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  1. I ALWAYS used the email feature. Not everyone wants or likes Evernote. And putting the note in a web version is pretty awful. When I email a note, the contents of the note needs to be in the email, not ANOTHER step of clicking the link. Email is a very important and official part of our workflow. I've been a paid user since 2012 and have thousands of notes. I do hope it comes back soon.
  2. My issue with the new helper is that when I click on the icon, I cannot just start typing a new note right there. The new note gets opened in the Evernote app. I love being able to write quick notes in the menu bar without even having the app up and running. Also the helper is only open when the app is running. The last version, the helper always ran so I wouldn't even have to be running the full application to capture a quick thought or screenshot. Please fix this.
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