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  1. wow - these are creative ideas to solve the note link GUID issue. it's been 2 years, has anyone here discovered or created a solution yet? I was hoping to move many of my personal notebooks to Evernote Business & found it loses links in the process too I, too, am a fellow wiki afficiando & note links is the basis of how my entire Evernote system works so I'm been in a funk around this matter & glad to see there are other peeps who bump into this too.
  2. i decided to take the gulp on this one - good news it took only an hour to redo the annotations. I found it a bit easier to do highlighting-type annotations in Preview.app - there are less clicks overall to switch colors and between highlighting and added text boxes in particular. I hope Evernote fixes this issue soon. I'm going to do all my annotations in Preview until this issues is addressed.
  3. missed the PDF attachment: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/aba1b49d-5351-4893-8bcb-5d4fb99a5e40/33794bc6968f88e605d6ac93331a12b3 btw - i should add the Skitch window is still open in the background... so the annotations are still in "memory" per se.... I'm not hitting "OK" because I don't want this window to go away... is there a workaround to get the focus back on the window so I may scroll through the annotated PDF & take a bunch of screen snapshots? it would save a lot of work!
  4. i just hit this bug what's the status of this issue? I'm using Evernote 5.5.2 attempting to annotate the attached PDF I just lost 2 hours of annotations and kinda bummed about it i'm glad this issue is known though. I haven't hit "OK" on the dialog box for "Unable to save document" - I'm hoping there is a way to recover a temporary file with the annotations? I counted 674 instances of this error in my log file: 2014-08-13 11:44:25 [ENMarkUpSession] ERROR: >Mark Up< __39-[ENMarkUpSession heartBeatTimerFired:]_block_invoke saveIfDirty failed: Error Domain=CoreSkitch Code=-1 "Unable to save document." UserInfo=0x1201070d0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Unable to save document.} it would be nice if Evernote reported this error *much* sooner to the user so there wouldn't be so much grief...
  5. I took a look at your new website and not clear what's changed since 1.x. Could you please post a summary of major changes or a link to your release notes? thanks!
  6. so glad to see this thread here. I've thrown my life into wikispaces and didn't give up when tiddlyspace came along just to see how far the wiki paradigm could go! interestingly enough, I never dived into Evernote thinking it might be "rendered" as wiki until I saw Postach.io share what was possible - that a notebook could be rendered as a blog. bingo- case in point! @Derek H - could you post a new link to your project? they seem to have replaced your page with the DevCup winners and i firmly believe your idea has merit up there with Postach.io!
  7. not 100% clear what you mean by "setting up your own system" as I'm looking for a utility to import past Note.app notes. batching up entries into a single note is definitely useful for helping reduce clutter. I was doing this for awhile manually and it got tiring and noticed it was missing timestamps so i started hunting around for apps. I tried vJournal and found it too restrictive (can't change notebook destination/structure and couldn't insert audio notes) and didn't preserve timestamps if u created notes offline (fail!). iLifeLogger is a bit better - i like how you can even define contexts for different activities, blog within each activity (or you can just use a single category and be done with it) - it's all good at "rolling up" at the end of the week if you're into stats. neither is perfect, both add more complexity and just to emphasize the point of this thread - looking to get back to basics with Note.app. perhaps there is a separate thread for this topic - my goal is to import past notes in Note.app since 2007 and use an app du jour (thanks for iNote ptr!) to keep Note.app and Evernote in sync from here on out.
  8. Hi! I'm a newbie here so I hope this is the right place to put this discussion. I caught the Rizzoma wave back in May 2013 and just now going through my notes. fact of the matter, Evernote became more practical for me in the summer as I went through all my belongings and completed the bulk of my digitization process. I haven't looked back since and just love Evernote. I now make Evernote my primary capture tool - it is great having *one* place to put everything (I don't think i need to preach this here) and have an API to access and project the data in all kinds of ways ( props up to all your Evernote developers!) has anyone else in this community experimented with Rizzoma with experiences to share? We're talking more than just "sign up" and play with it every so often - I'm looking to exchange ideas with people who have gotten to the point of "Rizzoma is it!" - attempted to make Rizzoma the center of their universe and then found themselves falling back to Evernote. I've love to hear what some of those reasons were and ideas you might have in regards to pulling the 2 universes together (assuming you see benefits of both platforms) long live Evernote!
  9. +1 for a bulk exporter from Notes.app to Evernote that preserves dates. Back when I imported all my delicio.us bookmarks back in 2008 - was *very* pleased to just discover a few weeks ago, it preserved all the creation dates back ever *before* I signed up for Evernote - so I'd want this feature in an Apple Notes import tool too to answer your question @emmaici - I made Apple Notes from 2007 until 2013 my only input/capture tool - esp while in the field. I've been burned too many times having data all over the place (I still do, but it's not as bad) - yes i have a lot of scribbles here and there but I'm finding I have journal entries, meeting notes, ongoing lists, agendas - things that are better referenced (and leveraged ) in Evernote IMHO.
  10. have you guys found the "low size" setting (General->Audio)? I just stumbled on it today. Turns out after your update to iOS7, Evernote defaults to "High Quality" so I set it to "Low Size" and tried a voice recording and at least on this side of the fence, the size is the same as it was before, recorded as a WAV file. hope this helps!
  11. hey since it doesn't seem configurable, I hacked away at Automator and came up with the attached workflow (zipped). You Right-Click on the note and "Save Attachments..." to a folder on your Desktop. Run this workflow, select the folder and it will save a new PDF on the Desktop with all the images combined. if there are any seasoned Automators out there who can make this workflow operate on a selected note in Evernote directly, please do chime in! Combine Images in Folder into Single PDF.zip
  12. Im on a Mac. Im aware of the option to Print to PDF and I guess I was just wondering if there was way to make the "Convert Note to PDF" work in a paginated way (which seems like how it should work by default?)
  13. Hi! I was really pleased to see a "Convert Note to PDF" in the context menu but was disappointed when a note with a front and back image got converted into a *1* page PDF smashing the two together on 1 page. what I really wanted is a new note with PDF with 2 pages - one for each image. how can I do this? I have notes that have 100 images representing old books that I would love to convert into a 100 page PDF for a single book. thanks for any input!
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