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  1. I want to use Skitch for snapshot everywhere including my work machines. Because of confidentiality reasons I don't want it sending all my snapshots to the Evernote server. Can the dev team consider default saving notebook to be a local notebook instead of online?
  2. OK, I didn't realize that was happening. That's now fixed at revision 204577. It'll be available in the next beta and the official 4.5.2 release. Good to hear that. Thanks for responding, will keep an eye on this in the next round.
  3. All I am saying is that it should apply to the section I have selected, not the whole document. If I want to Simplify Formatting for the whole document, I can do a ctrl-a ctrl-space. That'll be much more flexible than now, which currently removes all font sizes from the whole document.
  4. Thanks. My typical use case is when I want to remove formatting for a small section of text. I don't have a simple way of doing that now, except for the manual changes.
  5. Running EN on Windows 7. In the past, Ctrl+space used to remove formatting from the selected area. That gave me a choice to clean up what I wanted, including the whole doc by first selecting it all using Ctrl+a. Now all it does is to bring the font size back to the default, or at least that's all I see it doing. It leaves the different fonts, bold, italics, etc. intact. Just brings them back to font size 10 in my case. Seems to me that's wrong behaviour. Any possibility to make it work like before?
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