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  1. Has this been fixed yet? I've not been able to clip a website from my Android in a long time. My procedure is: - Open page and decide I want to keep it - Clip the "share" symbol - Select "evernote" as the place to save - The evernote icon pops up and churns for 5 seconds or so then goes away - Later, when I open evernote, I see a blank page with the message - "Webpage not available" - The link to the page is on that page so I can click it, go there and save it if I am using the desktop app. *** YES! I am using the latest version of Android (several now as this has gone on for as long as I can remember. I'd love for something in evernote to work for a change.
  2. I think you miss the point by a country mile. This whole "we want Linux support" has gone WAY beyond simply "asking" for it. You have your answer ... in fact, you got your answer over and over and over. The answer is: "No!" In what way is it not like the yelling and stomping of a 2 year old to keep on insisting that you WANT it? Do you think that if you ask loud enough and long enough that the economics will suddenly make sense to the developer and you'll get it? You simply don't seem to grasp what is going on. This is not something that is your right and is being withheld from you by a mean parent. The owner of the company sees no profit in spending his resources that way and so has decided not to do it. It baffles me that some people don't seem to get that. Hey, I'm on your side. In fact, let's port it to OS2, so long as we are at it. There must be four or five guys somewhere running OS2 on some ancient IBM hardware. O.K. Enough. I'm off to grab my crayons and make some placards demanding "Evernote for OS2 -- NOW!"
  3. Dang, but this has been one amazing topic. Incredible. Just a few observations: 1) The internet seems to be populated almost exclusively by children who have learned from playing video games that programming is easy. Well, not so much. There is a BIG difference between writing a small program to balance your checkbook in BASIC and running a large programming PROJECT. In particular, it is not just about slinging a few lines of code. There are MANY more considerations that go into the "simple" decision to port a product to a new OS. Consider that each time a release is made, there has to be (or should be) considerable testing to validate that the data is available on all platforms without corruption. So while posting +1 might make some think that they have accomplished something ... that is hardly the case. 2) The world is NOT a "democracy"! What a very silly idea. Companies are in the business of making money. They don't give a fig about "insulting" users. I'm sure they don't intend to insult anyone, but that cannot be their focus. They are in the particular business of producing a product which is stable and attracts users. Linux has its place (particularly in the server area and on some smart phones and refrigerators but it is really a vanishingly small market. It is composed, as is well demonstrated by the "fan boy" nature of some of these posts, by die hard devotees -- not serious business people. Linux is not, and likely never will be, a large presence. Those who say it is easy to use, are those who don't mind building bridges out of Tinker Toys. I don't know where some people get the time to fuss with the endless fiddling it takes to get a Linux system working and KEEP it working. 3) The problems that Evernote has trace back to the developers not keeping their eye ENOUGH on the ball ... IOW, making tweaks to the UI (an attempt to please users) rather than paying attention to getting the core functionality working well. When copy and paste does not work the same way on all platforms, the company has no business focusing on anything else. I get it, some new features are pretty cool. I love the idea of automatic sorting of new notes into notebooks with tags (as in the Moleskine and Post-It features.) But what is the problem solved by that? Putting that kind of feature into a product which has serious instability in its core functions is just asking for trouble. Now, on top of everything else, people complain about how color detection is done and that sticker recognition has bugs. (Oh, and my new find ... the camera function leaves the flash on after taking the picture, thus draining the battery!) OY! 4) I'm not sure how well whining about things works. People are asking for a Linux app and the developers are saying that they have other fish to fry. Who here really thinks that crabbing about it over and over and over and over ... will change anyone's mind? 5) Moderators? ... what can I say? Some are really very rude, and have been since I first asked a question several years ago. I'm not sure why Evernote management does not kick them to the curb. Who thinks it is a good idea to treat those with questions or problems like they are dunces. And the parsing of distinction between "moderator" and "employee" ... what is that about? Either you "represent" the face of Evernote to the public or you do not. If not, then don't pose as a "moderator". If so, then have some manners. OTOH, it pays to remind one's self that the Moderators do provide good information, from time to time, and if there were NO value AT ALL, we would not come here to avail ourselves of the possible advantages to asking a question here. 6) I'm not sure if this is the most AMAZING thread ever, but it has to come damn close. Reading it was kind of like passing an accident on the freeway. Really, what more can be said about the issue of porting to Linux? It will happen or not. All the whining in the world will not affect the outcome. Nor will threatening to cancel your subscription. One person said that EN just lost $150 for not porting to Linux. Really? How far do you think $150 will go toward paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars to add support for a new platform. Just a bit unrealistic. Simply SAYING that a Linux port would be profitable does not make it so. A sharp stubby yellow Ticonderoga #2 on a yellow pad is what is needed to make that kind of decision ... and that is what has been done, I take it. If it is THAT important to work on a Linux platform, then just use text files and a simple search engine to keep your notes. If that does not have enough function, then find a way to live with and love Evernote on the web or under a Windows emulator. 7) And last point: Evernote is a powerful program provided FREE ... and for some added function ... for $45/year. It is kind of bad manners to complain in such circumstances. I have to admit, it drives me batty when some obvious craziness rears its head, but that is just some orneriness leaking out. Let the games continue.........
  4. II am just trying the camera feature with Post-Its. My problem is that the flash STAYS on through out the whole processing cycle. It really should turn right off after taking the picture ... as it was designed to do. Leaving the flash on for about 20 seconds or so is a SERIOUS battery drain.
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