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  1. Maybe this bug only appears on Windows 7, 64 bits?
  2. Thanks, that's the workaround I found, but it has the downside that when you want to tag a new note, you can't use the auto-type ScottLougheed mentioned (unless you have a good memory of numbers or also create duplicate tags with the digits at the end).
  3. Thanks for your suggestion, but my point here isn't really to tag notes, but to find them again in a meaningful structure when they accumulate.
  4. Well, this means someone from Evernote should investigate this bug, since it's not present in every user's experience. In my case, the only thing that changed is the switch to Evernote 5.
  5. No, we are talking about not forcing users to have tags in alphabetical order. This restriction doesn't make sense.
  6. Evernote 2 allowed you to arrange tags in the order that you wanted inside a notebook. Since Evernote 3 this feature doesn't work anymore. Please fix this problem. Don't think tags are always unconnected. Let me explain: My notes are not just random notes, so tags are not random tags. They are *structured* in a whole system and the only way to do that was by tags (other than creating dozens of notebooks). I have tens of notes for every action and tags behave like bookmarks. To give you an example from agriculture, let’s say you have notes on preparing the soil, seeding, watering, harvesting (actually a lot more steps and sub-steps, you can’t even have the whole structure in mind or on one screen) and this is the correct order. It would make no sense to put harvesting somewhere long before seeding! As a workaround, I tried to put numbers before the lettered tag, but then you have to add extra steps between some tags.
  7. Well, I use Firefox 28 here, but the URL wasn't in the info.
  8. They were removed when I updated from Evernote 4 to 5.
  9. Every time I start Evernote on Android, it starts with the list of all the notes in the reverse chronological order. But I don't want notes to be mixed. I only want to see, either notes from the last notebook that was selected or from the main notebook. Evernote on Android is slow. This makes it even slower, because it opens the complete note list, but you have to go back 2 steps, then select notebooks, then go to the bottom to find the main notebook mixed in a list with other notebooks (everything alphabetical, instead of giving priority to the main notebook again!).
  10. I gave a try to Evernote 5. If I copy-paste a text from Firefox or if I send it from the Web clipper extension, the URL is not put automatically into the note. Evernote 4 did that very well. I use Evernote 4 because v.5 still has bugs.
  11. WHY does the installer remove all the useful HKEY_USERS\S-...\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt in the registry? Even entries that don't belong to Evernote!
  12. Why can't I log in from the in-built browser on Nokia N95 (Symbian)? It's just alternating for a while on the log in page between http and https. These work: - log in by Wi-Fi - log in by GSM - log in using Opera (GSM or UMTS) BUT this doesn't work, although it would be the most convenient: - log in by UMTS (my operator being Orange), using the in-built browser on Nokia. My phone has the latest firmware. This is annoying, since EverNote is the only web service I can not log into this way. What does the Evernote website have that doesn't work? Anyone has a similar experience or a workaround?
  13. Please allow us to sort tags the way we want. That was such a good feature in Evernote 2. Why was it taken down? Don't assume users don't know what they need.
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