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  1. Has this been fixed yet? I've not been able to clip a website from my Android in a long time. My procedure is: - Open page and decide I want to keep it - Clip the "share" symbol - Select "evernote" as the place to save - The evernote icon pops up and churns for 5 seconds or so then goes away - Later, when I open evernote, I see a blank page with the message - "Webpage not available" - The link to the page is on that page so I can click it, go there and save it if I am using the desktop app. *** YES! I am using the latest version of Android (several now as this has gone on for as long as I can remember. I'd love for something in evernote to work for a change.
  2. I too have a need for this. For example: I have an IFTTT recipe to create a daily journal note to which I add information throughout the day. I have a number of tags on it and two years ago one tag was "2014". I stupidly forgot to change the IFTTT recipe this year so all my 2015 notes have the wrong tag on them. I sorted and selected the group created in 2015 and got a dialog box which will allow me to ADD the 2015 tag but I can't remove the 2014 tag. I figure there MUST be a simple way to do something so obviously needed but I can't find it. What am I missing? NOTE: I realize that there are other ways to skin this particular cat. I don't really need that tag at all, for instance, I can just find 2015 notes using the create date. But it is just an example from what I'm trying to do this morning ... clean up my tags. Another example is making a typo in a tag ... impossible to correct except one at a time, so far as I've been able to see.
  3. I think you miss the point by a country mile. This whole "we want Linux support" has gone WAY beyond simply "asking" for it. You have your answer ... in fact, you got your answer over and over and over. The answer is: "No!" In what way is it not like the yelling and stomping of a 2 year old to keep on insisting that you WANT it? Do you think that if you ask loud enough and long enough that the economics will suddenly make sense to the developer and you'll get it? You simply don't seem to grasp what is going on. This is not something that is your right and is being withheld from you by a mean parent. The owner of the company sees no profit in spending his resources that way and so has decided not to do it. It baffles me that some people don't seem to get that. Hey, I'm on your side. In fact, let's port it to OS2, so long as we are at it. There must be four or five guys somewhere running OS2 on some ancient IBM hardware. O.K. Enough. I'm off to grab my crayons and make some placards demanding "Evernote for OS2 -- NOW!"
  4. Dang, but this has been one amazing topic. Incredible. Just a few observations: 1) The internet seems to be populated almost exclusively by children who have learned from playing video games that programming is easy. Well, not so much. There is a BIG difference between writing a small program to balance your checkbook in BASIC and running a large programming PROJECT. In particular, it is not just about slinging a few lines of code. There are MANY more considerations that go into the "simple" decision to port a product to a new OS. Consider that each time a release is made, there has to be (or should be) considerable testing to validate that the data is available on all platforms without corruption. So while posting +1 might make some think that they have accomplished something ... that is hardly the case. 2) The world is NOT a "democracy"! What a very silly idea. Companies are in the business of making money. They don't give a fig about "insulting" users. I'm sure they don't intend to insult anyone, but that cannot be their focus. They are in the particular business of producing a product which is stable and attracts users. Linux has its place (particularly in the server area and on some smart phones and refrigerators but it is really a vanishingly small market. It is composed, as is well demonstrated by the "fan boy" nature of some of these posts, by die hard devotees -- not serious business people. Linux is not, and likely never will be, a large presence. Those who say it is easy to use, are those who don't mind building bridges out of Tinker Toys. I don't know where some people get the time to fuss with the endless fiddling it takes to get a Linux system working and KEEP it working. 3) The problems that Evernote has trace back to the developers not keeping their eye ENOUGH on the ball ... IOW, making tweaks to the UI (an attempt to please users) rather than paying attention to getting the core functionality working well. When copy and paste does not work the same way on all platforms, the company has no business focusing on anything else. I get it, some new features are pretty cool. I love the idea of automatic sorting of new notes into notebooks with tags (as in the Moleskine and Post-It features.) But what is the problem solved by that? Putting that kind of feature into a product which has serious instability in its core functions is just asking for trouble. Now, on top of everything else, people complain about how color detection is done and that sticker recognition has bugs. (Oh, and my new find ... the camera function leaves the flash on after taking the picture, thus draining the battery!) OY! 4) I'm not sure how well whining about things works. People are asking for a Linux app and the developers are saying that they have other fish to fry. Who here really thinks that crabbing about it over and over and over and over ... will change anyone's mind? 5) Moderators? ... what can I say? Some are really very rude, and have been since I first asked a question several years ago. I'm not sure why Evernote management does not kick them to the curb. Who thinks it is a good idea to treat those with questions or problems like they are dunces. And the parsing of distinction between "moderator" and "employee" ... what is that about? Either you "represent" the face of Evernote to the public or you do not. If not, then don't pose as a "moderator". If so, then have some manners. OTOH, it pays to remind one's self that the Moderators do provide good information, from time to time, and if there were NO value AT ALL, we would not come here to avail ourselves of the possible advantages to asking a question here. 6) I'm not sure if this is the most AMAZING thread ever, but it has to come damn close. Reading it was kind of like passing an accident on the freeway. Really, what more can be said about the issue of porting to Linux? It will happen or not. All the whining in the world will not affect the outcome. Nor will threatening to cancel your subscription. One person said that EN just lost $150 for not porting to Linux. Really? How far do you think $150 will go toward paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars to add support for a new platform. Just a bit unrealistic. Simply SAYING that a Linux port would be profitable does not make it so. A sharp stubby yellow Ticonderoga #2 on a yellow pad is what is needed to make that kind of decision ... and that is what has been done, I take it. If it is THAT important to work on a Linux platform, then just use text files and a simple search engine to keep your notes. If that does not have enough function, then find a way to live with and love Evernote on the web or under a Windows emulator. 7) And last point: Evernote is a powerful program provided FREE ... and for some added function ... for $45/year. It is kind of bad manners to complain in such circumstances. I have to admit, it drives me batty when some obvious craziness rears its head, but that is just some orneriness leaking out. Let the games continue.........
  5. II am just trying the camera feature with Post-Its. My problem is that the flash STAYS on through out the whole processing cycle. It really should turn right off after taking the picture ... as it was designed to do. Leaving the flash on for about 20 seconds or so is a SERIOUS battery drain.
  6. I have to agree whole heartedly. This thread started back in 2013 and the problems go back even further. In the interim, EN management received an "open letter" from an outraged customer and posted a sincere appology with a promise to turn things around. (By things I mean the absolutely horrid state of software development.) And here we are today. Forget all the other problems (and some are very serious) THIS ONE is a core function. Yes, people want enhanacements to the editor, but I'd settle for it WORKING. Examples: 1) Bullets are arbitrary. Mostly I can simply tab as I'm doing a bullet list but sometimes, out of the blue, I get no deeper level. Worse, sometimes It simply reverts to unbulleted text in the middlel of a bullet list. Sometimes it just flattens the whole note. Now that does not seem as if it would be a hard fix. Just get a long standing function to work properly. 2) Note synchronization (another core function) is also arbitrary. I can have a note on the WEB app and it will not synch to Windows. Each time I open a support ticket the answer is to reinstall EN and rebuild the database. O.K. that IS a solution, but it takes time out of my day to do it. It is upwards of an hour of computer time while the thing churns. 3) In some cases, a note becomes "corrupted". I don't know the cause but it winds up not being editable in any reliable sense. In those cases what is necessary is to copy it then paste it into a Windows text editor, assure that it is in basic text format with all special formatting removed, then copy/paste it back to a completely NEW note and edit it all over again. This means manually putting back any formatting I want (like bullet lists or check boxes or even bold and underscore), Who knows what goes on here. Why is this such a damn hard thing to get working? I don't use Skitch ... it is a nice idea and all, but it is a hot mess and I'd just rather not fool with it. If EN can't get things like the basic editor and synchrozition working, why would I hold my breath for stuff like Skitch. I do love Clearly and use it quite a bit, but it is also hit or miss. I can't begin to pretict what it will keep and what it will discard so most often I just do CTL-A and paste into a new note then manually remove the *****.. Sad that I have to do that when EN has a product to do EXACTLY what I want, but does not see fit to get it working. I'm a BIG fan of EN. I think that there are lots of good ideas coming out of the development team. I think that some of the features that utilize Moleskine look good ... but really, if I continually have to waste time fighting BUGS, then I am going to stick with the most basic of features. For now, I open notes in a Windows editor (I mostly use Notepad++) and copy/paste to EN. Sad that I have to do that, but what is my choice when EN can't get its act together. I continually shake my head at the EN people. Such a good idea and such absolutley unreliable in implementation. Any project management class would tell them to HALT all further feature development and FIX WHAT IS BROKEN. Once that is done, it would be a good time to publish a list of proposed new features and ask the user base to rank what they think is important to them. EXAMPLE: I really HATE the new WEB interface. It came to the sounds of trumpets about how clean it looks. Yeah, but it does not look the SAME as the WIndows interface and switching is confusing. And who asked for it anyway? It is one of those solutions looking for a problem. Leave the interface the hell alone and fix PROBLEMS! Well, that vents my frustration for now. I got here trying to see if my messed up formatting was my fault ... I see that it is not and that EN seems unwilling to address the problem. And so it goes, as it always has.
  7. I have the identical problem, and have since about two releases ago. I'm on Looking back this problem goes back (at least as reported here) to June of 2012. That's a long time to have a problem be ignored. I don't think the response "uninstall and reinstall" is to the point. That is pretty much what everyone says for any problem with any product. There must be a REASON for this and a FIX for it ... no? In any case, I've reinstalled, uninstalled, re-reinstalled, run spyware checkers and registry cleaners up the wazoo. This is not a serious problem by any means. I have no data loss. It is just disconcerting to see the windows installer start up ... it is a bit scary when you've not attempted to install something. Oh, and this is EVERY TIME i start Evernote ... not every time I start the computer. It is not an auto install issue. It is a "start Evernote" issue. And one more minor annoyance. Every time Evernote pushes a release to me they delte my desktop shortcut and do not replace it. How lame is that? I mean, can't these guys handle a simple windows installation? Must I make a new desktop shortcut by hand every time? Sheeeesh.
  8. FWIW, I just started having this problem (Win 7). I never use IE so I would not have thought it had anything to do with anything, but then this is Windows, no? So I started IE, and it was already in work on line mode. So I clicked "work offline" then clicked "work on line". Then I went to connections and started another internet connection. Nothing changed in IE, but now Evernote is able to sync (and connect .. it was not mentioned here but logon did not work either.) I also am having password/ID problems and have had to fiddle with that several times now. Very odd goings on.
  9. I have no idea, but the 1gb limit for premium users is so high that I've never really had to worry about what the usage is set at. I wouldn't let this dissuade you from going premium, though I can understand why you'd be frustrated as a free user if there's a bug they haven't tracked down. That is really the problem. I'm concerned that the great folks at Evernote don't seem to know what is doing this. I'm also a bit dismayed that an Evernote support person would tell me that this is the way it is supposed to work.
  10. Mmmm, I have a similar problem, and for the second time. I opened a support ticket and got the reply (basically) that the usage was not deducted until after the new cycle starts so the system is working just fine. Of course, that means that the usage report is useless, but what the hey ;-) Has anyone discovered a REAL answer to this? It is apparently not a widespread problem, but if a handful of us are stumbling over it, month after month, release after release, there is SOMETHING going on that needs to be addressed.
  11. I have OneNote and EN. I never use OneNote, even though I don't really need any platform other than Windows. For me, EN has "going for it": - a much cleaner, less cluttered and better UI (for me), - real, highly-functional tagging* - much faster data entry, - better web capture -- with the ability to tag and organize as I capture without launching EN - ability to easily import emails with all attachments intact - ability to quickly see a list sortable list of all notes on one subject, along with date created (when I used ON, I always wanted to do this -- there is a powertoy that you can use to do this but it's sad when you need a powertoy add-on to generate a list of your notes). *When I say "real tagging" I am talking about delicious-style tags: the ability to create hundreds of tags and apply many of them, easily, to the same topic. OneNote just doesn't have that type of interface. It's slow to create a new tag in OneNote, and you can only see 3 or 4 tags at a time in the tag list. Compare the way delicious does it, or most blogs like lifehacker or gizmodo. That's the way I like to organize my data, and OneNote can't handle it. EN is betting that this tagging metaphor is the way of the future. I am historically terrible at predicting future tech trends, but I think that the fact that gmail is following the same approach means that EN is probably right. However, if tags don't work for you, and you'd rather use 3 sets of tabs (one on the top, one on the left, one on the right) for organizing your data, then OneNote is probably great for you. For the life of me, I can't see why anyone would think that 3 different layers of tabs surrounding my text frame is a model of good UI. But again, that's just my opinion. For those asking for folders, I am confused about why you like OneNote so much. OneNote doesn't have folders either. It has a confusing (to me) mix of 'notebooks', 'sections', and 'pages'. It seems odd to call that mix of metaphors "heirarchical" and -- at the same time -- to claim that EN's tags -- which are organized in a classic tree view -- lack heirarchy. I have to disagree here slightly. Forgetting the semantics of what qualifies for the word "hierarchical", the ON metephor is pretty clear: Notebooks Section Groups Sections Pages Subpages And you can actually stack section groups on top of one another as many times as you want. So that gives the user an ability to outline their information in any way they choose. That's simply not possible with EN no matter how you cut it, BUT that doesn't mean that users can't develop a method they feel works even better using EN's "metaphors". YES. I can't seem to express the difference between the two products. It is exactly that. With EN you get cross platform access ... with ON you get beauty, simplicity, structure ... and never the twain shall meet, going by some of the caustic responses I've gotten so far. That said, I've not given up completely on EN. I'm told that "saved searches" are pretty powerful but, like most EN features, are not well documented so I'll have to dig out the information by experimentation. Also, unmentioned features of OneNote are: hot links, cross references, linking to Outlook tasks, linking to Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Evernote is walking a fine line, I think. If Microsoft ever wakes up and makes OneNote a REAL cross platform product, EN will die a quick death, IMO. Also, EN has to find a way to say what it IS. Cataloging wine labes and finding where you parked your car is just not going to cut it. And it REALLY has to step up and document the product. It is not that hard ... we used to document the hell out of products before we even released them. The knowledge of how to do it is out there. Hell, for a few six packs I'd offer to do it. ;-) But the bottom line is that it is really a shame that EN can't get its act together. There are so many good things about it ... but it just can't seem to really NAIL it. O.K. Time to cinch up the ol' flack jacket ;-)
  12. This can happen with any organizational method, even paper. If you're going to be organized, you do need to impose some restrictions. IE, decide whether you will be filing your phone bill under C for cell phone, P for phone or V for Verizon. Otherwise, you're going to potentially end up with three files for one bill. Add in your utilities, car insurance, rent/mortgage, doctors, dentist, eye doc, etc. & now you've got a filing drawer nightmare, no matter whether you're using paper, paperless with nested notebooks/folders or Evernote. Precisely so. The flip side is that as I reduce the number of folders then more stuff is mixed it. That would be helped with nested folders. That is exactly what I do with my paper files. I have my bank statements, by bank, by year, by bank. It is fairly easy to find what I want. That seems a good first line of defense. I need to consider the effects on other parts of my system. Evernote gets its files from watching my ScanSnap directories and I have to investigate any effects to the ScanSnap manager.
  13. Well...WHY would you want to do that? Well there you go again! At the risk of irritating you (since you said you wanted to opt out of the convo.) the question of WHY I would want to do it is irrelevant. I don't know WHY I would want to do half the things I want to do with my paper files ... until it comes up. I want AT LEAST as much flexibility to do anything I can do with a paper system. I can't predict why I might want to do something or other, I only know from past experience the kind of things I have done in the past ... and looking for a particular line item in a bank or credit card statement is something I have done in the past. I would not take that approach if a simper one had yielded the information I wanted. What you are asking is basically: "Define all possible ways you would want to access your data and show me which ones would not be possible in Evernote." I clearly can't do that. I don't KNOW all possible ways I would want to access my data. That is life. I'm completely confident that you don't either ... and you are light years ahead of me in being paperless. ...is a disorganized way to find something & not specific to Evernote. Well, all ways of accessing data that have not been anticipated seem disorganized. If I wanted to access the data in a way I anticipated, it would seem brilliantly organized. In the best of all possible worlds I'd have documents like: "This is what you are looking for to answer all questions about the 2007 car repair." Would that it could be so. I did not say that I STARTED with the bank statement. I simply provided an illustration of how I've needed to get to data from an odd angle in the past. As would I. I'd look for repair work orders if that would answer the question. I'm not putting anyone down for offering alternatives ... only for questioning why I would want to access my own data in my own way. That is just arrogant beyond all belief. In a perfect world every bit of information would be exactly where I expect it to be organized exactly the way I would like. But this is not a perfect world. I don't always have the BEST document to answer the question I have. I have, in the past, needed to resort to secondary or tertiary sources. If I can't find the receipt from the auto shop, then I look to credit cards, even emails to get me the information I need ... depending on what that information is. I also keep a notebook of what I'm up to and I can often find the information there. Sometimes I can ask my wife if she remembers ... my strategies are endless. Sometimes nothing at all works. That's life. The system I'm considering using depends on consistent tagging of documents and/or searching on OCRed text within the scan itself. Just yesterday I was searching for a proposal to do yard work. My tags were not what I thought of when I tried to file it. Also, there was no OCRable data available ... the guy is a mower jocky and scribbled in an incomprehensible hand. I eventually dug it out of my recycle bin. (A final line of defense for possible computer problems.) I scanned the thing a second time, and then translated the scribble and typed it right onto the scanned page with Adobe's typewriter function. Now it shows up in a search. Live and learn. I can't imagine why anyone would trust their data to a system in which they are not confident. My confidence in Evernote is low. I have revised my intended use downward. The only things that now go into Evernote are those that pass the screening question: "Do I NEED to access this on my iPhone or over the web?"
  14. As I mentioned earlier, i like learning from others, so I'm offering up my thought process on your above structure as "food for thought." Maybe there are filing requirements that I'm missing. Well, we might come up with some ideas. I'm not sure I have any particular filing requirements other than the desire to be able to find things when I want to access them. I'm fairly new to paperless as well. I've been scanning paper on and off for a couple of years but have been somewhat tangled with the software. I had problems with PaperPort and I migrated from one computer to another ... a couple of times ... each time I had to reorient myself. I first replicated my paper file structure. I realize that electronic is not paper so I accept that I might file in a different way when going paperless. That is not my problem. I realize that I'm in a transition phase and so my paper structure is more comfortable in the beginning. I've always thought that you either pay up front or in the end. IOW, putting some thought into the structure of the files when I file makes finding the files when I want them easier. It could work that way. When I think of it I get a sense of foreboding. Realize that it is not just bank statements, but phone, cable, power, and a whole host of other things. So there would probably be more stacks to handle different kinds of things. So in essence we are imposing a certain kind of structure, but stop before it really becomes effective. Right now I have a large hierarchy covering much of my life. It is not complete and it is evolving as I discover new documents I want to scan and convert. This is all in the ScanSnap file manager so I can nest to my hearts content ... but can't tag at all. My first attempt when I realized that I had to work with a flat file structure it was suggested to me that I could replicate the structure with Evernote tags. As I began to move things to Evernote I struggled with too many folders and not being able to find what I want with searching and having tags inconsistently applied. I had a couple of documents relating to a subject and they had similar but different tags. The result was that I could not find what I wanted. This has caused me to be very cautious since, as illustrated by that last, the problems don't present themselves until I am in a bind and need to find something and I wind up thrashing around with pegs and searches that turn up the wrong things. With my files in ScanSnap I know all of my 2007 BOA statements are in one place. I can confine my search to that one place to look for things from that year and that bank, or multiple years of multiple banks. If I dump all of my banks for all of the years into one big pile, I MIGHT be able to find what I'm looking for ... but I'm afraid of the downside if I can't. So for now, I'll stick with the file structure I have in my ScanSnap manager. As I think of things I'd really want to have more access to, I'll make one of those folders a shared folder with Evernote. If I can't find what I want by searching ... nothing lost, the files will be where they should be on my computer. After all, the only reason I am using Evernote is for cross platform access. If I don't need that access, I don't really need Evernote. It would be NICE if I had sufficient features in Evernote to make it my only data repository. But folders and tags aside, the total lack of security makes it a non starter for anything sensitive.
  15. That may well be what you think. And I think. And the guy next door thinks. But what we think doesn't matter if EN devs don't think it and/or EN doesn't do it. It is not a question of WHO THINKS it, it is a matter of what question is being considered. The FIRST question was: "How can I do this." To which the answer was: "You can't. You have to change your data to accommodate the program." The NEXT question, or better ... request ... was: "Yeah, but I really need a program to manage MY structure, not to change my structure to accommodate a program." And that is where we are at this point. So it really IS a case of "implemented" vs. "add a feature". I GET that folders don't nest NOW and tags don't nest NOW. I have no clue what is intended for the future as the developers have not addressed the issue (at least not that I have seen). I have not thought otherwise. I can read the side bar as well as anyone else and I can see when a developer is responding. My point has more to do with the logic of the responses than the logic of the alternatives. You are really too bright a person to not get what my point is. I remember, about two years ago coming here for help with an installation bug. The response I got (from you, I think) was that I need to learn how to install a windows program correctly. (Not those words, but that idea.) Ticked me off. Dave E. then emailed me with a link to an installer that did NOT have the KNOWN BUG I had encountered. In 5 minutes I had EN installed. The point is that not everyone who has a problem is a moron. Some are, but some are not ... and even those who are, are not necessarily morons in THIS case.
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