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  1. joker, agree on more / better thought out shortcuts. For the "open in separate window", assuming you are on Mac OS, you can code your own shortcut from System Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts. I have it set to cmd-enter. Haider - for me, this does not work. Probably, because "open in separate window" is not a Menu topic, but only accessible using "right click" on the note. Did you really implement this solution? - Please advice. Well, it used to work. Developers, in their infinite wisdom, have taken out this from the menu so you can't do this anymore.
  2. We did not get to AppleScript issues in this release. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. I sure am glad that before pushing the upgrade button I decided to come here to read the reviews. Can anyone comment on whether any of the reported Applescript defects have been fixed? That's probably the only thing that may tip it for me.
  4. Starting with 5.6.1, there has been severe regression in the Applescript functionality. Is it recognized in the Evernote development group? Is Applescript testing a core part of the QA testing? Examples of problems: - the one above - my simple search and move Applescript now takes orders of magnitude longer. Always pushes EN to show spinning beachball, causes cpu to go 100% for a while, and then moves the notes. - simple export Applescript chooses to export everything.
  5. I have been backing up exporting my local (offline) notebooks with Applescript, but 5.6.1 has broken it. A simple applescript like below wants to export all notes (yes, all, meaning every note across all notebooks), essentially rendering the backup process useless. set matches to find notes "notebook:work" export matches to workbackup The other option, via Time Machine or other utilities, to backup all Notes is also broken. The key problem is when disaster strikes and I need to restore, how will I separate my local/offline notes from the online which will get resynced. Evernote dev team really needs to give us a workable solution, that is documented and tested for every release. And the solution has to include both backup and restore scenarios, a backup without a complete restore possibility is useless!
  6. I can see how this brute-force method will work, but I really hope there is a workaround. I can't afford to sync back the 10k+ docs I have. Can someone from Evernote team comment?
  7. Can someone provide working instructions to get Spotlight searches working again. I am seeing no hits in Spotlight, even for the most specific searches. Evernote seems to be using more cpu constantly (and I am way past the initial surge of cpu usage clearly).
  8. I want to use Skitch for snapshot everywhere including my work machines. Because of confidentiality reasons I don't want it sending all my snapshots to the Evernote server. Can the dev team consider default saving notebook to be a local notebook instead of online?
  9. Would changing to weekly digest remove the incoming flood of spam?
  10. FWIW, I have seen all the search problems you describe above, I think since v5 came out. No easy solution, except now I am programmed to press a few backspaces in the search field all the time, or press the "All notes" button before typing in my search term.
  11. I had raised the same exact problem in Aug: To me (and I am admittedly one of those keyboard bigots) this is a major problem. Hopefully the dev team can look at it sometimes soon.
  12. Congratulations on the delivery. Is there an up to date list of keyboard shortcuts for v5 somewhere?
  13. joker, agree on more / better thought out shortcuts. For the "open in separate window", assuming you are on Mac OS, you can code your own shortcut from System Preferences -> Keyboard shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts. I have it set to cmd-enter.
  14. Can anyone comment if I am doing something wrong here, or is this a product improvement that the dev team can look at?
  15. I have recently moved to a Mac, and wondering if I am missing something with the keyboard shortcuts. I try to avoid using mouse as much as I can. Let's say I search using the global search (opt-cmd-E) for some key words, and it gives me 3 documents. At this point, I expect to use the down arrow key to get into the list of those 3 docs so I can open or edit them. Pretty simple and natural search behaviour. On my mac, after the search, the only way I can find to get to the list of docs matching the search is by tabbing through the Favorites bar and the list of notebooks on the left side, a total of 11 tabs. The funny thing is that even if I hide the Favs bar, I still have to tab the same number of times!! Am I missing something here? I am not sure if it worked on Windows exactly smoothly but I think there was a faster way to get to the list than 11 tabs. I went through the list of defined shortcuts here: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/23168732 It doesn't show anything for jumping to the list either. And it seems some of the mentioned kbd shortcuts don't work.
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