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  1. I've been an Evernote user since March of 2008, yes the beta days. I was always assured that my data was strictly mine and private, then one day you announce that it "might" become available to your employees to make the service better. You can call it back a thousand times but the fact remains that you actually have a way to access my data. I was a happy paying customer till that exact moment where my trust went straight down the drain. I loved and promoted the service since the early days, you had an approachable CEO (Phil) along with a great team that would even do podcasts (which I enjoyed) to promote the service. Evernote had the 100 year company moto attached to it's name, I believed that it could actually become a reality. Too bad I won't be around as a customer to see it happen.
  2. I've just found out that on the bottom of the mobile home page there is a saved searches list box ( as long as you create a saved search on the main app ). This feature can help you quickly narrow down the searches needed to find notes on your mobile especially if you tag them uniquely. Giving a special tag on the notes you might want to see on your mobile phone and on the plain text ones that can be edited on your phone should pretty much cover most needs for evernote mobile. There, I answered my own request..
  3. I have been fiddling with the mobile version of evernote on my cellphone for a couple of weeks now and since my job has me constantly on the road it's a great helper so far. A couple of features that would make the whole experience a bit better is the ability to access specific notebooks (selecting a notebook through a simple query) and either searching for specific tags (by writing "tag:To read" at the search box) or selecting from your list of tags and having the note titles under that tag display. Both of these queries would help me overcome the problem of narrowing down results on my phone's web browser where I have no support for other input languages except from English while most of my notes are in Greek but the tags I use are in English. To summarize, specific notebook view and specific tag view would be greatly appreciated.
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