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  1. Having the same issue - although ALL my notes were pasted as images, and only the first page. Audio recordings weren't grabbed either (though i suspect that might be another problem)
  2. Although now it doesn't seem like I can hit the "Back" button in my browser after I've clipped something. I thought maybe this was just on FF 1.5, but I just tried it here in FF3. Am I the only one seeing this?
  3. What did you do?! It works great now in FF 1.5. Thanks!
  4. Yeah - that's what it was - works fine at home on FF2 and FF3. Unfortunately I can't run off of a stick either so I'll just do with this for now. No big deal really - it still saves the info. All I have to do is go to my notebooks to drag some tags on it. Thanks again - liking Evernote more and more everyday!
  5. I'm experiencing a new bug when I try to click to Evernote with highlighted text - if I'm already logged in. If I'm logged out it works fine. If I am logged in (password saved) - I get this image: Which means I can't assign tags, put in a notebook, etc. This is on Firefox 1.5 (work - can't upgrade!)
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