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  1. This would be fantastic!! When I'm studying a certain topic, I like to have one note for that topic and use the bulleted lists to keep it organized. It would be amazing if you could collapse bulleted items, even if it were just the top level bullets, although I would imaging if you could do the top level, it wouldn't require much additional logic to get the nested bullets to collapse as well.
  2. I was pretty excited and surprised when mobile Safari didn't crash...
  3. So, I never saw this as an advertised feature, but the Evernote bookmark for safari works on the iphone as well. I do a lot of browsing on my phone and would email myself links so I could later add them to EverNote once I get to one of my computers. Now I don't have to because I can add it directly from my phone. Just wanted to share that and say that EverNote is amazing!!!
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