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  1. Maybe a bit late to be adding my thoughts here, but... this would be a huge improvement and would also help spread the word about the platform. Currently I use evernote for everything that doesn't need to be shared, or more accurately, collaborated-on. I use google docs for everything that does. And while google docs is a fine product, it's just quicker to open evernote and put everything in there. And for the search to work, everything obviously needs to be in one place. So... if the evernote clients could incorporate some sharing logic similar to google docs, it would be massive. - a way to specify who to share with for each note (by email) - non-evernote-users invited to share would get an email with full instructions - evernote users would get an email and probably have a shared notebook or section as well (maybe google reader is a better guide here) - conflicts could be handled the same as they are today if different clients on the same account make changes. But ideally, it could grow to handle more sophisticated merging. Anyway, looking forward to it. As a side note, if any third parties wanted to build a bridge between evernote and google docs that could be pretty cool.
  2. Hi, I'm new to evernote, but very impressed. My biggest complaint with the iPhone up until now has been that it didn't have a proper notes application (that synced with the desktop) so I'm happy to once more have all my notes with me. A couple of suggestions for features that would make it more useful for me. I've seen these come up already, but just wanted to add my perspective to help explain some of the reasons why the features would be useful. 1. Offline access. The main reason this is important to me is that I travel abroad a lot, and when abroad you pay (through the nose) for data, so I like to stay off-line when traveling... but I still want access to my notes. Ideally an automated background sync... but would need the option to switch it off so that it doesn't sync while abroad. Manual sync would be a decent compromise. 2. Editing. I understand the reasoning behind this, but for a lot of notes the rich-text/html stored with the note is not actually important. I would ideally like to have the option to edit, with a warning that editing would "Discard all styling" similar to what Outlook does when you switch to plain-text email. This seems like a decent compromise until somebody builds a cocoa/iPhone rich-text editor that can be included. Personally, I'd be okay with these features only being available for premium users. Thanks.. and congratulations on a great app.
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