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  1. @bijles - did you make any headway on creating an image map in Evernote - perhaps with the newer presentation mode and/or clients that came out in Oct 2014? Just curious, is there a specific ENML editor you use? An easy way to maintain visual index notes to both internal and extreme content would indeed be cool!
  2. Whew - glad to see I'm not the only one. This is especially important as I've found the key it's waaaaaaay too easy to delete stuff by accident just by hitting the delete key. I don't even bother emptying the trash anymore in fear I might delete something permanently. The issue is compounded by merging notes putting notes in the trash. And compounded further by an implementation where if you move notes back and forth between personal and business notes, it becomes clutter city (not to mention lots of broken note links, i wont' get into here) I agree the most straight forward solution is to extend the search grammar with "notebook:Trash" Put in my vote!
  3. nice to find folks in the mindmap conversation! if you're open to a 2.5D representation, you might want to look at TheBrain - I've been using it since 1999. You can insert "note links" into nodes like this one: https://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/498E34F8-61E2-C7AF-70B7-7E8281379166/thought/1#-2768 my biggest pet peeve is link rot in Evernote is a more common occurrence than I like to admit - moving notes around notebooks (esp between personal and business) changes the note link URL despite the note having a GUID (my current understanding) - this is a topic for another thread - just be aware of it if you haven't discovered it already. So I'm currently evaluating if Postach.io is a solution for this: https://webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/498E34F8-61E2-C7AF-70B7-7E8281379166/thought/1#-2851 feel free to poke around - TheBrain is really flexible tool and easier experienced than explained!!
  4. wow - this is a really clean implementation! Your taking the time to share your implementation in more details makes it a lot clearer what you're looking to preserve and why. it's a lot clearer why the original web UI really works for you! feel free to share any vision(s) you have in regards to how the new UI should work yet still retain the desired "clutter and distraction-free" look Evernote is after - I'm sure the team is open to the input.
  5. wow - this must have been really recent - i just installed clipper to Safari 8 and it works great! word on the street Share to Evernote is en route!
  6. it was a great conference indeed! You might want to dabble in our Evernote Business forums and join our CRM discussion
  7. as market-y as this blog post sounds - I'm crossing my fingers this provides the functionality we are looking for and they have been listening! http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/10/02/evernote-goes-collaborative-work-chat/ this was announced at EC4
  8. wow a +1 on this. back when i went nuts digitizing my life - I just put my whole rolodex on autofeed in a regular hi-speed scanner. This is a dataset in files and folders I really care about getting into Evernote at a later time (stuff in Dropbox goes in organically but for the most part, hasn't been a big deal) I would love a feature in Evernote (or 3rd party integration/tag) to automatically parse business card images. bonus if it can automatically rotate images and double bonus if it can attach an image of the *back* of the business card (no OCR necessary)
  9. thanks @C6REW for sharing about your implementation - i like the date code idea! @Robert is correct - I've evaluated salesforce for the "solopreneur" and Evernote is easily providing 10x more value due to its "blank page" nature - I started with this back in August: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s427/sh/87418fb6-48ff-48ab-8537-5feb8c6def76/d7b74e3e75bfa409df65b97240f1e803 I'm pretty much tweaking it as I go and discovering how it best tracks projects and "customers" the way I want. I still have a salesforce integration as a backup and haven't had to turn to it yet. I also have notes out to Swipes (startup of the year from EC4) and TaskClone. I particularly like how Swipes aggregates all the tasks within a note (think a series of next actions for a project) - nice UI and eye candy at this point in time. I agree with @Robert there is huge potential to create a business app - i can't say I'm quite ready to hop back on the M$ bandwagon - no offense @C6REW
  10. my 2 cents here is it is useful for the UI to default to the new note view though I have to admit, I'm sure this isn't for everyone. it should probably be an option configurable to go to any of the main pages.
  11. I tried to open up a public notebook and what you get is a "new note" I will say I look forward to a new look - particularly, an iOS-optimized rendering of a public notebook. please, as a workaround, have all public notebook links jump to the pre-beta view [like shared notes] until this is resolved. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s2/sh/f9fd7e83-18f6-40e8-a494-d4daae6322c3/e6a407ef175d47fc4b2a320f48d84a70
  12. as related to stacks, I often find it useful to "view all notes within a particular stack" right now, clicking on a stack either collapses or uncollapses it. it would be nice if clicking on the "arrow" does the collapsing and uncollapsing of the notebook stack. clicking on the stack itself should reveal all the notes inside the stack (a feature i use both on Mac OS X and iOS all the time)
  13. huh - good point - I can't see a way to do this either. I personally would like two paths to do this: create a new note (and be able to change the destination notebook) while I am in the Business notebook itself, "create a new note here"
  14. glad you like the clean look and sorry to hear it didn't work for your GTD flow. could you post a few screenshots of a few use cases (or a shared note link if it's easier) to help everyone understand how you're using tags in the previous interface?
  15. @Malc: that's correct! i assume you mean "stacked tags" - this is the exact reason I'm hearing why Evernote decided not to stack tags in EB - the issue is compounded when you have multiple users sharing tags. I'd like to hear some good alternatives anyone has found too - I'll be reevaluating my tags quite soon and it's the exact reason I purposely keep my use of business tags quite light.
  16. hey i need to make a clarification: if you upgrade to Evernote Business, it is your business notebooks that don't have stackable tags. your TSW implementation in your personal notebooks will be unaffected. You will still be able to stack tags. what I was inquiring about is whether anyone has played around with the idea of "team GTD" or "team TSW" using Evernote Business. @Malc: I can confirm today's version of Evernote Business does not stack tags. while don't quote me, the reason was if the 10 of us were on the same team, we'd probably all want to stack tags differently. thus, it was easy to create a tag, have your buddy stack it somewhere and have no idea where it went. so until Evernote comes up with a clever way for us to take same set of 100 tags and stack them differently for the same business, no stacking! to help avoid clutter around this topic, I started a thread on the TSW forum to focus on this sub-thread: http://www.thesecretweapon.org/forums/topic/tsw-for-evernote-business please join there if it's convenient or if you guys are happy to talk about TSW for Evernote Business here, i don't mind either. I'm just experimenting with it so even my input will be limited.
  17. @JWW i dont think its a matter of taking a "wrong turn" ... I dabbled with Evernote in July 2008 & as @GrumpyMonkey says, it requires a concerted effort (for me by 2013) to focus and cross the "digital divide" for those of us who were born before the net as we know it (I'm dating myself now..lol), paper was the only way to organize. going digital was a matter of letting go of all your paper or putting in the time to do the conversion and get to a place where you are not in two worlds at once. this took me 9 months between the lines. a "complete" conversion is not for everyone. some people will be ok with "just starting now" now in regards to which road to follow...here was one recent discovery: a fellow Evernote member invited me to take the StrengthsFinder test - it was amazing to watch Evernote effortlessly help me aggregate all related personality work over the past 20 years into a single index & more importantly, bring everything in context & deduce a few trends! PM if you'd like to see the note. this experience made me realize my Evernote implementation is going to be quite valuable for a long time to come!! I haven't even gotten into what upgrading to Evernote Business in the past month has been able to achieve
  18. good to see this thread there. I just upgraded to Evernote Business & curious if any here has played around with a "team TSW" implementation? a gripe I currently have is tags aren't stackable in EB so curious what others have done to keep their tags organized?
  19. as a workaround, it would be nice if Evernote encounters a invalid link to automatically search for notes where the title matches the hyperlink text and offer to repair it. also proposing we build a note relinker as another workaround (and also address loss of note links during import/export) if you'd like to join our effort!
  20. thanks @AndyDent for shaping my "encouragement" and forwarding the conversation with the rest of the group - didn't mean to be pushy with everything on our plates! some please verify this: i'm guessing because *all* GUIDs are reassigned, all note links are lost. ps. I'm just noticing I'm in a Windows thread - i represent Mac and iOS users and more importantly, the cross-platform nature of this topic
  21. Hi! I first noticed note links are not preserved when importing/exporting notes. now that I've upgraded to Evernote Business, I'm noticing the same behavior and it's a bit of a bummer given I would imagine Evernote's goal is to make the transition from Free and Premium users to Business a smooth path. I have over 10k notes and thought it would be nice to move all my business related notes to business notebooks and let the discovery mechanism do its magic especially as I add new colleagues - Evernote Business does an amazing job with information hiding as you don't need to join every notebook. While it's not a complete showstopper for me, what I am now starting to notice is how hesitant I am to move notes to my business notebooks in fear I will break any notes previously linked to the note I am moving. even simply moving a note to business and then changing your mind 5 seconds later results in possible loss of meta-data. point being: loss of freedom upgrading to Business - not good, literally, for business! I would love to see more support for Premium users to partition their data to Evernote Business to help grow their business. This is what I'll be doing for the next year!
  22. ok hacks aside - I still think one should be able to touch and hold a note to get a context menu that contains "copy note link"
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