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  1. 5.0.3 broke sync for me on Mac 10.6.8, and was also unable to quit. Rolled back to 5.0.2 and everything is good again.
  2. So far, I've definitely noticed an improvement with how long I can go between restarts with the notes still displaying. Before yesterday when I rebooted, I had gone a full four days being able to view notes.
  3. No it's not a foolproof fix longterm. I could download notes for the first day or two, but then it stopped working. A power reset fixed the issue (something that wasn't always true before replacing the app) and I FEEL like the notes will download for a longer period than before. I only reset every day or two instead of every 8 hours. I wonder what background (or foreground) processes are happening in that period to conflict with Evernote. I do have ilocalis installed via cydia, which has a daemon running so it will update their server every 30 minutes, but I doubt that's it. I thought it could be an available memory issue, but if that were the case a respring should fix the problem (which it often doesn't). Any ideas out there?
  4. Thanks for the tip, Johnny5w. So far so good! Hopefully the fix will keep working under normal phone conditions. Thanks again. EDIT: Works great after one day of regular use!
  5. Thanks for the reply, and the tip, heather. I did you QuickPWN to jailbreak the phone, but I'm already on firmware 2.2.1. I might still have some firmware versions downloaded in my iTunes system files... The reason I updated the firmware to 2.2.1 in the first place was because a number of OTHER apps refused to even run on 2.2.0 anymore. I guess I'm in a bit of a no man's land right now. Hopefully we can figure out something – the iPhone app spoiled me and using the mobile web interface is nowhere near as fast. Thanks!
  6. Uh oh... I don't suppose there's going to be any effort to fix this problem for an unsupported hacked iPhone. I wish the iTunes store would let you downgrade versions of apps, as the prior version worked just fine. I LOVE Evernote, but I don't think I can give up the Cydia apps I use jailbroken.
  7. I'm also having issues. 2.2.1, jailbroken, iPhone 3G. Worked just fine until the latest update. Sometimes rebooting the phone works, and sometimes it doesn't. Either way, it's unfortunate. I'm using the web interface for now, but it doesn't compare. Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. For some reason when I record and upload a voicenote in the new WM client it will continually upload the voice note over and over until I have exited the client. Any idea why this is, or how to fix it?
  9. Thanks very much for your help! I'm excited to be able to capture close up text...
  10. I did a search that came up with a few brief mentions of the the Griffin Clarifi http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/clarifi iPhone case. I was hoping to see if anyone has had good or bad experiences using the case's lens adapter for EN capture on the iPhone. I'm specifically thinking of receipts, bar codes, and text. I've tried a few DIY lenses on top of my case, but they only seem to work in extreme distance (about 1" away from source). I'm hoping the Clarifi has more of a middle ground, sharpening the focus of text in the 6" range so that EN's OCR engine can read it. Has anyone used the Clarifi case for this purpose? Thanks!
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