name. And, NEITHER search includes STACKS names, which I REALLY, REALLY wish they did. .... Oh, but wait, if I right (or control) click on the sidebar for notebooks, and then select "Show Notebook List", I can then get a full list. Nice, but ... I can click on a STACK!!! Oh how nice. But that's the only place in the UI that I can "enter" a STACK? If I click on a STACK in the Notebook list, it just expands and collapses it ... sigh ... EDIT: Ok, so from the full Notebook view list, when Stacks are expanded, there's a subtle little link you can click on with the mouse (only) to get "into" a stack. But it's not in the tab index. Ok. Weird Behavior Example 02 (Tag Filters): Type command+shift+J from the "All Notes" view ... (this is important) ... Tag filter shows, you can type. Nice. Once your list is filtered, EN shows the notes that have that tag. Ok. I want to narrow it down more ... so I see the tag filter is selected (highlighted blue), I can mouseover it and get a tooltip that tells me my current filter. Ok. Great. If they ditched the search explanation bar, why doesn't the search box get filled in with the current filter? I still want more, from the keyboard. Type command+shift+J and .... nothing ... I'm stuck. On a whim, click command+option+2 to get to the Notebook view .... ok ... but, I'm still wanting more tag filtering ... so I type command+shift+J .... oh wow now I'm back at my tag view, and I CAN SUDDENLY TYPE MORE TAG FILTERS ... Nice features, nice ideas, just incomplete, not thoroughly fleshed out. I'm a consultant and I've been doing it for a few years. This just seems like something that was rushed out based on deadlines and not "when it was ready" or ... "feature complete" or whatever ... like someone made a choice to go to market with something, anything ... and some things didn't make the cut. I wouldn't be surprised if half these things are in a bug tracker somewhere and several programmers or designers are rubbing their foreheads in frustration saying to themselves ... "when's the 5.0.1 release again?" I'm looking forward to it myself ...
  11. +1 ... myself and several others posted about this as well as several other features that have been removed, on several of the other beta threads. Overall I do like a lot of the enhancements in Version 5.0, but taking out a number of commonly used features seems an odd move... I also use Evernote like a Wiki a fair amount, and now that's somewhat crippled.
  12. Somewhere in the thread above there was a note about how you can select multiple tags from the tag widget drop-down ... it's a nice trick, but think I'm finding myself missing the "search explanation bar" that ran horizontally over the top. Not saying whatever replaces it needs to be exactly the same, but something that better shows what drives what you're looking at. selected tags selected notebooks search phrase Something ... I'd like to hope that there may be something coming since search, combined with tags and such is such a massive part of using Evernote with large libraries. Even if there wasn't a full UI exposing the selected search filter, the tag widget, if you have more than one selected -- it's near impossible to tell if there are more than one tag selected -- I see one in the typeahead field, then I can use the arrow keys and *might* find something else from a prior search ... Thanks again. Great to see progress.
  13. Hey all, Congrats on the new beta release. It's certainly a nicely done product. I could go on and on about the things that I like, so please don't take any of this the wrong way ... As a Beta, is this considered feature complete? Mostly I'm wondering about things that might be missing ... that were there before. For instance, being able to customize the toolbar, and things like the Back/Forward buttons -- I tend to use internal "note" links a lot, like a Wiki, so I rely on them a bit. I'm hoping it's not because I'm stuck on Snow Leopard at the moment ... (work machine). Other quick starter question ... typing in the Notebook view and the Command+J key to go to Notebooks is seriously cool -- is there any chance that will include searching by Stack names as well, or just Notebooks? If I have a stack called "Projects" for instance, I'd sort of like to be able to search for that, especially given that the sidebar is the stripped down UI now. Yes, I could show all the items in the sidebar as before, but I'm quite happy with filtering based on typing if I don't have to do too much clicking -- it's almost better. If you don't include it in the search, you're limiting users views of their content to only getting there a certain way. Thanks again,
  14. Yeah, thanks guys, seems to be working quite well. Much appreciated! :rob
  15. Guys, So the indexing did NOT give me pop-up errors during the re-indexing. However, the log is still showing errors such as this subsequent to that: 2010-03-09 20:15:25 0x18ed9700 [ENPDFIndexer] DEBUG: Launched EvernotePDFHelper with PID [773] 2010-03-09 20:15:26 0x18ed9700 [ENPDFIndexer] ERROR: PDF indexer failed with result code: 11 Additionally, I do not believe that searching within PDFs is working. These types of errors are present in the logs for while doing searches that the title at least matches: 2010-03-09 20:18:08 0x50d120 [ENWKNoteContentEditorView] INFO: Skipping rect highlighting for PDF that failed indexing: d32a2aa1811469ac9360b3b4d5ba2dc5 2010-03-09 20:18:08 0x50d120 [ENWKNoteContentEditorView] INFO: note: 'MacHeist NanoBundle 2' Hope you all can figure this out ... let me know if you need any more info. :rob
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