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  1. Same thing here. It happened to me again today. Restarting my machine is a massive pain when I'm working and have other open documents and sites. But killing all Evernote processes seems to have done the trick. Thanks @Lemayp!
  2. I just got the email about v10.3.6. I installed it and my issues have been resolved. Thanks, Tracy
  3. Basic Info: Evernote desktop version Windows 10 Installed: October 29, 2020 I have been experiencing the problem for about a week. Probably since the update but I don't know that for sure. Issues I'm Experiencing: The notes content is visible in the preview list but not in the note. I have tried double-clicking the notes to open them individually and I still get nothing. Neither restarting the program nor restarting the computer fixed it. From the help menu, clicking "About Evernote", "Check for Updates", and "Release Notes" all result in blank pop-up screens being displayed. I've waited as long as 10 minutes for something to show up before closing the windows. The good news: My notes are present in both the Android and Web versions of Evernote. However, I'm normally in the desktop version every day so it's a serious inconvenience. Screenshot: Notes not showing in frame but do show in preview panel. The pop-up screen is supposed to be release notes.
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