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  1. Has this been fixed yet? I've not been able to clip a website from my Android in a long time. My procedure is: - Open page and decide I want to keep it - Clip the "share" symbol - Select "evernote" as the place to save - The evernote icon pops up and churns for 5 seconds or so then goes away - Later, when I open evernote, I see a blank page with the message - "Webpage not available" - The link to the page is on that page so I can click it, go there and save it if I am using the desktop app. *** YES! I am using the latest version of Android (several
  2. I think you miss the point by a country mile. This whole "we want Linux support" has gone WAY beyond simply "asking" for it. You have your answer ... in fact, you got your answer over and over and over. The answer is: "No!" In what way is it not like the yelling and stomping of a 2 year old to keep on insisting that you WANT it? Do you think that if you ask loud enough and long enough that the economics will suddenly make sense to the developer and you'll get it? You simply don't seem to grasp what is going on. This is not something that is your right and is being withheld from you by a
  3. Dang, but this has been one amazing topic. Incredible. Just a few observations: 1) The internet seems to be populated almost exclusively by children who have learned from playing video games that programming is easy. Well, not so much. There is a BIG difference between writing a small program to balance your checkbook in BASIC and running a large programming PROJECT. In particular, it is not just about slinging a few lines of code. There are MANY more considerations that go into the "simple" decision to port a product to a new OS. Consider that each time a release is made, there ha
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