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  1. Hi Guys, first let me say Evernote is awesome. Truly awesome. If it stayed exactly as it is today I would be happy however I wanted to make some suggestions. Please, please don't take this as negative criticisms. It is not meant that way. From my perspective the big weakness of the mac app at the moment is the text editing functionality. Although it does the basics it does have some problems. Whether it is just me or whether it is a broader problem but I find the editor buggy to say the least. Formatting is often changed, fonts randomly alter and if I make something bold or italic I cannot change it back. You are also missing basic features like... 1. Links 2. Headings, sub headings etc 3. Bullets 4. Tables I recognise that building a text editor cannot be easier but are there not any off the shelf solutions you could just plugin? Would it be possible just to plug a wysiwyg HTML editor in. That would do nicely. Okay, I will stop now. I am just demonstrating my ignorance of application development. Keep up the good work and dont let us nit pickers get you down. Just wanted to make sure you knew what I wanted so you can put all your efforts into designing the world around me and my needs
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